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Faith Yancy
Time on show 2005–present
Season 5
7 episodes

News reporter Faith Yancy is a fictional character on the NBCUSA Network series Law & Order: Criminal Intent, played by Geneva Carr.

Faith Yancy is a minor character in the series; she is a news reporter and the equivalent of non-fictional HLN anchors Nancy Grace and Jane Velez-Mitchell. Her show is titled The Faith Yancy Hour. She does whatever she has to, to find information on the high-profile cases of the major case squad. She has been in six episodes so far.

In "In the Wee Small Hours" she 'shines the spotlight' over a Caucasian girl who went missing during a field trip. She skipped over an African American mother who phoned in and wrote letters and e-mails to her about her missing daughter and Yancy didn't respond. When Yancy found out about the cases being linked she let her come on TV after the mother said "If she's white, you put her in the spotlight. If she's black you put her in the back."

The detectives and the captains (Deakins and Ross) don't like having information on the cases get leaked to the public. If they do, Yancy is the first to hear about them. For instance in "Neighborhood Watch" an informant working a case of a murdered rapist with Major Case gets pulled on Yancy's show saying that "the serial killer has been working for decades ... by sources inside Major Case".


"In the Wee Small Hours" (5:6 & 5:7)[]

The kidnapping and murder of two young girls by a murderous family.

"Masquerade" (6:6)[]

A man confesses to murdering a young beauty queen, but his story doesn't add up.

"Albatross" (6:13)[]

The accidental murder of a judge doing a rehersal of the Hamilton-Burr duel believed by the husband of the runner up female governor.

"Neighborhood Watch" (7:20)[]

A serial killer who was murdering for decades, murdered a rapist.

"Lady's Man" (8:11)[]

A man murdered who became famous for dodging a murder conviction because of a mishandled trial. The man spun his notoriety into a TV show (by Faith Yancy) but turned up dead on his birthday.

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