Dungeons & Dragons Character
Ellifain Tuuserail
Homeland Moonwood
Gender Female
Race Moon Elf
Age Unknown
Class Warrior
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Universe Forgotten Realms

Ellifain Tuuserail is a fictional character in the Forgotten Realms campaign setting.

Ellifain is the only elf survivor of a drow surface raid in which Drizzt Do'Urden participated. In Homeland, she is only a child at the time of the raid, during which Drizzt covers the young Ellifain with her mother's body to make it seem as though she was dead, rather than killing her as was expected during the raid.

More than a decade later, Drizzt returns to the surface, and meets Ellifain when he passes through the Moonwood in Starless Night. Upon seeing the drow, Ellifain loses control and tries to kill him, only to be stopped by Drizzt and other members of her clan. In the years that follow, Ellifain grows into a vengeful and angry young woman. As tales of Drizzt's exploits as a ranger become more well known throughout the region, her fury at what she perceives to be lies grows, and she leaves her home to seek instruction. Taking the name of Le'Lorinel Tel'e'brenequiette in Sea of Swords and disguising herself as a male, she spends six years training solely to defeat Drizzt by working under a wizard to earn the use of his spells and artifacts and by training with Tunevec, an elf whose fighting style is similar to Drizzt's. After consulting E'kressa the Seer, a gnome magician, Ellifain tracks Drizzt down and engages him in mortal combat, fully expecting that she will not survive the encounter.

Ellifain/Le'Lorinel begins the fight with a sword and dagger and the added protection of a stone skin spell, one of four enchantments bestowed by her enchanted ring, spells that she had previously determined would enable her to defeat Drizzt. She later uses one of the rings other spells to enhance her speed so that she can match Drizzt's although she is not used to fighting with such speed and fails to be as effective at employing it as Drizzt. A short while later she uses the ring's third enchantment to render herself invisible, prompting Drizzt to drop a globe of darkness over the two of them. However, it turns out that this is exactly what Ellifain had predicted, planned, and hoped for, for under the cover of that darkness, Drizzt could not see her fourth and final spell bestowed upon her by her ring, a fire shield enchantment that inflicts damage upon anyone attacking the spell-user. The spell mirrored Drizzt's killing blow back upon the ranger, wounding both mortally. Up until this point, it has not been revealed that Le'Lorinel is in fact Ellifain, or a woman for that matter, as she wore clothing to hide her womanhood, sported a shaved head, and a black mask that hid all but her eyes, which Drizzt recognized but could not place. However, when Drizzt slashes both combatants chests open, he could see that she had the breast of a woman and realizes who she was.

Drizzt is narrowly rescued by his friends who give him a healing potion retrieved from a previous enemy, despite his feeble pleas that the potion be used on Ellifain instead.

Drizzt is understandably upset that the life he helped save so many years ago has ultimately ended with Ellifain's death at the hands of her own blind rage. He is even upset with his friends for not saving her life in his stead, but these emotions dissipate when his friends reason that he would have done the same had his friends been in his place.

In the 2006 novel Realms of the Elves Drizzt and Innovindil recover Ellifain's body and return her to the forest where she grew up. Innovindil then volunteers to serve as a host for Ellifain's spirit so she and Drizzt might put to rest the grief between them and hopefully prevent Ellifain from rising as an undead. However Ellifain has already learned of her error whilst in Arvandor and apologizes to Drizzt, laying to rest the drow's grief over her death somewhat.