Template:Infobox Lost Character Eloise Hawking is a fictional character on the ABC television series Lost, which chronicles the lives of over forty people after their plane crashes on a remote island somewhere in the south Pacific.[1] She is played primarily by Fionnula Flanagan; she is portrayed at a young woman by Alexandra Krosney, while Alice Evans portrays Hawking as a middle-aged woman. Hawking currently runs the Dharma Initiative station known as the "Lamp Post". She was once a member of the Others and was in a relationship with Charles Widmore, the two of them being the respective parents of Daniel Faraday.

Character biography[]

On the Island[]

Eloise Hawking earliest chronological appearance is in 1954 as an Other. At the time she is called "Ellie" and captures Miles Straume (Ken Leung), Charlotte Lewis (Rebecca Mader), and Daniel Faraday (Jeremy Davies) at a riverbank. She and her associates then take them back to the Others' camp. It is there that Miles, Charlotte, and Daniel learn of the damaged hydrogen bomb the Others have taken possession of. Daniel convinces Richard Alpert (Nestor Carbonell) to allow him to repair it, under the supervision of Ellie. After examining the bomb and determining it cannot be repaired, Daniel tells Ellie that she and her people must bury it, his logic being that he is from the future and the Island is still fine fifty years from then. Ellie, believing Daniel to be crazy, nearly shoots him, but is disarmed by James "Sawyer" Ford (Josh Holloway) and Juliet Burke (Elizabeth Mitchell). Ellie asks if they too are from the future, and a few moments later a time jump causes them to disappear, leaving Ellie behind.[2]

In 1977, after returning from the mainland, Daniel decides the he must detonate the hydrogen bomb to prevent the release of electromagnetic energy where the Dharma Initiative is building the Swan Station. In search for certain answers he realizes he must find his mother. After enlisting the aid of Kate Austen (Evangeline Lilly) and Jack Shephard (Matthew Fox), he travels to the Others' camp and confronts Richard Alpert at gunpoint, demanding to see the hydrogen bomb and his mother. Eloise shoots him in the back while they argue. With his dying breath, Daniel tells Eloise that she is his mother, while handing her his notebook.[3]

After Jack and Kate are captured and brought into the camp, Eloise asks them several questions about Daniel and his notebook, which contains a handwritten note made by her. From Jack's answers, she concludes that Daniel is in fact her son, whom she is currently pregnant with. After Jack informs her that detonating the bomb can change the future and erase the accidental murder of her son, Eloise states that she will help. They are joined by Sayid Jarrah (Naveen Andrews) en route, Sayid having shot an Other who was about to kill Kate for leaving. They journey into a series of tunnels that run beneath the Dharma Initiative barracks, in which the bomb is kept.[4] After Sayid removes the plutonium core, Richard leads them to a wall connecting to the basement of a Dharma house. Eloise insists on going first, but Richard knocks her out to protect her from herself, then forces Jack and Sayid to continue on their own.

Off the Island[]

At some point after 1977, Eloise leaves the Island. Now living with her son, Daniel, at the time a young child, she tells him that he has a destiny which lies with his scientific mind, and that he doesn't have time for frivolous pursuits like playing the piano. Daniel disagrees, believing he can make time for both, but Eloise firmly denies the possibility. After Daniel graduates from Oxford University, with his mother in attendance, he introduces her to his girlfriend Theresa, a woman whom Eloise obviously doesn't like. Ignoring Theresa, and Daniel's feelings for her, completely, Eloise requests a private dinner with her son, to which Daniel reluctantly agrees. As a graduation gift, she gives him a new journal, which will eventually be the one he passes on to her in the past. Daniel tells her about the grant he received from Charles Widmore (Alan Dale), and Eloise ceases her complaints about his life. In 2004, Eloise once again visits her son, now suffering from memory loss and living in Massachusetts. Daniel has just been offed a job by Widmore to travel to the Island, and Eloise encourages him to take it, reaffirming Widmore's assertion that Daniel's memory would be healed by the island. She states that taking the job would make her proud of him, and he accepts the offer.[3]

In 2007, three years after the Oceanic Six had left the Island and returned to normal life, Benjamin Linus (Michael Emerson) visits Eloise at the Dharma Initiative station known as the "Lamp Post" for information in his attempt to return them to the Island. She informs him that he has 72 hours to gather them.[5] He returns with Jack Shephard, Desmond Hume (Henry Ian Cusick), and Sun-Hwa Kwon (Yunjin Kim). Eloise directs them to Ajira Airways Flight 316, which will pass over the Island. Desmond delivers the message Daniel Faraday had given him in the past,[6] and she dismissively states that she is already helping them. She later pulls Jack aside and gives him a letter written by the deceased John Locke (Terry O'Quinn), and informs him that the conditions on Flight 316 must be as close to Flight 815 as possible; John's body will serve as a stand-in for Jack's father.[7]

Later, after Desmond is hospitalized following being shot by Ben, she visits Penelope, Desmond's wife. She informs Penelope that her son is indirectly responsible for Desmond's situation and that she feels responsible for all that has happened. She notes that she does not know what is going to happen next, something that has not happened in a long time. outside the hospital, she runs into Charles Widmore. Charles does not enter the hospital, noting that his relationship with his daughter is one thing he had to sacrifice. Eloise becomes enraged, telling him to not speak to her about sacrifice, especially considering that she knowingly sent her own son to his death by sending him to the Island. When Charles comments on how Daniel is his son, too, Eloise slaps him in the face and walks off.[3]

In Desmond's time travel[]

When Desmond turned the fail-safe key to destroy the Swan station, he returned to several years previous in his normal life off the Island. While living with Penelope, he planned to buy an engagement ring and went to a jewelry store. There, he was being tended to by Eloise, though with no idea who she was. After deciding upon a ring to buy, Eloise refused to sell it to him stating that it was not his destiny to marry her, but that it was his destiny to go on a sailing race, go to the Island, and push "the button" to save the world. After he refused this the two went for a walk in which Eloise noticed a man's red shoes. Desmond didn't know the meaning of this until a few moments later, while she was trying to explain his destiny, scaffolding fell upon this man, with Desmond accusing her of knowing it would happen and not helping. She did not deny this and he further asked her why she did nothing to which she responded that he would have just been killed the next day, or the day after that, as death was that man's destiny stating that the universe has a way of "course correcting" itself. After this she states that pushing the button will be the only great thing in Desmond's life.[8]


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