Trade Wars Ship
Corporate Flagship
Corporate Flagship
Basic hold cost: 10,000
Main drive cost: 5,000
Computer cost: 120,000
Ship hull cost: 28,500
Ship base cost: 163,500
Maximum figs per attack: 6,000
Maximum holds: 85
Initial holds: 20
Maximum fighters: 20,000
Turns per warp: 3
Mine maximum: 100
Genesis maximum: 10
TransWarp drive: Yes
Transport range: 10
Maximum shields: 1,500
Offensive odds: 1.2:1
Defensive odds: 1.2:1
Beacon maximum: 100
Long-range scanner: Yes
Planet scanner: Yes
Photon missiles: No
Trading efficiency factor: 84
Safety rating: 25,800
Total cost: 352,285

The Corporate Flagship is the second-most versatile ship in the fictional TradeWars 2002 universe, with some dispute. There is even a server named after it; TW Flagship.

It can only be purchased by Corporate CEOs. A player can form a corporation, buy a Flagship, and then dissolve the corporation without giving up the Flagship. However, he will not be able to join another corporation as a non-CEO without giving up the Flagship.

The fully-loaded Flagship is considered a prestigious ship because it is limited to CEOs, and only prestigious corps can afford one. Its safety rating is exceeded only by the Imperial StarShip. The Flagship also has a Combat Scanner to help in capturing enemy StarShips.

The Flagship slightly trails the Merchant Freighter, Imperial StarShip, T'Khasi Orion, and Taurean Mule in trading efficiency. However, it is the only ship besides the Havoc GunStar and Imperial StarShip that carries a TransWarp drive. Its versatility enables the CEO to complete a number of different missions without switching between ships.

It is a fairly good ship for combat, with a fighter capacity rivaled only by the Imperial StarShip and Interdictor Cruiser. It comes with a combat scanner to reveal how many shields an opposing ship has. However, its combat odds are only 1.2, trailing the Scout Marauder (2.0), Corellian Battleship (1.6), Imperial StarShip (1.5), StarMaster (1.4), and Constellation (1.4).