For the unrelated computer game, see DragonStrike (computer game).

DragonStrike was a 1993 adventure board game from TSR, Inc. based on the Dungeons & Dragons fantasy role-playing game. DragonStrike was intended to serve as an introduction to the D&D role-playing game, and used greatly simplified versions of the Basic D&D rules. The game came with several fold-out maps for use as the board, a number of plastic miniatures to represent the player characters and monsters, and various other game pieces. Also included were several pre-written quests available for play, including several single-player adventures. Its most distinctive feature, however, was the inclusion of a video tutorial on how to play the game. The method by which the players in the video play the game bears only a moderate resemblance to the actual game as described in the official rulebook. The video primarily used live actors, but was bolstered by then-cutting edge 3D graphics which were used to illustrate various magical effects and monsters, such as the game's titular dragon.

A later board game, also titled DragonStrike, had nothing to do with the original board game or the Dungeons & Dragons game. This later DragonStrike game was released by Hasbro (which had by this point bought out Wizards of the Coast, the company that owned TSR, Inc.), and had the players race each other to escape from a motorized dragon.

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