Aurelia's location
Aurelia is a fictional country from the game Ace Combat X: Skies of Deception.


Aurelia is located on the southern coast of the Osean continent. The country occupies a peninsula, with an isthmus connecting it to the rest of the continent. The western, northeastern and southern coasts are mountainous, while the rest of the country is mostly made up of plains. Aurelia has a temperate climate on the isthmus, gradually becoming semiarid in the center of the nation and subarctic in the southwest. Much of the nation has an alpine climate due to high elevation.

  • The country is similar to South America due to its location south of the North American-like superpower of Osea, the Puna region, and several squadron names (Gryphus, for example, is the Andean Condor). Most characters also have Spanish names.
  • Several other squadrons are named after birds from Australia, such as Ninox.
  • Aurelia is similar to South Korea both geographically and in its political relationship with its northern neighbor. Aurelia provided Leasath with large amounts of financial aid during and after its civil war. Despite this generosity, most of Leasath still holds animosity towards Aurelia due to state-sponsored propaganda.
  • Like many real countries in the Southern Hemisphere, the constellation Crux (the Southern Cross) is symbolic of Aurelia. Due to its name and prominent symbol, it's likely that Aurelia is based on both Australia and parts of South America.


Aurelia's army primarily uses the T-80UD, Air Defense Anti-Tank System, and the Flugabwehrkanonenpanzer Gepard. Their navy uses many of the same vehicles as the Leasathian Navy.

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