Falling of Blossoms
(Rakka Ryuusui)
GenreComedy, Yuri[1]
AuthorKazuteru Sanada
PublisherJapan Houbunsha
Serialized inManga Time Kirara Max
Original run2006 –

Falling of Blossoms (落花流水 Rakka Ryūsui?) is an on-going Japanese seinen manga by Kazuteru Sanada. It is published by Houbunsha in Manga Time Kirara Max, and collected in two tankobon volumes to date. The main character of the manga is Akiho Hayama, and the story is about her days at Sakuraba Girls' High School (桜庭女子高校 Sakurabajoshikōkō?), an all-girls' school.


Akiho Hayama (葉山秋穂 Hayama Akiho?)
Akiho is the heroine, a first year student in the high school and a member of the kyūdō club. She runs recklessly and she cares about her being povse. Although her apartment does not allow pets, she secretly keeps a cat found by Minatsu.
Minatsu Hokaze (帆風水夏 Hokaze Minatsu?)
Minatsu is a first year student in the high school and a classmate of Akiho and a kyudo club member. Her grades are poor, but she is skilled at kyūdō and she once won the area competition with a perfect score.
Mafuyu Shimotsuki (霜月真冬 Shimotsuki Mafuyu?)
A chemistry teacher at Sakuraba Girls' High School. Her character is childishly innocent, but she speaks very politely She is the adviser of the kyūdō club, but she is not that skilled at it.
Haruka Kusaba (草葉春河 Kusaba Haruka?)
A girl with gold, long hair. Her kyūdō abilities are odd and the results of her shots are unpredictable. She prefers moving targets.


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