Dimwit flathead

Lord Dimwit Flathead the Excessive

Lord Dimwit Flathead the Excessive (723–789 GUE) is a fictional character from the Zork Universe. He appears in Zork Zero and multiple references are made to him in the original trilogy.

Dimwit moved the capital of Quendor from Egreth to Aragain, which he renamed Flatheadia. During his reign as King of Quendor, Dimwit also renamed Quendor as "The Great Underground Empire." Dimwit was the seventh king of the Flathead Dynasty. He was known for his excessiveness, evidenced by his coronation ceremony which took 13 years to plan and thus took place well into his rule, and his attempts to raise taxes well above 98%. Under his rule in 780 GUE, the kingdom's budget was as follows: 1% Military, 68% Royal Bureaucracy, 29% Construction of Dams, etc., 2% Other.

Dimwit erected a huge statue of himself in the Fublio Valley, an event which lead to his downfall in Zork Zero.

In 776 GUE, Dimwit created the Royal Museum to house his prized crowned jewels, an event which is central to the plot of Zork III. His crown was later moved to a hollowed-out volcano which is incorporated into Zork II. He also had an artificial desert, a mountain, a lake and a royal yacht constructed beneath the castle at Flatheadia.

In 783, he ordered the erection of Flood Control Dam #3, which, although useless, was central to the plot of Zork I (as well as featuring in Zork Grand Inquisitor and Return to Zork).

Dimwit was one of The Twelve Flatheads who were cursed by Megaboz in Zork Zero.

Preceded by
Mumberthrax Flathead
Kings of Quendor
770–789 GUE
Succeeded by
Loowit Flathead