Dr. BadVibes and Buzzbomb
Real names Dr. BadVibes: Percival "Percy" Cranial (according to the comics) Buzzbomb: Buzzbomb
Backgrounds Mad scientist and robot, respectively.
CROOKS Position Henchmen.
Trademark Features BadVibes: Lab uniform, enlarged brain encased underneath an acrylic glass dome, has a crazy laugh, and is never without his robot companion Buzzbomb who has saw blades located on his right arm. Buzzbomb: Buzzsaw on either his left or right arm, acrylic glass dome on his head, communicates in robot dialect, can show feelings and emotions, and is very friendly towards children.
Extra Specialty BadVibes: Creates one invention after another in an effort to help Big Boss plan his next caper on a daily basis. Buzzbomb: Helps BadVibes carry out criminal plans for the Big Boss.
Significant Episode Appearances The Case of The Ghost Crooks, The Case of Crime Circus, The Case of The Rock and Roll Robbers, The Case of The Boy Who Cried Sea Monster, The Case of The Wayward Whiz Kid, The Case of The Big Boss' Master Plan, The Case of The Criminal Mall, The Case of the Thieving Robots, The Case of the Blitz Attack, The Case of The Blur Bandits, The Case of The Runaway Buzzbomb, and many others.
Voiced by Ron Rubin

Dr. BadVibes and Buzzbomb are cartoon characters in the C.O.P.S. series made by Hasbro which ran from 1988-1989.

Character profiles[]

Doctor BadVibes[]

Dr. BadVibes ("Dr. Negatividade" in Brazilian version) is a strange character. He is a mad scientist who once worked at Comtrex before he was fired from his job for stealing components and using them for his own experiments. This is the reason why he became what he is today. He once lived in an old run-down apartment before joining up with Big Boss in The Case of C.O.P.S. File #1. Since then, he is seen operating a mobile lab vehicle which he keeps in a dead end section of the city's subway and takes it all over Empire City and uses it to conduct experiments and help Big Boss plan another caper. BadVibes is seen wearing a lab coat that's either colored white (in the toys and the comics) or tan (in the cartoon). He is easily identified with an abnormally enlarged brain encased in a clear acrylic glass dome and is known to create literal brainstorms by charging electricity through his brainwaves to form a cloud that can produce rain, thunder and lightning. He has weird hair, one earring on his left ear (in the cartoon) and strange lenses that he has to wear due to his suffering from myopia (according to the toy series). He has a crazy laugh and is never without his robot companion named Buzzbomb. Both the toy and toy packaging depict what appears to be a camera installed into the glass dome with his brain, likely fitting with the file card's description of "hypnotic abilities", neither of which carried over into the cartoon or comic (this may be partially because the brain sculpted onto the toy is "normal sized", in scale with the figure- not the enlarged brain the animation model depicted).

His name is likely a parody of the classic film villain Dr. Phibes.


Buzzbomb is a robot who communicates only through robot dialect (in the cartoon) as well as an occasional alarm sound and the chant of "Intruder Alert!" as shown in part two of The Case of C.O.P.S. File #1 or normal human language, including the robot dialect (in the comics). He also has a buzzsaw on one arm and a clamper on the other. His favorite things to eat is steel wool cookies and cupcakes, which he earns by helping BadVibes carry out their criminal plans. He also has an acrylic glass dome at the top as well. Although occasionally is seen as a companion to Turbo Tu-Tone such as in The Case of C.O.P.S. File #1 and The Case of The WayWard Whizkid, Buzzbomb is normally an inseparable companion to BadVibes. Unlike normal robots, Buzzbomb can show feelings and emotions and sometimes argues with BadVibes primarily over whether or not Buzzbomb get any share of stolen loot, which can temporary put a strain on his and BadVibes' relationship, just like was is shown in The Case of The Thieving Robots for example.

Major Highlights[]

The Case of The Runaway Buzzbomb[]

Buzzbomb is also very friendly towards children and on occasions would accompany them as they try to run away from home to escape the troublesome problems they face over there. Just like he did in The Case of the Runaway Buzzbomb, where Buzzbomb joins Highway's niece in running away from home because she did something she's afraid her uncle will be mad over and didn't want to face him over the ordeal. Buzzbomb ran away because Big Boss has hurt Buzzbomb's feelings so badly that he decided to run away - at least for a short while. But eventually, after everything was resolved, he came back to join up with Badvibes who returned to the penthouse to face Big Boss who's none to pleased over BadVibes' latest blunder. There Buzzbomb witnessed, turned around, and chuckle at the sight of Big Boss berating BadVibes for another failed caper.

The Case of The Blur Bandits[]

Dr. BadVibes is one of Big Boss' most closest henchmen. He helps him to plan the next caper by bringing up one invention after another. One of the best examples of this is in The Case of the Blur Bandits where BadVibes invents special speed suits to allow the CROOKS to run much faster than normal. Every time they have to use the speed suits, BadVibes warns the CROOKS to not push the speed suits too hard or else the suits will completely disintegrate. Apparently, Berserko forgot the warning while escaping from Highway. He caused the suit to get completely disintegrated and winds up crashing into a hot dog stand where Highway places him under arrest.

The Case of The Big Boss' Master Plan[]

Dr. BadVibes creates an armada of jet fighting airplanes that can only be mentally controlled by BadVibes himself through a special headband he wears on his head. He plans to use them to keep intruders away from Empire City now taken over by Big Boss who kidnapped Madame President and use her to help take control of Empire City and send the C.O.P.S. team to prison. However, with the help of Agent Belson and his secret service agents, the C.O.P.S. escape from prison. While Bowser, Blitz, Barricade, Sundown, and Hardtop infiltrate Big Boss' aircraft carrier to rescue Madame President, LongArm and Bulletproof confronted Dr. BadVibes who used his mentally controlled planes to try to destroy the 2 C.O.P.S. Although he did succeeds in destroying the police car LongArm and Bulletproof was riding in, he wasn't able to destroy the 2 C.O.P.S. who skillfully dodge the attacks of the planes. Then, Bulletproof threw one of his explosive disks coming from his cybernetic chest at Badvibes' plane controlling headband destroying it which in turns send the planes crashing down into Empire Square. BadVibes, knowing the C.O.P.S. team has just thwarted the Big Boss' master, yet failed plan, rants at the 2 C.O.P.S. before going into his mobile lab and make his escape.

The Case of The Crime Circus[]

BadVibes at one time owned a mechanical circus which he used as part of a cover-up of a big plot to heist a large treasure of gold bars at a Gold Depository for Big Boss. BadVibes did not count on a little mischievous girl named Samantha (Sam) though, whom BadVibes mistaken for a boy since she's a tomboyish girl, and she helps the C.O.P.S. thwart his plans. Sam gives BadVibes' mechanical clownmobile the axe just as BadVibes was in the process of robbing the depository of all of its gold bars, destroying it. When Bulletproof and Mainframe arrive, Mainframe is able to correctly identify Sam as a girl instead of a boy. BadVibes and Buzzbomb escaped human cannonball style, but the curtain came down on his criminal circus permanently.

The Case of The Criminal Mall[]

BadVibes and Buzzbomb were planning on a caper of their own at the grand opening of a large shopping mall. They were planning on stealing a super computer brain used for the mall's theft proof security system built by Mr. Keen, who thinks he can replace all of the security alarms, systems, guards, law enforcers, and even C.O.P.S. with this device. BadVibes begs to differ. Posing as a shoe shine boy, BadVibes polished Keen's shoes, while Buzzbomb scrubbed some glowing fluid on the soles of the shoes that acts as a stamping device that leaves behind long lasting glowing footprints Keen leaves behind as he walks away. This allows BadVibes and Buzzbomb to follow them, leading them all the way to the brain of the security system. There, Buzzbomb rips the brain off its base, causing the whole system goes haywire and the brain starts to run away leaving BadVibes and Buzzbomb to pursue it all over the mall until they crashed into Berserko and Rock Krusher, who were sent by Big Boss to help BadVibes steal the brain. Bowser, Blitz, and Mainframe were there to put the brain back where it belongs and arrest the crooks for attempted robbery. However, Buzzbomb came along and bailed BadVibes and Rock Krusher out, flying through the window and out of the mall with BadVibes heard to say to him, "You've done good Buzzbomb. Ye ha ha ha Ha!"

C.O.P.S. For Kids[]

Dr. BadVibes and Buzzbomb are seen in the PSA segment C.O.P.S. for Kids where BadVibes and Buzzbomb were going for a ride in a car. But BadVibes realized he forgot something so he tells Buzzbomb not to play with the car while he goes for something and leaves. Disobedient, Buzzbomb started to mess around with the car and crashes it. "I thought I told you not to play with the car!" BadVibes exclaimed. Then, Bulletproof tells the young viewers "Take it from BadVibes, kids. Cars are not toys. Besides, you're not as replaceable as Buzzbomb is."

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