Eathena is a Private Ragnrok Online Emulator that was designed for a KRO (Korean Ragnarok Online) Client. The Server software has a C++ front-end and MySQL back-end, and is made compatible with the KRO client via Hex Editing and DIFF offset patches. It is rumored to be the simplest server to deploy and manage, but has a downside with Korean based formating in all (s)data.grf and client "Data" directories.


Currently eAthena will run on Linux, FreeBSD, and Windows. There are talks of MAC ports, but are unsupported at this time.

Classes and Progression[]

Currently, the latest version of eAthena supports all current Official Classes and Transcendent Classes. Originally the eAthena struggled to get the "Extended" Classes: (Taekwon, Star Gladiator, Soul Linker, Ninja, Gunslinger) to even display properly, let alone function as in-game content.


One of the biggest challenges for the eAthena team, was the implementation of maps defined in Gravity Inc.'s (s)data.grf. The mapping procedure involved taking the existing (s)data.grf, and creating a "Map-server" that could locate all of the resource files in the (s)data.grf

  • (s)data.grf Refers to either the data.grf (Normal Client) or sdata.grf Sakray (Test server) client.

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