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Demon Eyes Kyo

Demon Eyes Kyo (狂 Kyō) - Known as Onime-no-Kyō (鬼眼の狂) is the main character in the manga Samurai Deeper Kyo, a popular manga written my Akimine Kamijyo. During the beginning of the manga, Kyo bears a resemblance to Hitokiri Battōsai due to his bloodlust. Dispite the similarity, Kyo quickly proved to be extremely different from Hitokiri Battōsai. He was ranked first in the 2002 Samurai Deeper Kyo popularity contest.

Demon Eyes Kyo, or Onime no Kyo was called the Thousand Slayer for killing over 1,000 samurai during the battle of Sekigahara. He was finally defeated by a man named Mibu Kyoshiro. Four years later, Mibu Kyoshiro surfaces again. Inside him is Demon Eyes Kyo, waiting to come out and reclaim his body, which has been hidden somewhere in the forest of Aokigahara.


At the beginning of the manga, Kyo is sadistic and enjoys slaughtering. He does not care about who he kills and is shown to kill anyone he doesn't like. As the manga progresses, his bloodlust slowly decreases, though he still kills without mercy. However, his true bloodlust is shown during his battle with Bikara. He attacks relentlessly and drags out the fight to further humiliate his opponent. This bloodlust surfaces again when he fights Oda Nobunaga. This time he aims to kill with every strike, due to his hatred of his enemy.

After Kyo's training with Muramasa, he is able to control his rage adn bloodlust so that he almost always appears calm.

Powers and Abilities[]

Mumyo Jinpu Ryu Satsujin Ken (無明神風流殺人剣)[]

Demon Eyes Kyo's sword style is the Mumyo Jinpu Ryu Satsujin Ken (The Sword of a Devilish Wind), which was taught to him by Muramasa, his master and the man who made Kyo's sword. It teaches standard fencing skills and defense, but they are far more powerful than any of the skills of other sword styles. It is the most powerful sword school in the Mibu Clan. Attacks are:

  • Mizuchi (蛟龙): An attack that uses the air to cut an opponent to pieces; a sub attack of Seiryu.

Quote: The god murdering sword technique "Mizuchi". Finishing Quote: You heard it too didn't you?... The voice of the wind.

  • Shin (蜃): An attack that creates an illusion of an opponent's worst nightmare, then kills him; an abbreviation of Shinkirou(蜃気楼) which means "Illusion".

Finishing Quote: You saw it too didn't you?... The Red Mirage.

Mumyo Jinpu Ryu Ougi (無明神風流奥義)[]

Mumyou Jinpu Ryu Ougi are the advanced techniques in the Mumyou Jinpu Ryu. The techniques are based on the Shishin, and each has its unique way of dealing damage to enemies. Note that these are different from Mumyo Jinpu Ryu Satsujin Ken, for they are more special and are a lot stronger. The attacks are:

  • Suzaku (朱雀): A technique that embodies the legendary red phoenix. Its speed is incredible, as is the power of its flames, and like the legend of the phoenix, can revive itself from its own destruction. When Kyo temporarily returned to his true body while fighting Oda Nobunaga (who was on Nozumo's body), he was able to summon Suzaku in its true form; its features were more elaborate and defined, and the destructive power of its flames was also increased, so much that it overwhelmed not only Nobunaga's Tenma Shiryou Ranma technique, but also the regenerative abilities provided by Nozumo's body.

Finishing Quote: You felt it too didn't you? The Suzaku's breath

  • Byakko (白虎): A white tiger that tears an opponent apart with its claws. A superior technique to Suzaku; as a result, the difficulty of execution and the subsequent stress on Kyo are also greater. If the first "claw" misses, the opponent is dragged in by its other "claw" and ripped apart by its "fangs".

Finishing Quote: Can you feel the claw of the white tiger?

  • Genbu (玄武): A black tortoise entwined with serpents; is both an offensive and defensive technique. Genbu's shell protects Kyo from an opponent's attack, while the serpents bind and destroy the opponent. It is capable of blocking any attack, barring the Kouryu.

Finishing Quote: You've been captured by the hand of Genbu

  • Seiryu (青龙): More than a dozen Mizuchi are projected toward an opponent and surround him, eventually merging to create an immobilizing and destructive whirlwind that pulls the opponent into the heavens where the waiting Kyo (in the form of the legendary blue dragon) descends to deliver the final blow.

Finishing Quote: Can you feel the anger of Dragon King?

  • Shishin Douji Hatsudou (Four Gods Simultaneous Attack): As the name implies, the Four Gods are summoned simultaneously to attack the enemy. Although powerful in its own right, its merely a precursor to something even greater...
  • Kouryu/ (终极奥义:黄龙): When all of the Four Gods are summoned to attack the opponent simultaneously, this action brings forth the final and most powerful beast god. While Kyo was in Kyoshiro's body, it often took the form a huge, golden, focused blast of wind of seemingly limitless destructive power, descending from the heavens to strike at the enemy. When Kyo returned to his original and more powerful body, he was able to summon the golden wind in its true form, the heavenly dragon Kouryu. Finally, when Kyo evolved into the True Crimson King, his increased power gave him the ability to summon three Kouryu simultaneously, much like the Former Crimson King. In addition, the initial summoning of the Four Gods allows the wielder to use their abilities in conjunction with Kouryu for greater results.

Finishing Quote: None

Speed and Special Skills[]

Kyo's speed is also unmatchable. In the early volumes, he was shown to be fast enough to easily cut musket balls in mid-air and kill the gunmen in a second. Although he is a samurai (which usually forbids attacking from behind because it is dishonorable), he has no trouble using his speed to appear behind his opponent and attack. In later volumes, warriors who could move past bullet timing couldn't even touch Kyo.

It is unclear how Kyo, and the other swordsmen like him, in the series are able to sense others. However, it has said that something was mentioned in the manga about a sense of awareness technique called "Maai" is(which is the space between oneself and the opponent according to Japanese Martial arts). What it translates to in English remains unknown, but this technique forms a field that the samurai generates him/her-self through the use of their chi. If anyone enters it, they will know when and from where they come from. It can be said that in some ways, its almost like they're standing in a pool of water, or a spider's web. The moment when someone steps in, or on, it; they're alerted due to the vibrations. Only other master warrior samurai and newborn children, can enter it without being noticed.


Kyo's weapon is a Muramasa called Tenro (天狼lit. heavenly wolf), which translates to "Sky Wolf". Tenro is one of the Four Great Demon Blades (妖刀.村正) that the swordsmith Muramasa forged. Its curve and cut are things of beauty. It is approximately five shaku (equivalent to 50/33 meters or 1.515m) long and it cannot be broken, cracked, bent, or dulled. It has no problem cutting through steel weapons or solid iron. Basically, it is an indestructible nodachi (greater Japanese sword) that only Kyo can wield. It seems to have a mind of its own, and chooses the one who wields it. The sword is noted to possess an aura so intensely demonic it overwhelms those who cannot control its power. Apparently, it chose Kyo and seems to enjoy working with him. The only other who has been seen to wield Tenro is Muramasa, Kyo's master. Inside Tenrou is the spirit of the First Aka no Ou (初代红王), Kyo's direct ancestor.

History of Demon Eyes Kyo[]

Kyo (Seiyu: Konishi Katsuyuki) is the last real Mibu of the Mibu clan, and the last child born to it. There are no other real Mibu left. Before the Crimson King/Aka no Ou turned evil, He told Kyo that if he (crimson King) ever turned evil and lost the respect for life, Kyo would kill him. After overhearing the Crimson King saying that all the other Mibu are constructs and will let them all die from the death disease, even the 4 Elders, Kyo knew the Crimson King had finally turned evil. However it was still questioned why he has different shin red eye compared with real Mibu's red eyes (they have full red eyes).

The Beginning[]

Kyo defied his orders and killed Oda Nobunaga, the one who should have been the next ruler of Japan. A man named Muramasa was sent to capture Kyo. He succeeded, but decided to teach Kyo rather than kill him. He wanted Kyo to destroy the Mibu, who, under the rule of the Sendai Aka no Ou, had become corrupted. Another reason for Kyo's departure is given in chapter 305 - The former Aka no Ou, when he was still kind and benevolent, predicted that one day he would become evil and that he and Kyo would have a fight to the death. He promised Kyo to kill him if he ever harmed the Mibu clan, but told him he would have to leave.

Together, with one of Muramasa's personal soldiers, Anri, they escaped from the Mibu. Kyo swore he would destroy the Mibu. Muramasa trained Kyo until he learned part of the Mumyo Jinpu, the strongest swordstyle of the Mibu. Chinmei tracked them down and killed Mayumi, then escaped. Kyo left Muramasa and went on his own to train. He later met the four Emperors. They slew all that stood in their way. One day Kyo left them and the four Emperors broke apart.

He first met Kyoshiro and Sakuya under a tree. The Mibu had been spreading the rumor that Kyo was a bloodthirsty demon who killed for fun. Kyo and Kyoshiro fought. When Kyoshiro did not avoid an attack he should have been able to avoid easily, Kyoshiro told Kyo that he would have hit the tree and damaged it if he had avoided the attack. Kyo decided to spare him and traveled with Kyoshiro and Sakuya.

Some time later, Sakuya told Kyo that her heart was linked with that of the Aka no Ou's. If the Crimson King died, so would Sakuya, and possibly the other way around. Kyo still said that he would attempt to kill the Crimson King, and Sakuya begged Kyo to kill her on the spot. Kyoshiro stopped him by defeating him in battle and sealing away his spirit.

Four Years Later[]

Four years later, Kyo once again awakens by killing some bandits who were threatening Kyoshiro's life. Kyoshiro had given up killing and would not attack and allowed himself to be killed. Kyo stepped in and slaughtered the bandits to save his own life. After killing the bandits, he set his eyes on Yuya, but was amused by her quest to kill a man with a scar on his back(Kyoshiro), and thus let her travel with him as a "servant".

Next he met Benitora. Impressed by Benitora's cruel way of killing Gemma, he allowed Benitora to be his "#2 servant". After meeting Benitora, they travel to a teahouse where they meet "Genjiro", a person who easily broke Kyo's maai. When they reach Edo, "Genjiro" is revealed to be Sanada Yukimura. Yukimura asked Kyo to kill Tokugawa Ieyasu in exchange for the location of his body. Kyo accepted, but managed only to kill a fake while the real one escaped. Yukimura gave Kyo another chance, by challenging Kyo to a fight. Kyo defeated Yukimura, and the location of Kyo's body was revealed to be in Aokigahara.

Aokigahara Arc[]

Kyo traveled into Aokigahara (accompanied by his friends), where he defeated the Twelve God Shoguns and the "Master," who turned out to be Oda Nobunaga. During this search for his body, Mibu Kyoshiro resurfaces for brief periods of time while Kyo fights Kubira (who turns out to be a fake) and Nobunaga, and it is learned that he is actually a swordsman superior even to Kyo, with connections to a mysterious clan known as the Mibu. Also during this time, Shiina Yuya notices that when angered, a cross-shaped scar appears on Kyo's back; the same scar she saw on the back of her brother's killer. Kyo picks up two recruits-the first is Akira, one of the Four Emperors (Kyo's old friends). Akira was posing as Ajira, one of the Twelve God Shoguns, in order to retrieve Kyo's body. However, he realizes that the body is laced by an extremely powerful kinju (a magical seal) placed by Mibu Kyoshiro. He decides to help Kyo reclaim his body. The second is Sasuke, one of the Sanada Ten and one of Yukimura's most trusted men. He is only a boy, but he wields a muramasa very expertly.

Not too long after this incident, Benitora, while peeking at Yuya and Okuni bathing, notices a strange man peeking at them with him. He is Bontenmaru, who is later revealed to be another one of the Four Emperors. He wields a bokken (a wooden sword) and is skilled in hand-to-hand fighting as well. He tells Kyo that a man named Muramasa wishes to meet him. Muramasa turns out to be Kyo's master in Mumyo Jinpu Ryu, and he is dying of a mysterious and deadly disease. He also seems to be connected with the Mibu, as there are assassins all around the house. Muramasa wishes to teach Kyo the final four techniques of the Mumyo Jinpu Ryu, but they are interrupted by Shinrei, one of the Mibu Five Stars. He is able to gain the upper hand over Kyo, but Muramasa intervenes and injures Shinrei. His illness catches up to him, however, and Muramasa falls to the ground. Shinrei decides to kill Kyo; however, he notices the cross-shaped scar on Kyo's back, which he refers to in shocked horror as the Crimson Cross, claiming it as sacred. He then agrees to leave, but not before placing waterwyrms in Yuya's body, which would kill her in 60 days. In order to stop this, Kyo would have to seek out the Mibu clan. Kyo vows to destroy the Mibu clan completely. Muramasa, using the last of his strength, succeeds in teaching Kyo the final secrets of the Mumyo Jinpu Ryu. Right as he completes his training, Bontenmaru meets another one of the Mibu Five Stars-Keikoku, who is revealed to be Hotaru, the third of the Four Emperors. They battle, but Kyo intervenes. Using the Mumyo Jinpu Ryu Suzaku, he cuts off Hotaru's left arm. It is then that yet another Mibu Five Star, Chinmei, arrives and stops the battle, telling Kyo to seek them out.

During Kyo's training, Benitora travels back to meet his father, and he learns that the castle in under siege by the Mibu. He gains the Hokurakushimon, the Ieyasu Demon Spear created by Muramasa, and defeats one of the Mibu with it. Sasuke, who traveled with him, defeats another Mibu with the Shibien, one of Muramasa's masterpieces. Yukimura disappears for the time being.

The Mibu Arc[]

Once reunited, Kyo and co. (minus Benitora) set out to destroy the Mibu once and for all before it is too late for Yuya. They travel to the Hell Gates, where Five Stars Saishi and Saisei await. They distract Kyo and co. with zombies and capture Yuya. Saisei performs "spirit surgery" on her and stimulates the waterwyrms, cutting down her remaining time from 15 days to just 12 hours. Kyo then destroys the Gates of Hell, though that should have been impossible. They enter into the Mibu Holy Land. Kitsunebi, an overlord, challenges Kyo but is defeated miserably. With time running out, Kyo and co. run through the Mibu land, killing all who stand in their way, until they reach the Five Gates, guarded by the Five Stars. Bontenmaru and Akira fall into a trap in the ground, and Kyo and Yuya are forced to continue alone.

Goyousei Arc[]

Kyo first battles Hotaru. Hotaru appears to have the upper hand, but then Kyo becomes enraged and begins to force Hotaru back. Finally, Kyo uses the Suzaku to defeat him. Hotaru is still alive, though he is badly wounded. Now that he is beaten, Hotaru seems to lose his hostility, and tells Kyo and the others (Bontenmaru and Akira finally caught up) to continue and to not worry about him.

At this time, Benitora, Mahiro, and Sasuke enter the Mibu Land from a different direction, and encounter Dr. White. Dr. White explains the process of creating Mibu, and of what happens to failures-they are released into Aokigahara to die. Sasuke learns that he is one of these failures, though due to a rare abnormality, is not suffering the painful death he should. Furious, Sasuke attempts to kill Dr. White, but learns that he is unable to due to "imprinting-" because Dr. White is Sasuke's creator, his body rejects the thought of killing Dr. White. The only way to defeat Dr. White is to renounce his own life, which he does-he stabs himself to strike Dr. White behind him. Miraculously, Sasuke survives, and Dr. White is killed in the confusion by Yukimura. The roof collapses as Dr. White's last resort, but the Mibu "failures" delay it long enough for the heroes to escape as their thanks.

Kyo and co. reach the second gate-or gates. As they reach the gates, they are greeted by Yukimura, who appears to have defected to the Mibu. He tells the group to leave now, else they die, and Kyo lose a "treasured jewel." The guardian of the Double Gates are Saishi and Saisei. Akira chooses to battle them. He defeats their zombies with ease, and Saisei decides to battle him. She materializes beautiful armor and a large naginata. Akira almost defeats her with the Hyoken Seiso, though he loses the advantage when Saisei transforms her body into a subspace connected her body and Akira's-in other words, any attack Akira makes on her is diverted back to him. Akira still manages to overcome this by attacking himself with perfect timing, reversing the effect and diverting damage back to Saisei. It is here that it is learned that Saisei is not one of the Five Stars, but rather Tomoe Gozen resurrected by Saishi to fight as a first-class zombie. Though she can think and feel of her own free will, she is forced to fight alongside Saishi. However, she has another reason she feels she must win, and that is her dedication to Shinrei; while others spoke of her as an object, Shinrei spoke to her as though she were a live human being. Saisei dies of her wounds and thanks Akira for finally ending it. Furious at Saishi, Akira battles her with renewed vigor despite his wounds. However, Saishi has superior regenerative capabilities and all damage she receives is instantly healed. She clobbers Akira (in a bunny suit...) and he is helpless to fight back. As a last resort, Akira uses the Inferno's Chill technique, fueling it with his own body, to render Saishi's powers useless, killing her afterwards.

Continuing, Kyo and co. reach the third gate, and they are greeted by Benitora, Mahiro, and Sasuke as they also reach it. The third guardian is none other than Chinmei. It is learned here that it was not Kyo who killed Mahiro's sister Mayumi, but Chinmei. Kyo charges toward Chinmei, but Chinmei uses the Chuyuugi to create a gravity well around him, forcing him into submission. The only person not affected is Mahiro, who desperately fights Chinmei with the hopes of striking him just once in order to divert Chinmei's attention from his Chiyuugi, weakening it enough so Kyo can break free. She receives grievous wounds, but manages to get her wish-she strikes Chinmei's cheek and Kyo is freed. Now enraged, Kyo swats aside all of Chinmei's attacks. Using the Suzaku, Kyo defeats Chinmei despite Chinmei's ultimate technique, the Chinsei Kokutenkyu, a black hole-like gravity point that should have sucked up Kyo and his Suzaku into oblivion. He is victorious, though the battle came with a cost; The Chiyuugi further disturbed the waterwyrms, leaving Yuya with just one hour left to live.

They arrive at the fourth gate and confront the powerful Taihaku. But before they face Taihaku, the Demon Child Band stands in the way, protecting the gate. Benitora takes the challenge and defeats them. One of the Demon Child Band member hold up a large amount of explosives, threatening to kill everyone there. Just before he lights the explosives, Taihaku stops him. He tells the Demon Child Band to stand down and rest. Taihaku fights Benitora, seriously injuring him. It seemed that Taihaku had the upper hand until Benitora trapped Taihaku's sword and unleashed a Hassun right in front of Taihaku. Before the fight continues, Mibu construct children stop Benitora from killing Taihaku. Taihaku orders the children to stand back so he could continue the fight. Benitora gives Taihaku his sword back and continues the fight. Benitora uses his secret technique, the Reverse Hassun and wins the fight. Both parties stop and treat their injuries. Taihaku reveals that Yuya's brother, Shiina Nozumo, was not her real brother, but a shaman and the brother of Sakuya. Taihaku agrees to order Shinrei to remove the Waterwyrm from Yuya. As Taihaku approaches the gate to open it, Fubuki appears kills him before anyone noticed, and vanishes after stabbing Taihaku through the heart. Fubuki then informs Shinrei that Taihaku died in battle against Demon Eyes Kyo. Kyo and the others have no choice but to continue.

Meanwhile, in the Onmyo Shrine, Yukimura is seen meeting with Sakuya, who is being held captive by the Mibu. It is here that the reason Yukimura seemingly defected to the Mibu is made clear; Chinmei is holding Sakuya hostage and is threatening to kill her unless Yukimura does as he says.

When Kyo finally reaches the fifth gate, Shinrei stands in the way. Kyo and Shinrei fight. Due to Kyo's numerous wounds and his use of Suzaku twice, Kyo is defeated. Before Shinrei could kill Kyo, Hotaru arrives to fight in Kyo's place. At first, it seemed Hotaru had the upper hand, but he is quickly overpowered by Shinrei, who appears to kill him. Seeing his allies cut down, Kyo uses the second of the Mumyojinpu secrets, Byakko, to defeat Shinrei. As Kyo delivers the final blow, Hotaru, who was alive all along, blocks the attack. He does not want Shinrei to die since Shinrei is Hotaru's half-brother. Shinrei stops the waterwyrm in Yuya and departs.

As they are about the set out again, the Fourth Emperor, Akari appears. she, using her shaman powers, heals everyone and joins the group. As they head towards the Crimson King's castle, they encounter a wounded Okuni, who tells them that the Mibu now are in possession of Kyo's true body.

Four Demons Arc[]

Kyo reappears along with Bontenmaru as they exit the fourth Mibu gate. They find out that they took the correct path, when Shindara and the real Haira appear. Bontenmaru battles with Haira while kyo watches at the sidelines.

Taishirou Arc[]

Coming Soon

Crimson King Arc[]

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Appearances in other Media[]

  • Demon Eyes Kyo has appeared in both the Game Boy Advanced and PlayStation Samurai Deeper Kyo games.

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