The Dominion Council is the governing body of the Rasalhague Dominion. By law it is equally divided into three distinct peer groups, each making up exactly 1/3rds of the Dominion Council:

  • "Trueborn" members of the Ghost Bear Warrior Caste.
    • Exclusively made up of warriors that were a product of Clan Ghost Bear's breeding program.
    • Trueborns from other Clans' breeding programs could also conceivably become part of this group if they are adopted into the Ghost Bear Warrior Caste.
  • "Freeborn" members of the Ghost Bear Warrior Caste.
    • Mostly made up of native Rasalhagians adopted into the Ghost Bear Warrior Caste, but can also be made up of ethnic Ghost Bears that were not begotten of the Clan breeding program that defines someone as being "trueborn".
    • Freeborn warriors can sometimes be incorporated into the breeding program if the warrior was truly exceptional enough, meaning that any future descendants of the warrior may be classified as "trueborn" if they came out of the breeding program. Regardless of their ancestry, anyone who comes out of the Ghost Bear breeding prgram would still be classified as a "Trueborn Warrior of Clan Ghost Bear", even if they were descended from an ethnic Rasalhagian Freeborn who somehow made it into the Ghost Bear breeding program.
  • "Civilian" members that are by definition not of the Warrior Caste.
    • Made up by someone of either ethnic Ghost Bear (freeborn or trueborn, possibly a retired warrior but most likely a respected scientist or merchant from the Ghost Bears' Scientist or Merchant Castes) or of native Rasalhagian descent (most likely leaders of industry, labor unions, businesses, academia and local government).