Dungeons & Dragons Deity
Deep Sashelas
Title(s) Lord of the Undersea, the Dolphin Prince, the Knowledgeable One, Sailor's Friend, the Creator
Home Plane Olympian Glades of Arborea
Power Level Intermediate
Alignment Chaotic Good
Portfolio Creation, knowledge, beauty, magic
Domains Chaos, Good, Knowledge, Water (also Elf and Ocean in Forgotten Realms)
Superior Corellon Larethian

In many campaign settings for the Dungeons & Dragons role-playing game, Deep Sashelas is the elf patron deity of aquatic elves. He is also a god of creation, knowledge, beauty, and magic.

Sashelas is known as the "Knowledgeable One," and is the master of dolphins.


In many campaign settings, the elven pantheon of gods (also known as the Seldarine) consists of the leader Corellon Larethian, as well as Aerdrie Faenya, Deep Sashelas, Erevan Ilesere, Fenmarel Mestarine, Hanali Celanil, Labelas Enoreth, Rillifane Rallathil, Sehanine Moonbow, and Solonor Thelandira. Other elven gods may be present in different campaign settings.

Sashelas is married to the goddess of Dolphins, Trishina.


Sashelas makes his home on the plane of Arborea, and lives in the realm of Elavandor.


Deep Sashelas is most popular among aquatic elves, though land-dwelling elves do recognize him as a mamber of the elven pantheon.


Deep Sashelas's clerics wear sea green vestments and shell mail. His sacred animal is the dolphin, and his favored weapon is the trident.

Temples, rituals, and holy days[]

Deep Sashelas is worshipped in undersea coral temples at the highest and lowest tides.


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