The following is an episode list of alleged phenomena captured on Ghost Adventures, a weekly American paranormal documentary reality television series that premiered on October 17, 2008 on the Travel Channel.

In this list, the alleged phenomena are listed in chronological order and may be divided into the following categories:

  • equipment malfunction;
  • EMF spikes (fluctuations in electromagnetic fields);
  • temperature changes (increase, decrease, or both);
  • unexplained sounds;
  • EVPs (electronic voice phenomena);
  • apparitions (shadow people, black masses, mists, orbs, etc.);
  • physical contact or harm;
  • moving objects;
  • possessions (spiritual or demonic); and
  • other phenomena (word database, EMF pump, etc.).

Season 1[]

Episode # Original Airdate Episode Title Location Alleged Phenomena
Pilot/Special October 17, 2008 Ghost Adventures: The Documentary Film Virginia City, Nevada, USA
  • Apparition: A faint apparition walks across the room that Nick is in and dims a light shining through a window behind it.
  • Apparition: Nick's camera captures a dark, shadowy humanoid figure standing at the end of a hallway to the left. Zak films as Nick rewinds and reviews the footage and points at the figure on the screen.
  • Moving objects: Unseen forces lift and hurl a brick across a room, startling Zak.
101 October 17, 2008 "Bobby Mackey's Music World" Wilder, Kentucky, USA
  • Physical harm: Two sets of three parallel, linear scratches appear on Zak’s back as he feels them.
  • Apparition: A dark, shadowy figure of a man seemingly wearing a hat slowly moves.
  • EVP: Man humming, Women crying in the attic
  • Sounds: Nick claims that when he went to the bathroom, a garbage can was thrown against the wall which causes him to run out.
102 October 24, 2008 "Houghton Mansion" North Adams, Massachusetts, USA
  • Apparition: A faint, dark shadow quickly and briefly moves on a wall, sets of the motion-sensing alarms set up in the hallway, and vanishes.
  • Apparition/temperature change: A digital photo taken by Zak shows a small mist that appears in midair with a sudden temperature drop (from 75°F to 64°F) that is recorded on an infrared camera.
  • EVP: A young girl's voice can be heard. At the exact same time, the EMF meter visibly spikes.
  • Footsteps/sounds: When the team is in a large central room, footsteps and a door slamming are heard in an outer hallway.
  • EVP: When Zak was in the basement of the Houghton Mansion, you could hear an elderly man that said "ran for help".
103 October 31, 2008 "Moundsville Penitentiary" Moundsville, West Virginia, USA
  • Apparition: The "Shadow Man" photo taken by Polly Gear shows a dark, shadowy, distinctly humanoid figure standing at the end of a hallway to the right.
  • Apparition: A digital photo taken by Aaron shows what seems to be a small, bright orange head with glowing eyes behind Nick.
  • EVP: A voice is heard quickly and briefly laughing and saying "I’ll kill you."
104 November 7, 2008 "The Riddle House" West Palm Beach, Florida, USA
  • Moving object: Unseen forces move a small 2x4 piece of wood that Zak placed at the top of the stairs.
  • Moving object: In the attic, unseen forces knock a bird cage off a table, startling the lone Aaron, who was asking provocative questions to the alleged ghost of a man who hanged himself in the attic.
  • Moving object: Also, while Nick and Zak are in the funeral parlor, an unseen force tips over the American flag in the other room. When Zak goes up to the flag, he demonstrates how much force is needed to get it to tip over. There is no way it fell over by itself.
  • Moving object: When Nick and Zak were in the Funeral Parlor trying to capture EVPs, the camera's audio picks up what Zak said to be a large kettle pot falling in the kitchen. The camera even shakes a little due to the bang.
  • EVP: In the toy room, a voice of little girl was caught on the staic night vision camera audio.
105 November 14, 2008 "Sloss Furnace" Birmingham, Alabama, USA
  • Apparition: A faint mist appears and vanishes behind a railing.
  • Apparition: In the tunnel where Nick sat, a faint mist forms and fades in midair after he was startled by a nearby voice (which he says whispered, "Come on") and moved off camera.
  • EVP: In the tunnel, a chilling EVP was caught by Nick's recorder saying, "I hate Zack!" Maybe it was Slag.
  • In the tunnel, Aaron was slapped in the eye and afterwards, Zac and Nick, who were the only other living around denied slapping Aaron in the face.
106 November 21, 2008 "Abandoned Psychiatric Hospital" (officially called the Essex County Hospital Center) Cedar Grove, New Jersey, USA
  • Apparition: Aaron's camera captures a small orb that moves toward Zak’s back, and then a dark, shadowy blur (which Zak describes as a "hand") appears on the left side of Zak’s camera.
  • Apparition: Aaron's camera captures a small orb that moves up near Nick's lower back, pauses, and moves towards his head.
  • Physical harm: After the orb moves near Nick's head, his right cheek has what appears to be a hand print, as if someone has slapped him.
  • EVP: "hello", "help me"
  • Unexplained noise: One of the patient doors creaks open was capture on Nick's camera, but it was too dark to know which door was making that noise, it's possible that the one on the left at the end of the hallway might have made that sound.
107 November 28, 2008 "Edinburgh Vaults" Edinburgh, Scotland, UK
  • Unexplained noise: A sustained dragging noise is made somewhere in the tunnels, resembles sawing, and lasts nearly six minutes.
  • EVP/moving object: A set-up teddy bear slightly rotates counterclockwise and tilts to the right seconds before a childish voice is heard. At the same time, a spike occurs on the EMF detector.
108 December 5, 2008 "Idaho State Penitentiary" Boise, Idaho, USA
  • Other phenomenon: At the beginning of the lockdown, two openings in the cloudy sky resemble a pair of eyes.
  • Apparition: A digital photo taken by a camera mounted on a tripod shows a dark, shadowy mist form behind Zak sitting beside cell bars next to the site of an execution by hanging.
  • Other phenomenon: In an instrumental transcommunication (ITC), a black silhouette of a distorted head and upper torso appears on the screen of a television set next to the same execution site.

Season 2[]

Episode # Original Airdate Episode Title Location Major Phenomena Captured (in Chronological Order)
201 June 5, 2009 "Preston Castle" Ione, California, USA
  • Unexplained sounds: several water sounds
  • EVPs: "I don't know"; "Talk"; "Get outta here"; "Come on, you can do it"; "Hey"
  • Unexplained sounds: Knocking, female screams, and voices are heard as well. In the basement, where the head housekeeper was murdered in 1950, a camera set up in the kitchen portion captures what sounds like bacon frying in a pan.
  • Apparitions: A mist and 2 orb of light are caught on camera, one disappearing by Nick's head, the other one disappearing behind Zak's head.
  • Physical harm: Three scratches appear on Aaron's leg.
  • Possession: Zak begins feeling strange and then walks off, and Nick and Aaron notice he is not acting like himself.
  • Other phenomena: The battery powering an EM pump drains, electromagnetic activity is detected near the entrance, and some motion sensors go off.
202 June 12, 2009 "Castillo de San Marcos" St. Augustine, Florida, USA
  • Unexplained sounds: scream, footsteps (one of the times scared Aaron), growls (twice on a live chat after the premiere of the episode, one visitor claimed the first growl sounded like a burp), breathing
  • Apparitions: What appears to be a person lights a lantern and then disappears, and at the same time, the camera captures what appears to be the cannons being lit.
  • Other phenomena: An experimental ovilus that can translate electromagnetic energy into words picks up the word upstairs and the crew set up the camera that captures the lights (above) up on the top floor.
203 June 19, 2009 "La Purisima Mission" Lompoc, California, USA
  • Unexplained sounds: baby crying, disembodied voices, battle cries, Greyhound dog, knocking, flute music
  • EVPs: "Come here"; Spanish words and "Vincinte"; "Lay down", "Sit up"; "Do you belong here?"
  • Apparition: An orb of light floats by the Altar.
  • Apparition: What appears to be a Spanish Soldier is caught on the thermal camera. They catch this after hearing residual sounds of a man speaking out in the field. Also, Zak said that whenever he lifted up his head the figure suddenly appeared which means it just manifested itself.
  • Moving object: The team goes into Father Payera's Bedroom only to find that the bed had its mattress and sheets pushed up. Nobody was in the room from the time they were shown the room. When the room was first shown, the bed was neatly made. A person who the GAC interviewed said that the bed was usually messed up after being made.
  • Other phenomena: A thermometer has very great drops from 70 degrees to 40 degrees in the Weaving Room.
204 June 26, 2009 "Magnolia Lane Plantation" Natchitoches, Louisiana, USA
  • Apparition: During a voodoo ritual, a picture is taken which shows a woman's face morphing out of a candle.
  • Unexplained sounds: knocking, thumping, footsteps, a man shouting, some eerie music, tapping on Zak's chair (which he said that he could feel the vibrations from it), chanting
  • EVPs: "Go back"; female voice saying "Hello?"; "Hey"; "Aaron" (it was actually on Aaron's voice recorder)
  • EMF fluctuation: The EMF detector spiked to 4, contacted with Nick (Nick became all cold), then went back to 0.
  • Apparition: While in the basement in the shackles, Zak says he sees a ball of light the same time Aaron hears footsteps.
  • Apparition: While in a "secret attic" of the main house that is filled with gourds, Zak sees a greenish ball of light at the bottom left corner at the end of a corridor.
  • Other phenomena: A cabin that was locked and had nobody in it had its lights turned on and off more than seven times (one time Zak and Aaron saw from the other cabin they were in). On 2 occasions, the light seems to turn off or on in direct response to Zak's questions. The park ranger said it never had happened before.
205 July 3, 2009 "Birdcage Theater" Tombstone, Arizona, USA
  • Apparitions: A strange light flashes by the upstairs Craps table. When still, it resembles the outline of a human figure. Zack claims to have seen a ghostly, glowing face at the end of a corridor, though it was not captured on film. A strange light was captured on film, coming in through an outside window before moving away.
  • Unexplained sounds: A woman's voice is heard downstairs, the sounds of cards shuffling and heavy breathing are also caught near the poker tables. A metallic banging sound is caught upstairs next to the hearse carriage. Other faint voices and footsteps are caught on EVP.
  • Physical contact: Aaron claims to have been grabbed twice. His shirt was tugged when he was under the hearse carriage. His flashlight was grabbed in its holster from behind while Zack was verbally provoking the spirits.
206 July 10, 2009 "Eastern State Penitentiary" Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
  • EVPs: "Hungry"; "I knew God...God"
  • Unexplained sounds/equipment malfunction: Nick's name was called twice at the solitary yard. At the yard 54 minutes later, a man's voice is heard screaming, and energy from the camera is suddenly drained
  • Unexplained sounds: While at the chair room, Nick capture two unexplained noises on camera, One sound like a door opening, the other sound like scratching.
  • Unexplained sounds: At the infantry hallway, Aaron’s digital camera and audio recorder caught footsteps coming towards him.
207 July 17, 2009 "Moon River Brewing Company" Savannah, Georgia, USA
  • EVPs: 3 unexplained laughs; "Don't do that"; "I don't wanna"; "It's the god"
  • Apparitions/unexplained sounds: An orb appears at the same time footsteps are heard.
  • Physical contact: Nick and Zak start getting headaches.
  • Possession: Nick claims he was partially possessed by an unseen entity, saying that he blacked out. Later in the episode, Nick seems to contradict the claim that he "blacked out," claiming instead a voice in his head kept saying, "Kill, kill."
  • Apparitions: a strange shadow on the left while Nick was acting strange.
  • Other phenomena: When using the word database after setting up a ladder on the fourth floor, the words remove and step in that order appeared. After asking what would happen if the step ladder wasn't removed the word yell appeared.
208 July 24, 2009 "Ram Inn" Gloucestershire, England, UK
  • Physical harm: While the GAC were in middle of walkthrough, John, the owner of Ram Inn felt something going through him, causing him much pain, which he said that has never happened to him in the forty years he had lived there.
  • Physical harm: Right after the owner of the Ram Inn felt something, Zak immediately had headaches which he said that something had just hit him.
  • Physical contact: During the ritual to open the spiritual gates, Zak claimed had heard the jingling of bells but there were no bells present. Right after the jingling of bells, Zak felt a tingling sensation in between his legs.
  • Apparition: Aaron captured a dark mist moving very fast in front of his camera.
  • EVPs: "I don't like you"; "It's coming"; "I hate you"; "Don't tempt me"; "...where are you"?; "Get out of here"; "I'm special"
  • Unexplained noises: Growls, knockings, chanting, slamming of doors, disembodied laughs, voices, and breaths.

Season 3[]

Episode # Original Airdate Episode Title Location Alleged Phenomena
301/Special October 30, 2009 Ghost Adventures Live – "The Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum" Weston, West Virginia, USA
  • EVPs: "Harm"; "Never"; "Who are you?"; loud female scream
  • Apparition: Zak photographs at least two large, misty orbs on his digital camera (one near and behind Nick).
Special November 6, 2009 Ghost Adventures Live: Post-Mortem – "The Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum" Weston, West Virginia, USA See previous episode.
302 November 6, 2009 "Pennhurst State School" Spring City, Pennsylvania, USA
  • Unexplained sounds: Vomiting, footsteps, breathing, noises, door slamming, bangs, female voices, screams, hissing, door opening.
  • EVPs: "Go away"; "Hello"; "What are you doing?"; "Get out"; "Sweet"; "Help me"; "The girl did"
  • Apparition/moving object: While interviewing, a man who worked there and his friend's son both saw an apparation open and close the blinds in a window, and when they went up to the room, the blinds are actually shown to be behind heavy metal mesh, so it would be impossible for anyone to move the blinds.
  • Moving object: Before the investigation even started, a banging sound is heard by Zak and Nick outside of the building, and when they went inside, a large desk was found tipped over and there were fresh dragging marks seen under it.
  • Moving object: A rock is thrown from unseen forces at Zak and a hissing was heard.
  • Apparaition/physical contact: A mist heads towards Zak and grabs his pocket.
  • Moving object/word database/EVP: First, the word database says "Hit", then out of nowhere, a coat hanger hits Zak in the side, and after reviewing the footage, they see that the coat hanger was actually on the other side of the wall, and they then believe that a spirit had moved it and thrown it at Zak. Finally, an EVP responds to Zak's question of who did this, and it responds "The girl did."
  • Other phenomenon: While using the EMF detector, it spikes to 2.7 and then an EVP says "Go away." Then, the temperature spikes from 84 degrees to 74 degrees.
303 November 13, 2009 "Poveglia Island" Venetian Lagoon, Italy
  • Apparition/possession: After blacking out and reviewing footage with a few orbs moving (one near Aaron) and himself swearing at Aaron, Zak claims that he was temporarily possessed by a demonic entity.
  • Apparition: A static camera on one of the X's captures a dark mist near the ceiling and at the same time an ominous moan is heard.
304 November 20, 2009 "Ohio State Reformatory" Mansfield, Ohio, USA
  • EVPs:
    • From Mike (another investigator): F*cker"; "Oustanding"; "I'll kill this freak"
    • From GAC: "I'll chew you"; "Ya got more than me"; unexplained breathing; "Run Sarah"; "Sorry, Sarah, sorry"; "Hang"; growls
  • Noises: Unexplained footsteps, very loud jail door slamming multiple times throughout episode
  • Apparition: An orb is captured on Nick's camera inside the cell, and it is proved it is not a bug, A free floating mist appears to walk behind Zak from one cell to another, Nick claims to feel something in a prisoners cell, but Zak does not get any spikes on the EMF detector.
  • Equipment malfunction: During the walkthrough with Mike, the crew and Mike have all of their audio devices drained, leaving the crew with no audio whatsoever. Also at the beginning of the lockdown, Zak's mic is drained again.
  • Other phenomena: The word database picks up the words drag, pass, and fly. Drag is symbolic because that is what D.J. Fly, a former prisoner, said happened when the prisoner next to him burned himself alive was taken out of the cell. Fly is symbolic because it is the last name of D.J. Fly, the prisoner next to the man who burned himself, and felt he was being grabbed in his neighbors cell.
  • Physical contact/EVPs: The crew brings in Sarah, a woman they interviewed to use as a trigger object. When she is there, she claims to have her hair pulled, it is hard to breathe, and captures some EVPs.
305 November 27, 2009 "Remington Arms" Bridgeport, Connecticut, USA
  • Unexplained sounds: bangs, screaming, crying, talking and yelling, gunshot and scream in pain, growling, footsteps
  • EVPs: "Me"; "Not so hard"; "Yes"; "I like it"; "There's something"; "Energy"; "Help"
  • Apparation: Bright flash of light in hallway the same time a yell is heard.
  • Apparation: Partial manifestation of a leg and a foot by the camera just as footsteps are heard.
  • Other phenomena: Cameras drained, Zak and Nick feel something go through them and have goosebumps, Aaron feels a malevolant spirit goes through him and the EVP "There's something" is said right afterwards.
306 December 4, 2009 "Old Washoe Club and Chollar Mine" Virginia City, Nevada, USA TBA
307 December 11, 2009 "Linda Vista Hospital" Los Angeles, California, USA
  • EVPs: "Maybe"; "Stop it"; "Nick"; "Ready or not...Here I come"; "Thank you"; "Don't Leave Me".
  • Unexplained Sounds: humming (catched by a previous investigation and GAC); male voice; screaming; bang; female singing; whisper; moaning; knocking; sick patient breathing; girl's voice and breathing.
  • Apparation: A strobing white orb darts to different parts of the hallway, and goes into a door.
  • Apparation: A 6ft tall white misty figure passes by a chair that was said to move by itself.
  • Electronic Malfunctions/EVPs: Aaron's camera malfunctions as Zak asks questions to the little girl. They also record a humming of the girl the same one that was picked up by people months ago.
  • Physical Contact: A girl from a previous investigation says she was pushed out of the room and pictures showed scratches on her back.
  • Apparation/Camera Malfunction: Nick sees an apparition of a woman the same time his camera freezes. Oddly, Aaron's camera freezes the same time as Nick's camera.
  • Other Phenomenon: A device similar to the WordDatabase picks up "Yeah you did", which was a response to Zak's question "Did We See you?". Also, it says "Leave" to the GAC crew. Finally, it says "Dead".
308 December 18, 2009 "Execution Rocks Light" Long Island, New York, USA TBA
309 January 1, 2010 "Prospect Place" Trinway, Ohio, USA TBA
310 January 8, 2010 "Wolfe Manor" Clovis, California, USA TBA

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