Forgotten Realms country
Capital Leuthilspar
Government Monarchy
Ruler Queen Amlaruil
Population 1,660,000 Template:Dubious (est.)
Races elves (sun elves, moon elves, sea elves, wood elves)

Evermeet is an island in the Forgotten Realms campaign setting for the Dungeons & Dragons game, located far west of the continent of Faerûn. It is where the elves (mainly sun elves) went during the Retreat.

It is ruled over by Queen Amlaruil Moonflower, who rules from its capital city of Leuthilspar, and is home to many prominent elven houses, including the Durothils. Many have tried to invade it over the years, including the Red Wizards, the Zhentarim, the drow of Faerûn, and various pirates of the Sword Coast and the Trackless Sea.

None of these attempts came close to bringing the island, with its many defenses including Spelljamming ships and dragons, down. When many of these forces allied under the leadership of the drow goddess Lolth, the god Malar, and the traitorous gold elf Kymil Nimesin in 1371 DR, however, much of the island was laid to waste[citation needed]. However, the island kingdom was not conquered.

In 1374 DR the Island Kingdom was assaulted yet again: Daemonfey, demonic elves who were imprisoned as a means of punishment for consorting with demons, raided Tower Reilloch, a tower of mages in Evermeet. They were after a piece of a legendary artifact that, when made whole, had the power to release the imprisoned army of the Daemonfey[attribution needed]. While doing so they planted a loregem containing information that no Daemonfey could access, in order to trick the elves into unlocking it and handing them the information.

Evermeet unofficially sent an army to Faerun under the command of Lord Seiveril Miritar, a priest of Corellon Larethian, to assist the elves of Evereska and the High Forest in their fight against the Daemonfey. After successfully repelling the daemonfey in Evereska, Seiveril's army pursued their foe to Cormanthyr.


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