Elbryan Wyndon is a fictional character in The DemonWars Saga by R.A. Salvatore.


Early years[]

Elbryan Wyndon was born in God's Year 804 in the village of Dundalis in the Timberlands to Olwan Wyndon, his father, and an unnamed mother. He grew up in the village in relative peace along with the other children of Dundalis, especially alongside his best friend Jilseponie Ault, also called Jilly (a name she despises) and Pony (Elbryan's secret name for her). That is, he grew up in peace until the day his father and the other men of the village returned bearing a dead goblin, a creature relegated to myth because of its scarcity in human-populated lands at the time.

Not long after Olwan and the other hunters brought forth the goblin corpse, more goblins and Fomorian giants attacked the village, destroying it and leaving only Pony and Elbryan alive. The two were separated for years, Pony to a family called the Chilichunks in the city of Palmaris and Elbryan to live and grow amongst the Touel'alfar (elves) of Ander'Blough Inniness.

Ranger Training and the Demon Wars[]

The elves of Ander'Blough Inniness began training Elbryan in the ways of the ranger in order to combat the rising evil in the land that was being fomented by Bestesbulzibar the demon dactyl. The winged creatures called him the "Blood of Mather" because Elbryan was the nephew of Mather Wyndon, a great ranger who had died years before. The young man grew strong and skilled among the elves, learning much from their intense training. It was during this time that he met Tuntun, an elf with very little regard for humans, and found one of his closest friends in Belli'mar Juraviel, his teacher. It was from Belli'mar's own father that he received Hawkwing, a longbow which could also double as a quarterstaff. The day he took the bow as his own Elbryan also took another name: He was now Tai'marawee, the Nightbird.

As the Nightbird, Elbryan went on to guard the Timberlands from goblins, powries and Fomorian giants while protecting the land from the incursions of ignorant humans. It was during this time that, with the aid of Avelyn Desbris, the Mad Friar, he rescued and was reunited with Jilseponie Ault. Not longer after, the Demon War began when the dactyl sent its inhuman forces to attack those same villages. With his friends' help, Elbryan led the people to safety. In the midst of this journey several important things impacted the ranger. First, he and Pony realized their love for each other. Secondly, the Nightbird was tested in battle against the risen corpse of his uncle, Mather. Once he proved himself in that battle he was found worthy to take up the ranger sword, Tempest. Finally, with the help of Avelyn, a stronger bond was created between the ranger and Symphony when a magical turquoise gemstone was imbedded in the horses's flesh.

In time, the three friends defeated the physical form of the dactyl, throwing its army into disarray. They then went on to combat the demon's spirit, which had corrupted the Abellican Church through the form of its Father Abbot, Dalebert Markwart, and his cronies. It was in their final victory against the Father Abbot's evil that Elbryan lost his life. After sustaining mortal wounds from Marcalo De'Unnero, one of the Father Abbot's men, he then went and aided Pony in her struggle against Markwart, their combined power being enough to defeat the demon infested man, however the strain was too much on his wounded body, and Elbryan succumbed to his wounds.

Later, Elbryan's corpse and a part of his spirit would be resurrected to serve his son, Aydrian Wyndon, who had also succumbed to the possession of Bestesbulzibar. With Pony's help, the spirit of Elbryan was able to break free of the younger man's control and finally find peace.

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