Earthrealm Deception

Earthrealm (Mortal Kombat: Deception)

In the Mortal Kombat video game series, Earthrealm is the name that is most frequently used for Earth.

About Earthrealm[]

Earthrealm is one of many realms that were formed after the Elder Gods shattered the One Being. In the Mortal Kombat universe, Earthrealm has been the target of frequent attempts at conquest, because it is thought to be the jewel of the cosmos and an important universal power node. Because of this, the Elder Gods have appointed a deity to protect the realm from harm. For countless centuries this has been Raiden, though other gods such as Fujin also play a role in this. Furthermore, the Shaolin Temple of the Light was formed to train mortals in martial arts and prepare them to defend their world from evil. More recent organisations such as the reformed Lin Kuei or the Special Forces play a similar role. Earthrealm was nearly destroyed millions of years ago in a war between Shinnok and Raiden, and then verged on the brink of collapse in during Shao Kahn's short conquest. After his invasion was foiled, Earthrealm has served as an inspiration to other conquered realms of Outworld. Edenia was later liberated and Nitara's vampire realm, the realm of Vaeternus, was also freed, thanks in no small part to the Edenians and Nitara themselves.

Native species[]

Technically all species found on the real Earth are native to it, but two should be highlighted because of their special importance in the Mortal Kombat universe:

  • Humans were the third intelligent race to evolve on Earthrealm, and share most basic characteristics with the peoples and civilisations from other realms. They tend to live much shorter and are not as adapted to magic as their alien counterparts. This is compensated by their highly advanced level of technology.
  • Saurians, also known as Zaterrans were the first intelligent race to populate Earth, but they were nearly wiped out in the war between Shinnok and the other gods. After this war, they chose to emigrate to Zaterra, where they would later be conquered and enslaved by Outworld.
  • Houans were the second intelligent race to populate Earthrealm. According to Raiden, he himself wiped them out, as they were an evil race of necromancers and sorcerors. Using their old technology, he has revived Liu Kang's corpse.

Notable residents[]


Non-native or outcast[]

  • Non-native: the gods Raiden and Fujin, among others
  • Outcast: Shang Tsung (though his place of origin was later retconned to be Outworld) , Kano and both the former and recent Black Dragon gang with Kabal, Jarek, Kobra and Kira

Relationships with other realms[]

Earthrealm and Edenia are close allies, and have been ever since Earthrealm's warriors freed Edenia from Shao Kahn's rule. The relationship of Liu Kang, the Earthrealm's Protector and Champion of Mortal Kombat, and Edenia's Princess Kitana has strengthened that alliance. Also, since the Heavens are considered paradise by the denizens of Earthrealm, its citizens look upon it with favor. On the opposing side, both Outworld and the Netherrealm are definite foes of Earthealm, both having had their respective rulers at some point attempt to control it. Earthrealm's relationships with Chaosrealm and Orderrealm are currently unknown.

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