Emily Sullivan-Prowse
First appearance Pilot
Created by Stephen Chbosky
Portrayed by Ashley Scott
Gender Female
Occupation Teacher
Spouse Roger Hammond (fiancé)
Jake Green (ex-boyfriend)
Relatives Jonah Prowse (father)
Chris (brother, deceased)

Emily Sullivan-Prowse is a fictional character on the US post-apocalyptic drama Jericho. She is played by Ashley Scott.

In the pilot episode, it is revealed that Emily is an old friend of the pivotal character Jake Green (Skeet Ulrich) and that a falling out has happened between them, hinting at a previous and deeper relationship. It is ultimately revealed in episode nine that Jake and Emily were once engaged. Later episodes reveal this falling out to be due to the death of Emily's brother Chris during what appears to have been a botched robbery attempt. Jake was supposed to be Chris' lookout, but for reasons unknown, he refused.

Emily is estranged from her father, Jonah Prowse. This estrangement is also due to Chris' death. Jonah ordered Chris, Jake, and Mitch Cafferty to carry out the robbery. Emily regards her father as nothing but a thief, and wants no kind of relationship with him, although they do appear to reconcile to some degree after a brief heart-to-heart talk at the end of episode eleven.

She was on her way to pick up her finace Roger at the airport, when she first became aware that something has gone very wrong. Thus becoming the last main character to become aware of the events in Denver, Colorado. She is picked up by two escaped convicts posing as sheriff's deputies which she leads to the Richmond farm, where she and Bonnie are held "hostage" by the convicts. Jake eventually rescues Emily and Bonnie from the two prisoners, and they take shelter in a friend's (Stanly and Bonnie Richmond )storm cellar as a rainstorm apparently laden with radioactive fallout hits the town.

In episode ten, she stole a generator from her father's compound, returning it to the town of Jericho. Almost getting herself and others shot in the process.

Emily finds out in the third Episdoe that her fiancé, Roger, who she was planning to pick up at the airport, that his plane landed safely and that all passengers had survived in a field north of Kansas. He didn't arrive to town until the eleventh episode, when he is discovered among a group of people arriving in the town.

Like Heather Lisinski, Emily is a schoolteacher in Jericho; including being the Social Studies teacher to Dale Turner's class. She lives in "The Pines," in a house being paid for by her fiancé, who is in banking.

Prior to Roger's return to Jericho, a love triangle was developing between Emily, Heather, and Jake. Roger's return occurred moments after Emily and Jake appeared to be moving towards reigniting their previous relationship, but she subsequently broke this off in order to resume her relationship with Roger. Later, however, when Roger is exiled from the town and Heather travels to New Bern (later to be presumed dead), Emily and Jake's relationship appeared to resume, and in the first season finale, "Why We Fight", Emily comforts Jake in his grief over the death of his father.