The Eastern Alliance is a militaristic and totalitarian human interstellar state in the original Battlestar Galactica television series, the Eastern Alliance is opposed by the Western Coalition. It is primarily located on the planet Terra.

Real world parallels[]

Josef Steiff identifies the "Eastern Alliance" as a stand in "for the 'Eastern Bloc' countries of the Soviet Union,"[1] while John Kenneth Muir sees this "enemy as ruthless as the Cylons" as "fascistic."[2]


John Kenneth Muir writes that "The Eastern Alliance forces would reappear in the next episode, 'Baltar's Escape,' as well as in 'Experiment in Terra'..."[3]



The Alliance is a totalitarian and seemingly fascist state which maneuvered the Western President into a questionable peace treaty. During "Greetings from Earth" it is learned that the Alliance uses nuclear weapons to "clear" habitable planets of Western populations and that they time the strikes for maximum casualties (as done on Paradyne). It is further revealed that the Alliance has been wiping out every Western satellite one at a time while the President did nothing to stop them in "Experiment in Terra". Later in the episode, the Alliance actually launches all the nuclear weapons they have in a surprise strike to wipe out the West and end the war. They deliberately attack during the Western President’s speech to the Presidium about the (worthless) peace treaty, and moved the “critical and loyal” part of their population into deep underground bomb shelters. The Commandant refuses to warn the general population of the Alliance, saying that losses will be acceptable and that overpopulation is one of their biggest problems.


The standard Alliance ship is the Star Destroyer. All Destroyers are numbered (i.e. "Destroyer Two") and patrol set areas in and around Terra and the various satellites such as Paradyne or Lunar Seven. The Destroyer is small enough to land in the Galactica's landing bay and is crewed by about six men besides the officer. While questioning the officer, Adama states that the Alliance "would need a thousand such destroyers to attack the Galactica" and the officer replies with "we have nearly..." but realizes what he is saying and stops talking.

Small Arms[]

The Alliance favors a large laser rifle with a red pulsing strobe light. It is unknown if it has multiple settings or what its range might be. While Western weapons aren't directly seen in the series, in "Experiment in Terra" Western troops are seen after Starbuck lands and they do not carry such a rifle.


Both sides seemingly have a level of technology which is between that of modern Earth and the Colonies. They are more advanced than Earth in that they have deep space faring ships, force fields, laser guns and cryogenics. However, unlike the Colonials they still utilize wheeled vehicles, lack ships capable of light speed and cannot defend themselves against nuclear warfare.

Analysis and reception[]

Josef Steiff argues that the show "suggests that Evil is universal (existing in...the Eastern Alliance, per 'Experiment in Terra') and that its agenda is to lead humanity astray, away from the light and the universe of the spirit."[4] Nevertheless, John Kenneth Muir writes that Eastern Alliance forces have "little impact" and that "in execution, the Eastern Alliance baddies were not really much more interesting than the faceless Cylons."[5]


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