Fawn Liebowitz was an unseen, fictional character created for the 1978 movie National Lampoon's Animal House. In the movie, she was a 20-year-old sophomore at Emily Dickinson College, in nearby Wounded Deer, Massachusetts. A sociology major from Fort Wayne, Indiana, she was tragically killed in a kiln explosion, while firing a pot in the new kiln in Sylvia Plath Hall on campus.[1]

Fawn's death was exploited by Eric "Otter" Stratton, who pretended to be Fawn's fiancé Frank Lymon, in order to score a date with Fawn's roommate, Shelly Dubinsky. The "road trip" to Emily Dickinson College was based on a real-life incident with a fraternity brother of Animal House writer Chris Miller. When that brother saw the film for the first time, he stood up in the theater and proudly yelled out, "That was me!"[2]

In popular culture[]

In the episode "Crazy Ponnie" of Victorious, the character Ponnie's real name is Fawn Liebowitz.

In the episode "Girls Gone Dead" of Femme Fatales, the text "Dedicated in loving memory of Fawn Leibowitz" appears after the closing credits at the end of the episode.

Fawn Liebowitz is also the name of a Fort Wayne-based band which began life as 2 Ton Heavy Thing, a group that played regularly at Columbia Street West and at the Latch String Inn beginning in 1994. By 1998, 2 Ton Heavy Thing had evolved into Fawn Liebowitz, minus the contributions of Paul Siefert and Bill York. With its core of seven musicians, all in their early 30s, Fawn Liebowitz has done a fair amount of touring in the central Midwest, and has played several times at a large outdoor concert in Columbus, Ohio.[3]

The band’s first CD release Loyalty came out in 1999. Their current lineup includes Paul Stephens, singer and acoustic guitar player; Kent Klee, drummer, Tim Beeler on bass, electric and acoustic guitar and banjo; Steven Wright on guitars, dobro and percussion; Jeff Adams on soprano, alto and tenor sax; Todd Jordan on piano, organ, synthesizer and accordion; and back-up singer Susan Plumb. Also appearing on their second CD Bug, are singers Joy Haberkorn and Angie Karapantos.[3]