Portrayed by Nikki Bacolod
Alias Clarisse, Dyosa Pyra
Gender Female
Occupation secretary
Family Bernardo Carpio (father)
Mariang Magayon (mother)
Relatives Josephine Cruz / Dyosa (half-sister)
Mariang Sinukuan (aunt)
Amang Suga (grandfather)
Nationality Filipino

Diana or Clarisse is a fictional character from the Philippine fantasy series Dyosa produced by ABS-CBN. Filipina actress Nikki Bacolod plays Diana. Diana is Dyosa Pyra, she has the ability to manipulate fire. She is the half-sister of Josephine.

Character background

Diana is the daughter of Magayon. She grew up believing that she is the "Takda" but it turns out to be false, as it is Josephine who is the true "Takda". She then vows to kill her half-sister for ruining her dreams of ruling the immortal world, Kabanua. On her plight, she becomes friends with Josephine with no idea that she is the "Takda". She was Adonis' lover.

Diana worked at Makiling Publications so that Diana could keep an eye out for Josephine, she later resigned. She put a spell on Kulas and treated him like a slave, she fell in love with him not knowing that her poison has run out so she put him into eternal sleep. After he was cured he now seeks Kulas so that he can grow to love Diana.

Diana and Magayon proceeded to a fortuneteller, Alumang to seek out a way to kill the Dyosa. The mysterious fortuneteller (Alumang) gave the duo two Amulets that will weaken the "Takda" and kill her. While Josephine transforms into Dyosa, Diana must get close to her so that the amulet can absorb Dyosa's powers. So far Diana has absorbed Dyosa Cielo and Dyosa Tierra, while she was absorbing Dyosa Tierra's powers she accidentally turned Huling into a stone statue. She is Dyosa Pyra.

Journey to mortal world

When Diana discovered that she is not the true "Takda" she decided to go to the Mortal World to find and kill the "Takda". She arrived at the Mortal World by falling from the sky with flaming naked body. He was found by a truck driver but she burned him. When she explored the Mortal World, she came across one Clarisse, which she eventually killed. To advance in the mortal world, she took Clarisse's identity.

The true Clarisse was the cousin of Agatha so Agatha's mother saw Diana and thought that she was Clarisse. For short time she pretend to be Clarisse to Agatha and her mother until the time that she burn them.

She applied as a model in Makiling Publication but Adonis didn't accept her. On the second time that she apply she was accepted by Calliope as her secretary. So she continue her plans to spy and kill the "takda" who also work on the same company. She had frequent encounters with Josephine but still she cannot kill her.

Love interest

At first, she was the lover of Adonis, the prince of Kasamyan. Both of them planned to kill the "Takda". Their love affair was stopped when Adonis went to the Mortal World, so she decided to go to Mortal world to find him and also to kill the "Takda".

But eventually and accidentally, she was developed and fall in love with Kulas, the protector and best friend of the "Takda". But Kulas didn't really love her because he love the "Takda".

Final destiny

Craziness was her final destiny. She become lunatic when she mother, Magayon, was accidentally killed my Amang Suga. She was imprisoned in the underground room of Kabanua. That the last things that happen to Diana.

Powers and abilities

  • She has the power of pyrokenesis or fire manipulation.
  • She can turn her body into flame.
  • She can also cast spells.
  • She can summon fire balls.


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