Cygnoid picture

A male and female Cygnoid

A Cygnoid is an extraterrestrial creature occasionally featured on the animated series Futurama, first appearing in the episode "A Leela of Her Own". They closely resemble cockroaches (right down to their diet), and have disinct Italian-American accents. This is a reference to the popular perception of poor hygenic conditions of many family-owned fast food outlets.

A family of Cygnoids move into the pizzeria near Planet Express. When the employees from Planet Express go there to greet them, they try some of the pizza there. The Planet Express crew is disgusted at some of the ingredients used (such as asbestos and silt), so they decide to give the pizzeria's proprietors a few tips. During this, the crew finds out that the Cygnoids do not know how to play blernsball, so the crew challenges them to a game. During this, they discover that Leela has a tendency to constantly throw the blernsball at the batters' faces. A manager of a famous blernsball team notices her, and employs her as a comedy act for his team. Later on, we see the family of Cygnoids selling pizza at one of Leela's games. This is the last we see of them, up until "Bender Should Not Be Allowed on TV", when the father makes a cameo appearance as part of F.A.R.T. (Fathers Against Rude Television).

The Cygnoids make a very brief final appearance at Fry's funeral in "The Sting" (this takes place while Leela is in a coma).

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