The Dragon Sword is a fictional melee weapon used by the ninja Ryu Hayabusa in the arcade, NES, and Microsoft Xbox game series Ninja Gaiden. It is the first weapon that the player will be given in all of the games, and is considered to be the most well rounded of all available.

History of the Dragon Sword[]

The Dragon Sword itself is forged from the fang of a Dragon, which is where it inherits its power. It has been handed down in the Hayabusa Clan for many centuries, and is always wielded by the leader of the clan. It is the light counterpart of the Dark Dragon Blade. The sword has the ability to glow, and cut through steel.


In a book written in the name Ninja Gaiden, the sword is removed from Ryu's hand in the cover. It is in his hand on the game cartridge.

Game Appearances[]

Arcade and NES Appearances[]

On the arcade version of the game, Ryu fought primarily with his bare hands and only used the sword when a powerup was gained. In the NES trilogy, the sword, although becoming the primary weapon of Ryu, still played a small part storywise, and did not affect the game that much.

Xbox Appearances[]

In Ninja Gaiden and Ninja Gaiden Black on the Xbox console, the sword has a list of combo moves which can be executed, and with each level that the sword is upgraded to, more moves are unlocked.

Towards the end of the game, Ryu is instructed by the swordkeeper and Muramasa to find a specific dragon's eye, and insert it into the hilt of the sword to unlock the true power of it. Ryu finds the eye and inserts it, making the blade more powerful. This act changes the name of the sword to the True Dragon Sword, and unlocks a series of new moves for the sword, making it even more powerful.

this use of the Dragon sword also used in another remake of the XBOX Ninja Gaiden for the PS3 known as Ninja Gaiden Sigma.wich included added weapons,and another playable character(Rachel) and the graphics and physics were completely remade for the PS3

Nintendo DS Appearances[]

The Dragon Sword is the title of the game Ninja Gaiden Dragon Sword for the Nintendo DS. IGN has released information that it will be a new DS game. The game will be played in 2.5d, a diagonal top-down view with 3D graphics, and the player will need to hold the Nintendo DS sideways, like a book, like in Hotel Dusk: Room 215 and Brain Age: Train Your Brain in Minutes a Day. Ninja Gaiden Dragon Sword will be played using full potential of the stylus. This is the reason why Team Ninja chose to make the game for the Nintendo DS, instead of the PSP. There will also be a new ninja character, a female, who's name is currently unknown. Demos for the game indicate a winter 2007 release, but it is rumoured to have been delayed to February 2008.[1]