Ernie (Family Guy)
Family Guy character
Giant chicken
Character information
Full name Ernie
Hometown Quahog, Rhode Island
Relatives Nicole (wife)
Age unknown
Gender male
Hair color N/A; yellow feathers
Show information
First appearance "Da Boom" (appearance)

"No Chris Left Behind" (first lines)

Voice actor Danny Smith

Ernie the Giant Chicken is fictional anthromorphic character from the animated series Family Guy. He serves as Peter Griffin's periodic nemesis. Voiced by Family Guy producer/writer Danny Smith.


Ernie first met Peter at a country club dance in 1984 where Peter accidentally punched him in the head without knowing it. Ernie tried to punch back, but his friend calmed him down, saying that he would probably never see Peter again anyway;[1][2] however, several years later, Ernie comes across Peter again and possibly recognizes him as the one who punched him at the dance. As an act of revenge, he gives Peter a store coupon without telling him it has expired, which Peter gladly accepts. Nevertheless, when he is informed by the store's clerk of the coupon's invalidity, Peter becomes enraged and attacks Ernie, thus marking the beginning of their rivalry.[3]

Fights with Peter[]

Ernie first appeared in the episode "Da Boom". Peter has a flashback about Ernie giving him the expired coupon. Ernie and Peter have a colossal fight, destroying nearly everything in their path. It ends with them both falling out the window of a building. Peter lands on top of Ernie, the latter presumably having died from impact. As Peter walks off, one of Ernie's eyes opens as he forms a weak scowl. Though this episode turns out to have occurred in a dream, this event truly happened as confirmed by his next appearance.[3][4][5]

The second appearance of Ernie was in "Blind Ambition". Peter is talking to Lois outside when Ernie comes out of nowhere and lunges at him. This fight takes them to more areas in town, causing even more destruction. It ends at the airport, where Ernie is mauled by an airplane propellor. Peter, certain that he is now dead, walks off to resume his conversation with Lois (who seemed to be oblivious to the fight), not noticing Ernie's talon twitching and clenching into a fist, meaning he is still alive.[6][7]

Ernie returns alive and well in "No Chris Left Behind", where he again fights with Peter while he has another discussion with Lois. It is the longest, most elaborite fight yet. Towards the end of the fight, however, the two realize that they hardly remember what they have been fighting about all this time, so Ernie invites Peter to come to dinner with him and his wife, Nicole, at a restaurant to make up for it. All goes well until the paying of the bill; the two insist that they will pay the bill themselves, but their argument grows so intense that it renews their rage, and a "fourth" fight ensues. In the kitchen, Peter manages to crush Ernie's skull with a pan, seemingly finishing off his nemesis once and for all. Nevertheless, as Peter walks home to resume his conversation with Lois (who has not moved from her spot since the fight started), one of Ernie's eyes once again opens, showing he has survived once again.[8][9]


  • The fight in "No Chris Left Behind" is considered by many to be the best chicken fight so far and, at five minutes and ten seconds, is the longest non-plot-developing scene in the entire series.[weasel words]
  • Some fans have noticed that a fight between Peter and Ernie occurs once every 43 episodes.[weasel words]
  • According to Family Guy: The Official Episode Guide, The Giant Chicken character's special skills are Judo, hand-to-hand combat, and laying eggs; his occupation is Peter's periodic nemesis.[5]


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