"Falcon's Blood Diamond" is a short fiction film, black and white in Film Noir genre by Cisco X. Marquez and Mahmoud Shoolizadeh.

File:Falcon's Blood Diamond 1.JPG

Julie Michael and Mahmoud Shoolizadeh in a screen shot of the film Falcon's Blood Diamond.

Rules of production[]

In the 48 Hour Film Project [1] Festival in Jacksonville USA, during the weekend of June 18 – 20, 2010, 41 teams of filmmakers made up of over 600 cast and crew competed to see who could make the “Best 48 Hour Film” in just one weekend. At the beginning of the weekend they were given a “Prop”, a “Character” and a “Line of Dialog” and drew a “Film Genre” from a hat and then given 48 hours to write, produce, shoot, edit, score and render a 4 to 7 minute short film. All of the films were shown at The Florida Theater the following week, where everyone in the audience cast their vote for their favorites. All of the “On Time” films were then judged by a panel of local film and video professionals.


A few investors come together to see the exquisite diamond that was found in Africa by Falcon who used their investments. It seems that everybody has a plan to obtain the diamond. During the film all investors were killed mysteriously but at the end who gets the diamond? The one we suspect least!!

Specifications and film Crew[]

File:Falcon's Blood Diamond 2.JPG

Sheri Carder and Larry Gunter in a screen shot of the film.

File:Backstage Falcon's Blood Diamond.JPG

Larry Gunter and Mahmoud Shoolizadeh in the backstage of the film.

Falcon's Blood Diamond [2]
  • Directors: Mahmoud Shoolizadeh and Cisco X. Marquez
  • Cinematographer: Mahmoud Shoolizadeh
  • Sound: Rozina Behrooz
  • Editor: Cisco X. Marquez
  • Producer: Joseph Murphy[3]
  • Production: Distracted Films - Jacksonville Fl, USA - 2010
  • Duration: 7 minutes - DVcam - Short Fiction Film
  • Film Crew:

Julie Michael, Nicole Murphy, Joseph Murphy, Mahmoud Shoolizadeh, Sheri Carder, Larry Gunter, Lisa Gangadeen,