First appearance Alien
Created by Dan O'Bannon and Ronald Shusett
Portrayed by Tom Skerrit
Species Human
Gender Male
Title Captain

Dallas (Tom Skerritt) is the laid-back captain of the Nostromo; he has sole access to Mother, the on-board computer. Despite his nonchalant and casual-seeming attitude, his leadership and decision-making skills become increasingly evident. He was attacked by the Alien in the air duct tunnels trying to blow the alien out of the ship into outer space through the airlock. In the 2003 Director's Cut, he is later found by Ripley in the Alien's lair, begging to be killed and she complies. Both these scenes give hints that there may have been a closer relationship between them than crew colleagues - an angle further suggested in the Alan Dean Foster novelization (in the book, Ripley asks Lambert if she's ever slept with Ash, hinting at a fair degree of promiscuity among the crew members).