A d'hin'ni is a type of planetouched that is the combination of a genie ancestor and halfling (or hin as they are also called) blood, based in the campaign seeting of the Forgotten Realms for the game of Dungeons & Dragons. As a planetouched, it is an outsider of the native subtype with a collection of power based on its genie bloodline as well as abilities based on its halfling nature.

Commonly descended from slave lightfoot hin and their djinn masters, they mix the halflings disinterest in the battles of moral and ethics, but the unpredictiblity of djinn causes the majority of them to accept the chaotic neutral alignment. Their favorite class is the sorcerer.

Physical Description

The outsider nature of planetouched cause a lot of variations of appearance, but the males are almost always bald while the women have long black hair. They are taller then their hin relatives, but not as tall as dwarves. They favor clothing of silk and cotton.


D'hin can trace their bloodlines back to the empire of Calim, which was ruled by djinn. When the genies were overthrown by what was to be the people of Coramshan, the d'hin fled northward to avoid being persecuted by those who hated their genie blood. They moved to the Calishar Emirates with the great halfling migration. Today, d'hin are common on the Sword Coast in halfling communities in Calismshan, the Purple Hills of Tethyr, the eastern shores of Lake Esmel, the Sunset Vale and near Secomber.

They fill many roles in their communities, but have a strong bent to the arcane arts and many become sorcerers. They tend to worship the same gods as their hin kin, but they especially love Brandobaris and also surprisingly venerate the human god Shaundakul. They love fine scimitars, curved daggers, clothing, and jewelry (especially earrings).


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