Distant Rain is an sci-fi fantasy manga. It is mainly about a girl named May who enters the Galactic American Protection Agency (GAPA)and enters a world of adventures with all new friends. It's supposed to take place in early summer of 2010 in the start of the series. The island is located somewhere out in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Written by: Sani Osaki


May has just been accepted to GAPA and gets to start as a level one cadet, and embark on an adventure of galactic battles, new planets, and friendships with Aliens. With the help of fellow cadets she learns and fights enemy Aliens. On her first day she encounters an old childhood friend that she never expected to see again who has an interesting secret.


May - She is the newest edition to GAPA and she is psyched. This shy, timid, young girl has just been accepted to an all out adventure of discoveries, battles, and friendships among different species. She grew up with her father, a workaholic that usually goes on numerous business trips and is almost never home. She met Rayne when they were both 4 years old and they became best friends. She has strawberry blonde hair with light blue eyes. She is 16 years old at the beginning of the series. She starts to like Pete after she fights in her first battle.

Rayne - She’s actually half alien but there are really NO others like her and no planet that has species with similar powers, so she was basically dropped by the stork. She’s kind of timid, but she’s usually pretty content with her life and only has one regret. After she and May became friends, Rayne was taken to the agency because she started getting her powers and they were unpredictable. Her lavender purple hair is the same color as her eyes. She and May are both the same age. Her powers make her more like a witch then an alien.

Robin - A happy, cheerful girl with way too much time on her hands. She loves to cook even though she’s usually really bad at it, everyone pretends to enjoy it anyway, she’s a major crier if her feelings are hurt and her scream is super high-pitch. She doesn’t really have a story why she’s there, but probably only because Donald is her way older cousin and she needed something to do. She develops a relationship with Mac who is 17 as well as her. She is psychic if she makes contact with a person or object, it only works sometimes.

Jasmine - She’s got a pretty interesting secret, she’s the Egyptian Princess. Her tough girl act works pretty well, she hates when people only know her by her sexy-cute looks instead of her grade A fighting skills. She is 18 years old and enjoys sweets, but not while she’s working. She is GAPA’s #1 and only mechanic and is a top notch fighter. She’s only there because she wants to be. She was always kidnapped for marriage proposals by other princes, but she never accepted any and was always able to get away without problems.

Pete - He’s a sweet guy, but kind of a pushover. He’s not the greatest fighter or thinker, but he’ll follow any orders, especially from Jasmine. He gets frightened easily and never knows how to take charge. He develops a liking to May and tries to act tough, but he fails miserably every time. He's best friends with Mac and is usually forced into some crazy idea that Mac comes up with. Although he is a year younger than Mac they get along pretty well for opposites.

Mac - The only time Mac is ever not being a clown is on the battlefield, other than that he usually jokes around unless Donald is really angry with him. He grew up as a disciplined child and behaved very well. He loves being himself around the other members of GAPA. Now that he doesn't have to follow anymore rules he acts like a goof ball and loves to enjoy his life.

Donald - This 27 year old genius develops gadgets and machines that wouldn't even seem possible even in the next 20 years. He’s a hard ass that just likes to be the boss. He started up GAPA after he turned 16 and after he met Rayne. He quickly figured out that she was not human and discovered that she has magic powers. He’s the reason Rayne disappears, but also for saving the world because her magic was so strong it created the island that GAPA is located on. He has short black hair with dark blue eyes.