Australian author Trudi Canavan is known for renaming real-life creatures as well as inventing ones similar but not identical to existing ones. Below is a list of common creatures in Canavan's popular fantasy world, Kyralia.

  • aga moth: pest that eat clothing
  • anyi: sea mammal with small spines
  • ceryni: small rat-like rodent (corresponds approximately to mouse)
  • enka: horned domestic animal, bred for meat (corresponds approximately to cattle)
  • eyoma: sea leech
  • faren: general term for arachnids
  • gorin: large domestic animal used for food and to haul boats and wagons (corresponds approximately to donkey)
  • harrel: small domestic animal bred for meat (corresponds approximately to rabbit)
  • inava: insect believed to bestow good luck
  • limek: wild predatory dog (corresponds approximately to wolf)
  • mullook: wild nocturnal bird (corresponds approximately to owl)
  • rassook: domestic bird used for meat and feathers (corresponds approximately to chicken)
  • ravi: rodent, larger than ceryni (corresponds approximately to rat)
  • reber: domestic animal, bred for wool and meat (corresponds approximately to sheep)
  • sapfly: woodland insect
  • sevli: poisonous lizard
  • squimp: squirrel-like creature that steals food
  • yeel: small domesticated breed of Limek used for tracking (corresponds approximately to dog)
  • zill: small, intelligent mammal sometimes kept as a pet (corresponds approximately to cat)