Crime Lords
Directed by Wayne Crawford
Produced by Arthur Payne
Frank Notaro
Written by Rand Ravich
Gregory Small
Starring Wayne Crawford
Martin Hewitt
James Hong
Michael Morrison
Music by Julian Laxton
Cinematography Hans Kühle Jr.
Editing by Micki Stroucken
Release date(s) April 4, 1991 (1991-04-04)
Running time 96 minutes
Country Template:FilmUS
Language English

Crime Lords is a 1991 action film written by Rand Ravich and directed by and starring Wayne Crawford.


Originally planned for some location filming in Beijing, a June 3 incident in that city caused growing concerns for the safety of cast and crew. These concerns resulted in a decision to instead shoot in Taipei. However, and after assurances from film liasons in the Chinese government, production acccepted the offer to shoot in Hong Kong, rather then Beijing.[1] Filming then began on locations in Hong Kong in November 1989.[2]


The film was released on VHS in 1991, and had subsequent broadcast on television, being internationally aired in such places as Finland, Poland, Portugal, Italy, and Malaysia.[3]


Elmo Lagrange (Wayne Crawford) and Peter Russo (Martin Hewitt) are Los Angeles cops. Larange is an rumpled senior cop approaching retirement and Russo is his young and brash partner. The try making arrests at a local chop shop, and the bust goes awry... resulting in an embarassing incident that causes the two to be suspended by their superiors. Seeking vindication and answers, they track down the shop's owner, Ling (James Hong), who ends up leading them to Hong Kong and a major crime ring.


Crime Lords screened at several film festivals before its official release on video. When seen at the Fort Lauderdale Film Festival, reviewers felt the film was a "misfit", though not without some redeeming moments.[4]

Partial cast[]

  • Wayne Crawford as Elmo Lagrange
  • Martin Hewitt as Peter Russo
  • James Hong as Ling
  • Michael Morrison as Thornberry
  • Peter Terry as Mr. Webb
  • Susan Byun as Jennifer Monahan
  • Mel Castelo as Barbio
  • Ted Le Plat as Captain Strauss
  • Paul Easton as Chung King
  • Frank Notaro as Detective Torres
  • Lorraine Lai as Di Lee
  • Sharon Malujlo as Susie Webb
  • Heather Mackenzie as Nealy Lagrange
  • Candy Golding as Mrs. Strauss
  • Kimberleigh Stark as Lieutenant Sylvestri


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