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The Creator Races discussed below are the ones of the fictional setting of Faerûn.

The five creator races (Iqua-Tel’Quessir in elven) of Faerûn are:

  • Sarrukh, also known as sauroids, ancestors of the serpents and the scalykind (with the notable exceptions of the saurials, which come from another crystal sphere and the ophidians, who are perverted humans);
  • Batrachi, also known as amphibioids, ancestors of the dopplegangers, kopru, kuo-toa, locothah, sivs, tako and others shapeshifters;
  • Aearee, also known as aerials, ancestors of aarakocra, dire corbies, kenkus, and other flying humanoids (with the notable exception of the avariel or winged elves);
  • Fairy folk, also known as sylvans, ancestors of the korred, brownies and pixies.
  • Humans, although some human ethnicities are immigrants from other Crystal spheres.

(Note that some sources list the dragons as a creator race and not the Aearee.)

The first three races once ruled all-powerful empires. The Nether Scrolls, which most of the power of the ancient Netherese can be traced back to, were created by the sarrukh, batrachi and aearee.

Nowadays, some sarrukh still wander parts of Anauroch, southern Mulhorand and Chult. No one knows what happened to the batrachi, but some suspect they are the Slaadi from Limbo. The aearee might have migrated to the west, and some think they inhabit flying cities above Anchorome (although spelljammers never noticed them). The fairy folk, who never showed much interest in Faerûn, still dominate their original world of Faerie (whence elves). This is presently the age of Mankind, but "everything that has a beginning has an end...".

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