Darcy Hawkins
First appearance Fallout
Created by Stephen Chbosky
Portrayed by April D. Parker
Gender female
Occupation Unknown
Family Robert Hawkins (husband)
Children Allison Hawkins (daughter)
Samuel Hawkins (son)

Darcy Hawkins is a character on the American post-apocalyptic drama Jericho. She is played by April D. Parker.

Darcy Hawkins is Robert Hawkins' estranged wife. She was living in Washington D.C. with her children, and dating a man named Doug, before Robert relocated them to Jericho.

Darcy is generally kept in the dark with concern to Robert's clandestine activities, although she is perceptive enough to know that Sarah Mason is up to no good, telling Robert "she's not here to help us".

She and the children have moved out of the family home due to the tensions in Robert and Darcy's marriage. She has been referred to as "D" on more than one occasion by her husband.