Supported by the European Fantastic Film Festivals Federation (EFFFF), Fancine is the only festival with international character financed by a public university, the University of Málaga.


Festival Internacional de Cine Fantástico.


The festival was started in 1990, initially called the "Week of Fantastic Cinema of the University of Málaga", as a film exhibition.

Its first years, the show presented a collection of the best current best fantasy film. In 1997, it became a competition and assumed an international character, emphasising contemporary films.

In the 2008 edition, the organization was renamed the International Fantastic Film Festival, and its hallmark is Fancine. Óscar Mariné,(author of works made for Julio Médem, Álex de la Iglesia and Pedro Almodovar), created the new logo and posters.


The main goal is the presentation of an alternative offer based on commercial cinema filmographies of quality within the fantasy genre in its many variations.


PANORAMA HOY. International featured films of recent production in contest.

SPANISH SHORT FILMS. Official section. Recent productions in contest.

FOREIGN SHORT FILMS. Official section. Recent productions in contest.

ANIMATED SHORT FILMS. Official section. Recent productions in contest.

INFORMATION SECTION. Selection of recent productions of interest.

PREMIERE. Films not commercially released at the time.

CLASSICS. Selection of the best fantasy films of all time.

THE FANTASTIC FOR FAMILY. Movies for all audiences.

HORROR ZONE. Movies for fans of the genre in its most extreme.

TRIBUTES. Cycles commemorating an event or a personality related to the fantasy genre.


Official jury awards[]

Endowment prizes[]

  • Best Film, awarded by the Council of Culture of the Regional Government of Andalusia.
  • Best Spanish Short Film, granted by the Area of Culture of the Provincial Delegation of Málaga.
  • Best Foreign Short Film, granted by the Area of Culture of the Provincial Delegation of Málaga.
  • Best Animated Short Film, awarded by the Department of Youth of the Provincial Delegation.
  • RTVA Award to the best Andalusian Fantasy Genre Creation in collaboration with the Social Work CajaSol.

Honorary awards[]

  • Best Director.
  • Best Actor.
  • Best Actress.
  • Original or Adapted Screenplay.
  • Best Photography.
  • Best Special Effects.
  • Best European Short Film of Fantasy Gender to compete for the Golden Méliès Award.

Youth jury prize and audience[]

Honorary Awards[]

  • Best Feature Film.
  • Best Spanish Short.
  • Best Foreign Short Film.
  • Best Animated Short

Parallel activities[]

Fancine Educational Project.

Its main aim is to promote the appreciation of film and, in particular the fantasy genre, from children and young people from Malaga.


- Soundtracks Concert.With the best film music, by the Malaga Provincial Symphony Orchestras and Chamber of the University of Malaga.


- Fantastic and terror. Exhibition of film posters from the collection of Lucio Romero.

- Fantasy comic frames: andalusian comic authors. Carlos Pacheco, artist of Fantastic 4, Superman, Conan, The Avengers ... Jesus Barony, illustrator of Conan, Juanjo RyP, Robocop cartoonist, etc.

- Kinetic Totems, an exhibition of sculptures by Patrice Hubert.

Book publishing:

- The eyes of the Buñuel, Miguel Angel Martin and Antonio Sempere, on the tenth edition.

- A long road to the stars, Miguel Ángel Martín, Antonio Sempere and Iván Reguera. In commemoration of the film 2001, A Space Odyssey, Stanley Kubrick.

- Lon Chaney, the man of a thousand faces, Jose Miguel Pallares and José Luis Torres Murillo.

- The adventure fantasy film, by Carlos Aguilar.

- Fear suggestive. Val Lewton and fantasy and horror films for RKO, Francisco García Gómez.

- The science fiction film. Exploring worlds, several authors coordinated by José Antonio Navarro. Published in conjunction with the Fantastic Film Festival of Catalonia, Sitges.

- Mystery and imagination. Edgar Allan Poe, Literature to Film, several authors coordinated by Juan Antonio Perles and Sara Robles. Published for the XIX Fancine and to commemorate the 200th birthday of the American writer.

Roundtable discussions, conferences, lectures and symposia:

- Roundtable discussion: Serial Murderers, involving, among others, the psychiatrist Luis Rojas Marcos.

- Talks cycle Jules Verne with Antonio Garrido Moraga, César Pérez de Tudela and Manuel Toharia.

- Roundtable discusión: Fantastic Literature in Cinema, with José Luis Garci, Juan Manuel de Prada and Eduardo Torres Dulce.

- The Templars: myths and reality, lecture by Juan Eslava Galán.

- Conference on ancestral ethnicities and cultures, by Luis Pancorbo (producer of the documentary program Other villages).

- Talk-symposium on natural forces, by Javier Trueba (documentary) and John M. Ruiz Garcia, a specialist in Crystallography at the University of Granada.

- Roundtable: Present and future of fantasy films, with the participation, among others, critics Latorre and José M. ª José Antonio Navarro.

- Lecture by Sebastián Álvaro. Programme director of The Edge of the impossible.

- Roundtable: The moon, traveling companion. Presented by Sebastian Cardenete (director of the Center for Science Principia) and various teachers of the University of Málaga.

Radio programs:

- Millennium 3. Radio program of Cadena SER, with Iker Jiménez. Live broadcast in the auditorium of the University.

- The compass rose. Directed by Bruno Cardeñosa. Live broadcast in the auditorium of the University.

Other activities:

- Seminar The assistant director in cinema, by Carlos Gil, film and television director and assistant director to Steven Spielberg.

- I and II Film Campus of the University of Malaga, with the participation of the directors Paul Berger (Torremolinos 73), Brian Yuzna (Beyond Reanimator, The Dentist) and Juanma Bajo Ulloa (Wings, Airbag), Gracia Querejeta (Seven French billiard tables), Nacho Vigalondo (Timecrimes) and Jack Sholder (The Hidden).

- Production of the documentary Jesus Franco. Way of life.

- Contest of comics and fantasy illustrations for pre-university students.

- Contest Fancine UMA of fantastic tales.

- Start of course The boarding school: meeting with actors, director and responsible for the serie The boarding school, Antena 3.

Participation of relevant personalities[]

- Narciso Ibáñez Serrador (talk and screening of his film Who Can Kill a Child?).

- Luis Eduardo Aute (lecture and screening of his film A dog called pain).

- Tippi Hedren is honored and presented to the public. Screening of the film The Birds, Alfred Hitchcock.

- Linda Blair (star of The Exorcist) and Susan George (Straw Dogs protagonist) receive individual tributes.

Other notable figures who visited us are: directors Jorge Grau, Jesus Franco, Agustí Villaronga, Joaquim Jorda, Brian Yuzna and Jose Luis Garci, the film historian Carlos Aguilar, the writer Juan Manuel de Prada, actors John Phillip Law, Paul Naschy, Karra Elejalde, Dolph Lundgren and Michael Ironside.


Year Best Film Best Director
1997 The Addiction (Abel Ferrara) Ole Bornedal (Nightwatch)
1998 Kissed (de los productores Dean English y Lynne Stopkewich) Lynne Stopkewich (Kissed)
1999 Body Troopers (producida por Eric Jacobsen) Vibeke Idsöe (Body Troopers)
2000 The Quite Family (Kim Ji- Woon) Kim Ji- Woon (The Quite Family)
2001 Ginger Snaps (John Fawcett) Veit Helmer (Tuvalu)
2002 The Black Door (Kit Wong) Kit Wong (The Black Door)
2003 May (Lucky McKee) Alexander Sokurov (Russian Ark)
2004 Robot Stories (Greg Pak) Greg Pak (Robot Stories)
2005 One Point 0 (Jeff Renfroe y Martein Thorsson) Lee Kwang Hoon (The Legend of the Evil Lake)
2006 The doll master (Jeong Yong) David Slade (Hard candy)
2007 Marmorera (Markus Fischer) Park Chan-wook (I´m a cyborg but that´s ok)
2009 Left Bank (Pieter Van Hees) Hélène Cattet y Bruno Forzani (Amer)

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