For information about the similarly-named Star Trek species, see Ferengi.

The Ferrengi are a race of space pirates in the fictional TradeWars 2002 universe. They prey on poorly-defended ships, demanding organics and equipment. If these products are not on-board, they steal some of the player's holds. The Ferrengi travel around in four different types of ships:

One of the most famous and often feared incidents in TradeWars is when a Ferrengi Assault Trader stops the player and tries to rob them of their cargo... and cargo holds, if the ship doesn't have enough cargo to placate the Ferrengi. However, the skippers of the Assault Traders seem to have little sense of the formidability of their attempted victim; in many games, they will pick on little Scout Marauders and giant loaded Imperial StarShips indiscriminately, although the latter can easily trounce them.

"Greetings HooMan! This is Daimohn Shargat Goarbaig commanding the Elois Nikitur. Lower your shields and prepare to be boarded. We will exact tribute from you and be on our way; otherwise, we will turn your excuse for a ship into so many pieces of space junk."

(Note: The names of the Ferrengi are randomly generated by the game according to the formula CVCCVC CVVCCVVC, where C is a consonant and V is a vowel; ch, sh, and th are considered single consonants by the computer. Alien names, on the other hand, go by the formula CVCV CVVCVC. The ships of both Aliens and Ferrengi have the formula VCVVC CVCVCVC.)

The Ferrengi also have a homeworld called Ferrengal, which is usually defended by quasar cannons and fighters. Once Ferrengal is captured and fighters are placed to occupy its sector, the Ferrengi will stop regenerating, although any Ferrengi vessels still at large will continue to roam the galaxy until destroyed.

Some TW2002 tournaments are capture-the-flag style games in which the goal is to capture and maintain ownership of Ferrengal for a certain number of days.