The Combine Forces are the combat materials and people and are the most of enemies from the game Half-Life 2. Below you will see and know about the Combine Forces. If you wanna know about the Combine so to the Combine (Half-Life) page.

Humanoid Combine

The primary military force of the Combine on Earth is the humanoid Combine Overwatch (referred to by Doctor Breen as the "Transhuman arm of the Combine Overwatch"): humans who have been modified into "transhuman" (or "post-human", as referred to by Dr. Kleiner) cyborgs. They are the most frequently encountered foes throughout Half-Life 2. This could also be another possible reason why they are called the Combine, because they are a "combination" of humans and alien technology. It is important to note that the Civil Protection foes are not hybridized and are in fact, human.

Civil Protection (Metro Cop)


A Metro Cop.

Civil Protection officers, referred to in brief as CPs or Metro Cops/Police, are essentially the thought police of City 17 and all other cities. They keep Citizens in line through use of intimidation and physical force, and in some cases, outright murder. City 17's Civil Protection force also patrols the canals for escapees.

Civil Protection officers are ordinary human beings who have willingly joined the Combine, either for more privileges, such as additional food and better living conditions, or simply for entitled thuggery. As such, they are not bio-mechanically modified in any way.

Civil Protection officers communicate with the Combine Dispatcher/PA System|Overwatch dispatcher, a female voice (voiced by Ellen McLain), over their radios which informs them of mission objectives, rewards, reminders, downed units and a variety of other information to keep the officers informed and up-to-date.

Civil Protection are generally kept separate from Combine military units, such as Overwatch Soldiers or Synths, and stay in a policing role within the cities. They travel in APCs and Combine Dropships and are often accompanied by Scanners or manhacks.

Civil Protection officers wear white masks which contain a radio and air filters, and looks similar to a gas mask. The mask obscures the officer's face, and alters the sound of his voice, making it sound more mechanical and intimidating. Officers wear a combat vest and leather boots with a black-green uniform.

Civil Protection officers are typically armed with Pistols and Stun Batons. When needed and in more critical circumstances, Officers will come armed with SMG1s. Some officers are armed with a deployable Manhack and/or flare guns to call for help.

Officers are almost always encountered in squads, and will employ very basic tactics, such as covering one another and running to cover when injured or reloading. Officers normally attack in an aggressive manner, pursuing targets that get away.

When an officer is killed, its radio emits a prolonged tone similar to that of a "flat-lining" EKG, followed by the Overwatch dispatch declaring a 'unit down'. The constant radio chatter emitted by officers will generally give away their positions before they're seen.

CPs aren't as organized and effective as the Combine Overwatch, and generally use weaker, more basic weapons. They also aren't very accurate.

CPs pretty much always work in groups, so when in a firefight with a squad or two, keep your head down and shoot at cops that are reloading. Cops aren't very experienced with firefights, and make easy targets. Cops also do not use melee attacks unless armed with a Stun Baton.

In the early levels, a few pistol shots will kill a CP. If you encounter a CP in close quarters, get out your crowbar and beat them. Once the taser-wielding cops are down, the taser can be used as an energy pickup by the player. Later in the game, the best weapon to use against the civil protection officers is the SMG1 which can easily dispatch large numbers of them.

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Combine Soldier


A Combine Soldier.

  • name=Overwatch Soldier
  • affiliation=Combine
  • type=Soldier
  • health=50
  • weapons=SMG1, Shotgun, Overwatch Pulse Rifle, Grenade, Weapon Butt
  • gamesfeatured=Half-Life 2, Episode One, Episode Two
  • firstappearance=Half-Life 2, Chapter Four
    Water Hazard
  • entity=npc_combine_s

Combine Soldiers are intelligent infantrymen that work in squads and have a variety of attack methods. While Civil Protection has jurisdiction over the relatively minor affairs of policing the cities, Overwatch Soldiers can be found everywhere, and form the backbone of the Combine military occupation force on Earth.

Overwatch Soldiers usually travel in Combine APCs or Dropships. When a squad of Soldiers need to be deployed quickly into a combat zone, Dropships are used.

Overwatch Soldiers are one of the games' most common foes. They are frequently encountered throughout most of Half Life 2, Episode One, and, to a lesser extent, Episode Two.

Overwatch soldiers wear advanced body armour, which protects their torso, groin, arms, and thighs. The armour is typically coloured grey and has a simple urban camouflage design. They wear advanced helmets with masks that cover the soldier's face. The mask contains blue goggles which glow. Overwatch soldiers wear an Overwatch insignia on one of the arm pads.

Overwatch soldiers are usually equipped with sub-machine guns, shotguns, or pulse rifles, in addition to grenades.

Overwatch soldiers typically work in squads of four to six, each squad having at least one soldier armed with a shotgun and another armed with the AR2 Pulse Rifle. Soldiers make use of squad tactics and will attempt to flank its enemies and cover each other.

Overwatch soldiers are initially encountered in the coastal wasteland outside the city, patrolling the highways for resistance activity and staffing Combine outposts. They can, however, be found anywhere the Combine requires direct military action, as soldiers can be quickly transported from the Citadel to a desired area via dropships. Overwatch soldiers are also tasked with guarding high-security areas, monitoring stalkers in the Citadel and serving as staff in the Nova Prospekt. In addition, they also serve as pilots and gunners of the Combine hunter-choppers.

Overwatch soldiers are confirmed to be humans that have undergone extensive modifications including, but not limited to, brain surgery, chest surgery, removal of genitalia and sexual organs, and implantation of various mechanical devices in the throat and around the abdomen, and are likely to have their memories replaced. This procedure is carried out at Nova Prospekt and the Citadel. It is notable that in the B2 cell block of Nova Prospekt, after a few shuffles in a security monitor, a "naked" soldier can be seen lying on a table between two control panels. His eyes are open, indicating the soldier is not asleep, and is obviously being prepared for clothing. Some players like to think of Overwatch soldiers as human synths; Dr. Kleiner describes them in Episode One as "post-human" in reference to their enforced enhancements.

Despite the extensive surgery and modifications they receive, Overwatch soldiers still appear to have certain human characteristics - for instance, they will grunt in pain when attacked, and during the Nova Prospekt chapter, Doctor Breen is giving what appears to be a morale-boosting speech to them, and they sometimes can be heard shouting expletives in the heat of battle, indicating that they still have human emotions to a certain extent. They also communicate over radios, but unlike Civil Protection officers, are not spoken to by dispatchers, but instead address them, such as saying, "Overwatch, sector's not controlled.". Based on announcements made over the public address system of Nova Prospekt, punishments for failing to achieve objectives include "permanent off-world assignment." The threat of being reassigned to what may be the fringes of the Combine empire is apparently an effective method of motivating soldiers to succeed.

In combat, soldiers fire their weapons with decent accuracy. Depending on the difficulty level the game is being played on, soldiers can take a moderate number of hits before dying. If a hostile target is at point blank range, a soldier will hit the target with the butt of his weapon.

Overwatch soldiers use squad tactics extensively, and will utilize a number of modern infantry tactics, such as flanking, fire and movement tactics, and even bounding overwatch against the player. Depending on the situation and surroundings, you can exercise a great deal of tactical flexibility while fighting Overwatch soldiers. There is no one tactic that exploits any particular weakness, the trick is to use the right tactics for the situation.

First of all, situational awareness is key - pay attention to avoid walking into ambushes. If you listen as you enter an area, you may be able to hear your enemies' hushed radio chatter, indicating their presence. If you know your enemy's position before they know yours, you have an advantage. Secondly; once in combat, avoid being surrounded or being caught off guard. Don't get so preoccupied with one target that another gets you from behind.

If you get behind cover, a squad of soldiers will either send a soldier up to investigate while the others cover, or a soldier will throw a grenade at your position to drive you out. If you're behind cover, and you hear a soldier making his way towards you, move out of cover quickly and dispatch the soldier, then you can either move back into cover or move elsewhere. If a soldier has tossed a grenade at your position while behind cover, pull out your Gravity Gun, pick up the grenade, and toss it back at them. This will then confuse them as they attempt to get clear of the blast. While this is happening, you can either fire on them or move to a new position.

Try to keep your distance from soldiers, as they resort to a damaging melee attack if you're in range. Also, soldiers equipped with shotguns do far more damage at close range.

If Soldiers are behind cover, if you have these; make use of the SMG grenades to either drive them out of cover or kill a large group of them in the blast.

Soldiers almost always move to cover when they have to reload, or if they're injured.

Soldiers have more health depending on the difficulty level you are playing on.

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Combine Sniper


The Sniper's Laser.

  • entity=npc_sniper

Overwatch Snipers are specialized soldiers in the Combine Overwatch trained in the use of the Overwatch Sniper Rifle. Snipers are encounted hiding in high, concealed areas where they can get a good field of view. They are never seen holding their rifle except for the blue transparent sighting beam emitting from its hiding spot. Snipers can be detected by the beam emitting from their hiding spot or the sound of the rifle firing on another target.

Overwatch Snipers are specialized soldiers in the Combine Overwatch trained in the use of the Overwatch Sniper Rifle. Snipers are encounted hiding in high, concealed areas where they can get a good field of view. They are never seen holding their rifle except for the blue transparent sighting beam emitting from its hiding spot. Snipers can be detected by the beam emitting from their hiding spot or the sound of the rifle firing on another target.

Snipers are very accurate, and will fire ahead of a moving target so the pulse from the rifle hits the target. It will also shoot breakable objects to limit the amount of cover the target can use.

Snipers seem to take the doctrine "shoot anything that moves" quite literally, shooting at any living creature (besides Combine forces) such as headcrabs, zombies, and even birds.

Snipers tend to get frustrated if they repeatedly miss their targets.

Snipers usually set up in well fortified 'nests', effectively invulnerable to ordinary gunfire. Explosives are a different matter, however, and if you can get close enough, a hand grenade will blow the sniper out of his hole nicely. This can be easier said than done, however, because if the sniper spots you before you're within range, which is often the case, you'll have to avoid his fire to get close enough. SMG grenades and RPG rockets are also ideal if you have any to spare. It might also be worth practicing using the Gravity Gun as a grenade launcher to extend your effective throwing distance.

Keep in mind that snipers tend to aim in front of you in the direction you're moving in order to score a successful hit. However, it is possible to confuse the sniper by running in one direction until he fires, then suddenly changing direction, then repeating the same process again until you reach cover.

Try to avoid taking cover behind breakable or light objects, as the sniper will try to expose you by shooting at the objects in front of you. Even unbreakable objects such as barrels can be knocked some distance by the impact of the bullet.

Once you get close enough, throw a grenade into the sniper's hole to kill him.

Though the player never gets an opportunity to use the weapon, Alyx Vance occupies a sniper's nest on two separate occasions:

In Episode One, Alyx uses a sniper rifle to aid Gordon Freeman in an area of City 17. However, Gordon does not see her holding the sniper rifle as she becomes hidden in the same way as an Overwatch Sniper. In Episode Two, Alyx again uses a sniper rifle to aid Gordon as he travels through a zombie-infested bridge maintenance complex. This time, though, the rifle is visible to the player before they descend into the complex. It is in a fixed emplacement in a window, suggesting that the recoil of the weapon makes firing it freehand difficult, or simply as a form of control to prevent it from being taken by the player. Another reason why it may be bolted to the window is because of its immense size; it is as big and as cumbersome as an RPG Launcher. This could also explain why the weapon is never knocked out of sniper's nests by explosions. Also worth noting is the fact that it had to be recharged by a Vortigaunt before it would function. Some players have found a bug during this sequence: If the player manages to detonate any form of explosive in the sniper's nest Alyx is supposedly occupying, the corpse of a Combine Soldier will inexplicably fly out.

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Combine Elite


A Combine Elite.

An Overwatch Elite is a specialized, and possibly higher-ranking Combine Soldier. Sporting a distinctive white uniform with a single red ocular lens, the Elites are the deadliest of the Combine Overwatch infantry. Whilst all Overwatch units have been transfigured by Combine technology, it is theorised that Elites have been altered even further than standard soldiers. They use similar combat tactics to regular Combine Soldiers, but with a few key differences such as the energy balls for their AR2 Pulse Rifles. Their energy balls can vaporize other organisms, but with the protection from Gordon Freeman's HEV Suit the energy balls just do a quarter amount of damage to a player (of Half Life 2).

Elites are equipped with improved body armor, made apparent by the larger neck guard and the increased protection it offers. Their helmet also differs drastically from those of regular soldiers, and possibly improves the senses, as indicated by the two miniature domes located where the ears of a human would be.

The Elite soldiers are tougher, achieve better accuracy with their weapons, and inflict more overall damage than regular soldiers do. They wield Overwatch Standard-Issue Pulse Rifles, and are the only units who seem to have access to the weapon's secondary-fire energy orb. They use this advantage without hesitation and with deadly accuracy. The orbs they fire, however, can be caught by a Gravity Gun, and used as the holder sees fit.

Elites typically fight in squads of their own kind, but will occasionally lead squads of regular soldiers. Elites are fewer in number than regular soldiers, and are thus reserved for more critical combat missions, where their deadly skills and efficiency are required. They also serve as Wallace Breen's personal guards.

Elites are first seen in Half-Life 2's ninth chapter, Nova Prospekt, on a video monitor. They are encountered firsthand in the following chapter, Entanglement, assaulting the teleport chamber only seconds before Gordon and Alyx teleport out.

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Combine Prison Guard


A Combine Soldier in different uniform.

  • name=Nova Prospekt Prison Guard
  • affiliation=Combine
  • type=Soldier/Guard
  • health=50
  • weapons=SMG, Shotgun, Pulse Rifle, Grenade
  • gamesfeatured=Half-Life 2
  • firstappearance=Half-Life 2, Chapter Eight
  • entity=npc_combine_p (only in the Nova Prospekt chapters)

Prison Guards are tasked with guarding and maintaining the Nova Prospekt facility. These guards are almost exactly the same as a normal Overwatch soldier, using the same weapons and having the same stats, the only difference being their armour which is blue with yellow goggles, the words "Nova Prospekt" stitched onto their back armor as well as their shoulder and their armor is a dark blue rather than the normal gray. However, they still have the standard badge similar to the Overwatch Soldiers.

Only encountered in Nova Prospekt, Prison Guards are tasked with maintaining Nova Prospekt, and defending it. However, a few are located on the shoreline nearby in machine gun nests.

Chapter Locations Half-Life 2 - 8, 9, 10

Combine Shotgun Soldier

  • name=Shotgun Soldier
  • affiliation=Combine
  • type=Soldier
  • health=60
  • weapons=Shotgun, Grenade, rifle butt,(as melee)
  • gamesfeatured=Half-Life 2: Episode Two
  • firstappearance= Episode Two,Chapter four, Riding Shotgun
  • entity=npc_combine_s

Shotgun Soldiers are Overwatch Soldiers specializing in close-quarters combat. As the name implies, they are equipped with Shotgun and are found in most soldier squads. Their weapon, capabilities, and tactics make him one of the strongest soldiers in the game. When facing a squad with shotgun soldiers, try to keep a good distance away from them, as their shotguns are more effective at close range. At long range, shotgun soldiers pose a small threat.

Shotgun soldiers will try to close the distance between their target and them, and will try to rush up close to you.

When facing a squad of Overwatch Soldiers with shotgun soldiers in a small, confined space, use your own shotgun or any close range weapon you can use to take out the shotgun soldiers first. That way, your biggest threat is eliminated and you can concentrate on the less damaging standard soldiers.

The .357 Magnum and crossbow can make short work of Shotgun Soldiers, however, ammunition for these weapons is rare, so it's normally better to use other weapons, such as the SMG1 or AR2.




  • name=Stalker
  • affiliation=Combine
  • type= Servitor
  • health=25
  • weapons=Welding Laser
  • gamesfeatured=Half-Life 2, Episode One
  • firstappearance=Chapter Nine, Nova Prospekt
  • entity=npc_stalker

The product of extreme, brutal Combine engineering, stalkers are humans who have been experimented on by Combine scientists, had their personallity totally erased and replaced with Combine servo-programming, nano-devices embedded into their skin, and their bodies physically altered. Their limbs have been removed and replaced with mechanical extensions; most organs, excess fat, as well as muscle have also been removed and what appear to be metallic augmentations added to parts of their body. "Stalkers", the codename by which the Combine know them, appear to be in constant pain, as their loud wheezing indicates. A stalker can't talk, and instead can only make roars, most likely because its vocal cords, or perhaps entire larynx, has been removed, as the metallic hole in their throats suggests. For ease of maintenance and to bring a physical dependence on the Combine, the stalker's digestive tract has been removed, resulting in the stalkers surviving solely on a saline solution that the Combine provides. Stalkers would originally have to work to gain the metallic legs, proving they could be trusted with additional movement. All stalkers appear to come from male human beings, as they have a male facial shape. However, this may simply be a developer oversight – even female citizens of City 17 will occasionally comment "They're never gonna make a stalker out of me!"

Humans are turned into stalkers at Nova Prospekt, and are then transported to the Citadel to do slave labour for the Combine. They are transported by Razor Trains, and are confined in pods during the transportation. Despite being seen in Nova Prospekt and the Citadel, stalkers are never actually engaged in combat during Half-Life 2. However, it is necessary to engage in combat with them in order to achieve mission objectives in Half-Life 2: Episode One, as their lasers prevent certain tasks from being completed. Episode One is also where the exact nature of stalkers is first revealed. In Episode One, the player and Alyx enter the Citadel. After a bit of progress, the player and Alyx enter a room with two stalkers working a forcefield, temporarily preventing progress. Alyx states that the stalkers "shouldn't bother us if we leave them alone". Interestingly enough, when the player is in the core of the Citadel and kills one of the two stalkers, the remaining one will turn to face the player and roar at him. The stalker will then proceed to attack the player with the laser tool. Contrariwise, if the player is fast enough to cross a field bridge there before it deactivates, Stalkers can be approached face to face, and do not attack the player but instead walk away as if he wasn't there at all.

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Combine Synths

Synths are creatures that, over a course of imposed evolution and adaptation by the Combine, have come to fit a particular niche in the Combine military. Once self-replicating organic creatures that spread across different worlds, they were enslaved and assimilated into the Combine to become the backbone of their military.

Various types of Synth have been brought over to Earth by the Combine, but other types of Synth are likely to exist. The total number of different Synths is unknown. It is likely that Synths were the primary forces used by the Combine during the Seven Hour War, as the human-derived Combine units, as well as technology such as hunter-choppers and APCs, would have only been developed after the Combine's rule on Earth had been established.

Combine Dropship


Combine Dropship.

  • name=Combine Dropship
  • affiliation=Combine
  • type=Synth
  • health=N\A (invulnerable to player weapons)
  • weapons=None (Pulse turrets are mounted on troop-carriers)
  • gamesfeatured=Half-Life 2, Episode One, Episode Two
  • firstappearance=Chapter Four, Water Hazard
  • entity=npc_combinedropship

Resembling crab-like creatures, dropships are used by Combine forces to quickly send infantry to areas they are needed by air. Dropships are commonly encountered on the coast, sending Combine infantry in troop carriers to attack rebel outposts.

The front and two rearmost pairs of legs contain the engines that give the dropship lift and movement. The front two legs also hold retractable wings, used for maneuvering. The middle four legs end in large, posssibly magnetic, gripping pads, and are used to carry various forms of cargo. The pads are identical to the mouths of lampreys.

Dropships are very useful transport craft for the combine, being able to quickly transport infantry (most commonly), Combine APCs, Striders, and Civil Protection officers to stop refugees traveling along the Canals. Dropships are also seen dropping rollermines on the coast, which makes it evident that the Combine use dropships as minelayers, a very efficient way of preventing resistance forces from traveling by road.

Dropships themselves are unarmed, and don't attack the player. However, the troop containers carried by dropships sport a mounted Pulse turret on the front, designed to suppress any opposition in front of the ship, allowing the occupants to deploy safely. However, if you position yourself correctly in front of the dropship bay, the turret won't be able to fire at you. However, you cannot attack the troops as they spawn one at a time and are invulnerable to damage until they are on the ground, although the carrier itself is not. Rockets can be used to shoot down the pod that the dropship carries, but it requires many hits to destroy it, and an ammo crate of rockets should be close if this is to be attempted. 

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Combine Gunship


Combine Gunship.

  • name=Combine Gunship
  • affiliation=Combine
  • type=Synth
  • health=3(easy), 5(normal), 7(hard) RPG hits
  • weapons=Pulse cannon, Belly Cannon (only used if spawned by player)
  • gamesfeatured=Half-Life 2, Episode One * firstappearance=Chapter One, Point Insertion
  • entity=npc_combinegunship

The Combine Gunship is a powerful, autonomous aircraft that combines aspects of an airplane and a helicopter with Synth technology. The gunship is the Combine's most versatile combat aircraft. Gunships are used to attack enemies not normally accessible to ground forces, or in remote locations where air power would be more convenient. They are also sometimes used in a support role, called into specific trouble spots. Apparently, in urban settings or when protecting highly important facilities (such as the Citadel dark fusion reactor or Nova Prospekt) the gunships are deployed in pairs, in what appears to be a buddy system, in which one protects the other. However, when deployed to oversee vast spaces, such as the coast, they are apparently deployed only one unit at a time.

Gunships are powered by an array of different jet engines, visible on their belly, and maneuver using a rear helicopter-like rotor with dragonfly wing-blades. Dragonfly-like compound eyes are positioned directly behind the gunship's pulse gun, and it is likely that they aim the weapon. The chassis itself has one large exposed compound eye on each side, which it might use to "see" or detect enemies under normal conditions. It should be noted that the aforementioned "dragonfly" eyes can be viewed in the Half-Life 2 Model Viewer as being able to extend downwards and sweep left and right, probably to maximize its chances of finding a target. Although lacking the hunter-chopper's explosive mines and intelligent pilots, the gunship surpasses the hunter-chopper in maneuverability and accuracy with its pulse turret.

Like most Combine Synths and vehicles, the gunship is invulnerable to small arms fire and can only be damaged by heavy weapons like rocket-propelled grenades. Because of this weakness to explosives, gunships will give any incoming explosives, such as rockets, a priority over enemies, and will attempt to shoot them down. If there is more than one gunship, they will all attempt to shoot down an incoming explosive in order to protect each other.

Gunships are also equipped with a "belly cannon" which releases a matter disintegration blast, similar to that of the suppression device, directly beneath the gunship. This attack is never used during the single player mission, nor Episode One, but additional gunships spawned by players have been witnessed using such an attack. Analysis of the single player missions that were released in an uncompiled format reveals that the gunships were deliberately set not to use this weapon. It is interesting to note that this form of attack is also used by Xen's Manta Rays in the original Half-Life, mainly witnessed at the beginning of Opposing Force, in which a group of Manta Rays destroy military aircraft. However, this is most probably just a coincidence, as it was confirmed by Marc Laidlaw that the Combine was not present on Xen during the events of Half-Life.

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A Strider.

  • name=Strider
  • affiliation=Combine
  • type=Synth
  • health=5 (easy), 7 (normal), 9 (hard) RPG hits
  • weapons=Pulse Turret, Warp Cannon
  • gamesfeatured=Half-Life 2, Episode One, Episode Two
  • firstappearance=Chapter One, Point Insertion
  • entity=npc_strider

Consisting of a beetle-like carapace-on which is a symbol similar to that of a Gunship's-and three jointed legs, Striders are the terrestrial equivalent of a Gunship. Nose-mounted is a powerful pulse turret. On the belly is a warp cannon that causes scenic destruction and inflicts massive splash damage vaporizing anything in close proximity. Due to its phallic nature (both location and shape) this weapon is sometimes referred to as the "penis cannon." Prior to the cannon's discharge, a thin blue laser indicates where the cannon is aimed with the surrounding space around the cannon's barrel distorting enveloped by a blue aura, followed by an audible shrill report. Their legs are tipped with sharp spikes, which are capable of impaling targets and clearing debris. Striders have compound eyes, two on each side of the pulse turret. They leak a yellowy substance when damaged, and contain a biological cerebral unit that looks very much like a human brain, which draws upon a blood-like substance. This shows that the Strider is both organic and machine, instead of a pure machine. They will also make strange sounds that, curiously enough, seem to reflect their bionic structure, as the noises resemble electronic growls, groans, whoops, and howls. Striders serve as the Combine's armored ground unit. Individual striders are used to patrol off-limits city streets and provide heavy support for groups of soldiers. However, in full-scale military combat, Striders are used in a role similar to manhacks, but on a city-wide scale, destroying possible shelters and flooding an area as a means of removing all enemies. Because of their greater effectiveness and value, they are used mostly in a defensive role. Striders fit this task well due to their destructive ability and remarkable maneuverability on even the harshest terrain. A strider can and will destroy an entire building in order to strike a handful of targets inside. Their long legs can climb over any resulting debris or any barriers several meters high. They can also crawl through small tunnels "digging" through barriers using their warp cannon. Striders are sometimes transported and deployed via dropships, folding their legs into a compact shape that allows them to be transported.

In wilderness areas, they are often accompanied by Hunters who act as escorts, engaging opponents whilst the Strider destroy larger targets. During the Combine offensive against White Forest, Striders can destroy the outer buildings surrounding the Resistance base, destroying the Magnusson Device teleporters as well. They were defeated by Arne Magnusson and Gordon Freeman's deployment of the Strider Busters.

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Crab Synth and Mortar Synth

These creatures are Combine Synth units that are not really in combat right now. But are seen from inside your second pod traveling in the Citadel, walking around being watched on by Stalkers and Mark One Scanners.

Combine Advisor Pod

First Seen: Episode One, Chapter One - Undue Alarm

  • Health total: N/A
  • Weapon damage: N/A
  • Entity: Cycler (spawn malfunctioning in Half-Life 2)

Bearing a very large resemblance to the other flying synths, Combine pods, also known as Advisor pods, appear to be used by the Combine as escape vessels and transportation. They have a large, white hull bearing the Combine emblem, and each pod seems to include something resembling a registration number written on it. The synth is mostly hollow; allowing it to house an Advisor in what resembles a glass casing. Although the Advisor inside the pod is visible when Alyx and Gordon first encounter one being launched, the pod is able to close the lower lip using its legs to provide complete protection, and it uses this state when in flight. Several Combine pods are seen leaving the Citadel moments before its destruction.

During the game's commentary mode, Ted Backman mentions that Combine pods will play an important role during Half-Life 2: Episode Two, and that their initial appearance in Episode One allowed them to introduce the pods' "mind blast" ability that they are capable of emitting. This attack causes headaches and hallucinations in the victim, although it is not yet clear if it came from the pod itself or from the Advisor within it. In Episode Two, a pair of "naked" (without their pods) Advisors possess telekinetic powers so it is more likely it came from the Advisor itself. (To find out about the Advisor go on the Combine page).

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File:Hl2ep2 ministrider1.jpg

A Hunter.

  • name=Hunter
  • affiliation=Combine
  • type=Synth
  • health=300 (Episode One), 210 (Episode Two)
  • weapons=Flechette Launcher, Metal Blades, Ramming Attack
  • gamesfeatured=Episode One, Episode Two
  • firstappearance=Episode One, Chapter Two - Direct Intervention; Episode Two, Chapter One - To the White Forest
  • entity=npc_hunter (Episode Two), npc_ministrider (Episode One)

The Hunter is a fast and efficient synth used by Combine forces as a scout and escort. Although weaker than its larger cousin the Strider, Hunters make up by being very agile and using a variety of deadly attacks against their opponents. The Hunter is first seen in Episode One, but not encountered in combat until Episode Two, in which they are a prominent and frequently encountered enemy.

The Hunter has a more rounded body than the Strider, with two blueish-green, expressive eyes. The body contains the Hunter's flechette launcher and two metal blades used for impaling targets. Attached to the body are the Hunter's three powerful legs. The Hunter has a powerful gait, similar to that of a gorilla and Dog, which allows the Hunter to easily outrun any human and even smash through some walls. Hunters have a number of vocalizations, all of which are shrill and fierce. When damaged, Hunters leak a gray, semi-clear fluid.

Hunters normally try to engage opponents at medium range, allowing them to fire their flechette launchers with great accuracy. When targets take cover, Hunters use their flechette launchers and fire them near their opponent (such as a wall behind their cover), so that when the flechettes explode, their targets will be caught in the splash damage. Once they have their target out in the open, they'll often charge to ram it. Up close, Hunters use a variety of powerful melee attacks.

Hunters are fully aware of their surroundings, in or out of combat, so using stealth tactics are not very effective. The Hunter is first seen in Episode One, as part of the force seen attacking the base where Judith Mossman recorded her transmission.

Gordon Freeman only encounters Hunters for the first time in the forested open spaces of Episode Two. During the chapter, Our Mutual Fiend, in Episode Two, a rebel exaggerates his combat ability by declaring that people in the city fought Hunters with their bare hands, this indicates that the residents of City 17 may have been aware of Hunters but had not encountered them directly — on the other hand, the rebel may not have even known what a Hunter is since he only mentions bare handed fighting after being asked "how ... city folk kill[ed] Hunters". In any case, Gordon Freeman never encountered them during his jaunt through City 17. Given Hunters physiology, they are not particularly well suited to urban combat situations as most of their tactics rely on speed, range and manoeuvrability which are strongly impaired in close quarters, however, they come into their own in the wide open spaces of Episode Two. They are frequently encountered scouting or patrolling areas as well as being a rapid response force to intercept Alyx Vance and Gordon Freeman on their way to White Forest.

Notably during the offensive against White Forest, Hunters acted as escorts for the Striders, and would immediately fire upon any Magnusson Device launched at the Striders.

The AR2 Pulse Rifle's secondary fire (the Energy Orb launcher) can disintegrate a Hunter with one hit. The Muscle Car can also be used to kill a Hunter if used to ram the creature with sufficient force. While they are quite resilient to gunfire, Hunters are considerably more vulnerable to blunt force. Two well aimed hits from a Gravity Gun-launched tractor tire, for instance, is enough to kill one.

Failing this, Hunters can be brought down with the RPG or SMG1 grenades. If explosives or the Combine AR2 Pulse Rifle's secondary fire are not available, firearms such as the Shotgun or the Magnum can also be used, however the Hunter can absorb a lot of damage from conventional weaponry.

Also, a direct shot to either of the Hunter's eyes from the Crossbow (HL2) results in a one hit kill.

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Combine Machines

The Combine, since gaining dominance on Earth, has invented a large number of devices and machines, some of which are offensive, and others which are used in the day-to-day policing and surveillance of the general populace. A majority of the Combine's technology present on Earth is actually nothing more than human technology re-interpreted and manufactured by the Combine using its own materials. Helicopters, flying machines, automated gun turrets, mines, and wheeled vehicles are all examples of human technology re-engineered by the Combine.

Scanner Type One (City Scanner)

File:Half-Life 2 Combine scanner.png

A Mark One Combine Scanner.

City Scanners, or Scanner Type 1, often referred to simply as Scanners, are lightly armoured, flying security cameras used by the Combine to monitor City 17's (and possibly other cities) residents. They are equipped with a searchlight and a camera used to take photographic images. The flash emitted when taking an image can temporarily blind a person, if they are looking directly at the flash.

Scanners are powered by a single Combine battery, which can occasionally be salvaged from a destroyed unit. Scanners are lightly armoured so can be destroyed easily by gunfire, impacting against walls or being hit by objects. A critically damaged scanner will frequently attempt to kamikaze dive into its attacker.

As the name implies, scanners are generally used only in cities and are rarely encountered anywhere else. They are commonly seen patrolling City 17's Canals, searching for refugees. Other applications include reconnaissance and searching for wanted individuals. Scanners help by locating targets and alerting other nearby Combine units. During emergencies, scanners can be mass-deployed in thousands from the Citadel, to perform a city-wide, and possibly out-of-city search such as when Gordon Freeman was detected in City 17.

Interestingly, it appears that parts from a salvaged city scanner were used in one of the more recent additions to Dog, the robot Eli Vance built to protect his daughter, Alyx, while she was young; both machines have a similar frontal design, though Dog's face possesses three face plates while scanners have four. Dog could have been modified with parts from an earlier scanner model; or it was a standard scanner that had simply been adapted for this purpose.

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Scanner Type Two (Shield Scanner)


A Mark Two Combine Scanner.

The combat counterpart of the City Scanner, the shield scanner (Scanner Type 2) appears briefly in the later chapters of Half Life 2. It is similar to the City Scanner in terms of functions and capabilities. The Shield Scanner is commonly used by Combine forces to drop Hopper Mines in combat areas and is equipped with a large pincer arm which is kept concealed behind its front armour plate, along with several sensors and parts.

The shield scanner is commonly seen carrying Hopper Mines. Small, round explosive devices with a limited targeting system that, upon detecting a hostile presence nearby, hop up into the air in the direction of the target and detonate on impact. These mines are dropped in areas in which the Combine forces aim to limit the enemy's movement, such as certain streets and alleys. The shield scanner uses its retractable pincer arm to pick up and deploy the mines. Occasionally, the scanner might attempt to drop the mine on top of you, which then explodes. When not handling mines, shield scanners are used for scouting and reconnaissance purposes. They also sometimes accompany Striders and act as spotters for it. They follow targets into buildings and structures and report the positions of the targets hiding inside which the Strider would otherwise be unable to see. Unlike the city scanner, the shield scanner can take pictures of targets with a longer lasting flash, but does not attempt to crash into its attacker when critically damaged.

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A manhack.

Manhacks (referred to as "viscerators" by the Combine Overwatch, and simply "hacks" to the Citizens and Rebels) are flying, gyroscope-like devices. They have three razor-sharp blades which constantly spin at extremely high speeds. The spinning blades produce a high-pitched whirring sound, which often is a good indicator of manhacks nearby. The blades are powerful enough to cut and break through wooden obstacles, but not stronger materials such as metal or concrete. They are programmed with very little concept of self-preservation, careening off walls and through objects in the single-minded pursuit of their target.

Manhacks are deployed by the Combine and are used to scout areas too dangerous for city scanners, and to force enemies out of inaccessible spaces. Manhacks never travel alone, and are usually deployed in groups of at least four or more. Some Civil Protection troopers carry them and can deploy them in an emergency. Manhacks can be especially deadly in confined areas, like alleyways and sewers They appear to have some resistance to gunfire, and are more easily destroyed by being smashed with a hard object, where the initial hits cause it to become disoriented, and lose interest in its target for a few moments as it re-stabilizes itself. Attacking with a crowbar causes it to go haywire, similar to a "wounded" city scanner and will attempt to crash into the player. During this the red light on the manhack turns an orangish color and emits a high-pitched warning signal, possibly to alert nearby Combine. The Gravity gun is also very effective against them. Once in the gravity gun's field, they can be launched into walls (which instantly destroys them), or even other manhacks or enemies. If it is held with the gravity gun, it can be used as a chainsaw-like weapon. But be warned, if you do use it as a weapon and ram it towards something, it will nudge back to you, causing minor damage. Also, your squadmates won't understand and will keep shooting at it.

In Obsidian Conflict Manhacks can be deployed by the player and will attack enemies, they will light up green when locked onto a target instead of red and when disorienated it will flash blue instead of orange.

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File:HalfLife2 RollerMine.jpg

An active Rollermine.

First Seen: Half-Life 2, Chapter Five, Black Mesa East - found as Dog's ball (inert); Half-Life 2, Chapter Seven: Highway 17 (active).

  • Health total: N/A
  • Weapon damage: Shock (10)
  • Entity: npc_rollermine

Rollermines are electrically charged, spherical devices slightly larger than soccer balls that react to movement within a sizable radius. Rollermines are used as offensive and defensive traps by the Combine. As the name implies, they roll towards enemies in an attempt to electrocute them. Extensively used along the coastal roads, the mines are deployed from the air by Combine Dropships, in groups of two to four. Upon landing, the mines will remain inert or, if they land on softer terrain like soil or gravel, they will burrow themselves into the ground, remaining almost invisible. When an enemy target is detected, the roller mine will pop out of hiding and roll towards it in a relatively straight line. They inflict damage to people via close-range electric shocks.

The mines can magnetically cling to a target vehicle and interfere with the steering, forcing the driver to either stop or drive off the road. Besides the damage inflicted by any resulting car wreck, attached rollermines do not shock the occupants of a vehicle, concentrating instead on shocking the vehicle itself. For this reason, rollermines are usually deployed in tandem with Combine soldiers, who would ambush the stranded individuals. Attached mines cannot be removed except through excessive force, and touching them will cause electrocution. They are also deployed in buildings and structures, taking any intruder by surprise. Rollermines can be destroyed with explosive devices, or alternatively may be picked up with the gravity gun and launched out of the way (or at enemies). Complete submersion in water also causes them to short-circuit and explode. Additionally, they can be eluded by being outrun, as they give up once a target is too far away. If rollermines are caught in an explosion, they bounce up and detonate.

Take note that Dog uses an inert rollermine as the ball during the game of fetch Gordon plays with him in the Black Mesa East scrapyard. If Dog's ball is not destroyed during the shelling of Black Mesa East, it is possible to carry it with the gravity gun through much of Ravenholm. In doing so, the ball can be used to distract the many zombies there, who will attack it instead of Gordon, making them easy targets (The rollermine can also "run over" most basic forms of headcrab, thus killing them).[1] Dog's ball is destroyed if it is caught in any nearby explosions.

As of Episode One, rollermines can be reprogrammed by Alyx to be "friendly", if the player picks one up with the gravity gun and holds it in front of her. Once reprogrammed, rollermines will emit an orange light instead of their signature blue, will follow the player slowly, as well as being unstable (it will blow up after some time). If thrown into a room full of enemies, the reprogrammed Rollermine will follow the enemies and attempt to kill them. Whilst the game states that these co-opted rollermines only last a certain period of the time before self-destructing, it seems that these rollermines remain active until their scripted task (destroying a group of soldiers, for example) is complete, at which time the Rollermine will emit a red light and self destruct.

Some fans have noted the rollermines have a resemblance to a katamari from the Katamari Damacy video game series.

The mines seem to emit a electronic growling sound similar to an angry dog when you are very close to it.

Chapter Locations

Hopper Mine

File:HalfLife2 Hoppermine.jpg

A friendly (green) hopper mine.

First Seen: Half-Life 2, Chapter Eleven, Anticitizen One

  • Health total: N/A (only destroyed by water and explosive)
  • Weapon damage: Detonation (splash damage)
  • Entity: combine_mine

Hopper mines are anti-personnel proximity mines that hop into the air towards the target before exploding, much like a bouncing betty. These mines are carried and deployed by shield scanners. They are vaguely cone-shaped with three sharp "legs". When dropped, the mines use these legs to bounce around until they land right-ways up on a smooth surface. They then jam the legs into the ground, attaching themselves very firmly.

When an enemy target comes close, the mines light up and give off a warning chirp. If the enemy target gets too close, the mines will toss themselves unpredictably, nearly two meters (six feet) into the air, and explode upon contact with whatever they happen to hit on the way down, which is usually the ground. They also detonate if smashed too violently. Otherwise, they are impervious to nearly all forms of handheld weaponry, save for the Gravity Gun.

Because of their danger, immovability and extreme durability, hopper mines are impossible for most enemies to disable or defuse. Thus, they are used by the Combine almost exclusively to deter attacking enemy personnel, creating makeshift but often impassable barriers in seconds. They are used both indoors and outdoors, mostly in vital choke-points and occasionally concealed as traps.

Hopper mines use a friendly fire identification system which resets whenever they are picked up. The mines interpret a "friendly" unit as whichever faction placed it last. Thus, a mine placed by a citizen with a gravity gun will attack Combine, and a mine dropped by a shield scanner will attack citizens. This system is signaled through a color-coded light at the top of the device:

  • Green: The mine is armed and considers whoever is close to it to be a friend.
  • Red: The mine is armed and considers whoever is close to it to be an enemy.
  • Blue: The mine is neutral and has not yet armed itself.
  • Orange: The mine is in panic mode, having been rooted from the ground (with the gravity gun) and is uncontrollably attempting to re-grip the ground
  • No light: The mine has not yet been activated.

The ability to be turned against the Combine is most likely not an intentional feature of the mine or, instead, a reprogramming function built into the gravity gun, which was designed with mine removal in mind. When the gravity gun is first given to Gordon by Alyx, she mentions that she found the gun useful for clearing mine fields. Players have also theorized that this is because of a programming mistake by the Combine and that a hopper mine will consider whatever placed it last to be an ally. Based on what Alyx said, this makes more sense. In any case, the mines are unlikely to be placed by anything other than the Combine's shield scanners. If thrown using the gravity gun's primary fire, the mine explodes on contact with whatever it hits first. Alternatively, as a last-chance effort, as a mine hops in the air it may be shot away using the gravity gun's primary fire. This is particularly useful if a mine remains unnoticed until after it has hopped. In addition, if the mine can be caught by the gravity gun before hitting something, it will not explode. The legs will flail in an attempt to jump, thinking it must still be grounded. After being dropped, the mine will reset itself and become friendly.

Chapter Locations

Combine APC


A Combine APC.

  • name=Combine APC
  • affiliation=Combine
  • type=Armoured Personnel Carrier
  • health=700
  • weapons=heavy pulse rifle, guided missiles
  • gamesfeatured=Half-Life 2, Episode One
  • firstappearance=Point insertion
  • entity=prop_apc

Combine APCs are used by Combine Overwatch and Civil Protection units to deploy in an area quickly. They are used extensively in the canals to help Civil Protection patrol the area. They use guided rocket launchers and a mounted Pulse Rifle to attack enemies. The missiles are fired through tubes which can be seen in between the two front platings. It is unknown how they operate the mounted pulse rifle, as there seems to be no trigger for it and there are no drivers seen through the windshield. It should also be noted that, should a player attempt to lift an APC in the earlier sections of the game while using the Super Gravity Gun (which can be done by using the console to acquire the gun), the game will crash.

The Combine APC is first seen in combat on the Canals, and the only way to destroy them is to use a mounted Hunter Chopper gun on the Airboat or the rocket launcher. APCs are also used by Combine Overwatch in The Coast to patrol and transport Combine Soldiers to areas in need of maintenance (such as reactivating Antlion restricting devices).

They can also serve as an electrical generator, seen on Highway 17 powering a transparent wall which prevents the player from advancing with the buggy until the APC has been pushed far enough away, either with the gravity gun or explosions, or its parking wedges are pulled out by the former, to be disconnected from the power cable going into the wall, and the tank falling off a cliff; exploding. APC's are generally equipped with a rapid fire chain gun for killing at close range, and a rocket launcher (which a combine soldier would re-load from the inside).

Although powerful, they are vulnerable to damage from certain weapons. Hand grenades, SMG grenades, rockets, and the pulse cannon (salvaged from a Hunter-Chopper) that is mounted on the Airboat in Water Hazard all damage the APC to varying degrees. As the APC takes damage, pieces of its armor start to fall off, until it eventually disintegrates. APCs can be seen being airlifted into areas by dropships. Like the Troop-Carrier, they can also be destroyed before the dropship reaches its destination. Much like how a gunship can shoot down your own missiles, the missiles the APC launches can be shot down with the Airboat's pulse gun.

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A Combine Helicopter.

  • name=Combine Hunter-Chopper
  • affiliation=Combine
  • type=Heavy attack helicopter
  • health=5600
  • weapons=Pulse cannon, deployable mines, guided missiles
  • gamesfeatured=Half-Life 2
    Episode Two
  • firstappearance=Half-Life 2, Chapter Two
    A Red Letter Day
  • entity=npc_helicopter

Fast and powerful, the Combine Hunter-Chopper is a support aircraft used to provide heavy fire support for Combine forces and, as the name implies, is used for hunting down and destroying resistance fighters and other targets. Like the Combine APC, this vehicle is a conventional human design (resembling certain modern-day designs like Russian Mi-28 Havok or American RAH-66 Comanche), although heavily modified with Combine technology, most notably holding a large, jet engine-like turbine below the helicopter's body, much like the gunship's.

The Hunter-Chopper is crewed by two Overwatch Soldiers, a pilot and a gunner.

The Hunter-Chopper is a fast and manueverable aircraft armed with a powerful pulse turret which, while inaccurate, allows the chopper to attack and damage multiple targets at once. The pulse turret fires in approximately 3 second bursts, and requires the gun to charge up before firing, which can be heard and used as a warning signal.

The Hunter-Chopper can also drop spherical contact mines which detonate after a set timer or on contact with the target. The chopper is also seen firing guided rockets for more accurate and powerful strikes on stationary targets. Although these rockets are never used against the player, a Hunter-Chopper can be seen firing these rockets into a ventilation tunnel opening near the end of the "Black Mesa East" chapter.

Hunter-Choppers use the explosive mines as an offensive attack by dropping them directly in front of moving targets and on top of weak structures. The mines are also buoyant, making them quite effective against water-craft. Although it is unclear where or if they are stored in the vehicle, Hunter-Choppers seem to have a large supply of mines and they can be dropped either one at a time or very rapidly, effectively saturating an entire area.

The Hunter-Chopper is capable of releasing an enormous number of mines without having to resupply. Far more, it would seem, than a vehicle of its size would be capable of physically storing. One theory is that the mines are collapsible, and take up much less space in their 'folded-up' state, and that they inflate/assemble as they leave the vehicle. The theory that they're 'inflatable' is consistent with the mines' other characteristics. Namely, that they have a fairly small explosive charge (probably around the rim of the mine, not in the center), and that they float. Both of these facts indicate they're hollow. The Hunter-Choppers are most often seen in urban areas, including City 17. They are also seen patrolling City 17's Canals, and are used to search out and destroy refugees attempting to escape the city. On the coast, however, Hunter-Choppers are rare, where they have been supplanted by Gunships.

In Episode Two, Hunter-Choppers are seen in the forests outside of City 17. It is possible that they were used to patrol these areas before the Citadel's destruction

The Hunter-Chopper is a powerful and tough enemy to defeat. Keep firing at it. Pieces of the chopper will continue to break off until it crashes.

After being severely damaged, the Hunter-Chopper will attempt to kill its attacker by releasing its entire payload of mines as a last-ditch effort.

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Sentry Turret


A Combine turret sentry

This Sentry Turret is a fully autonomous weapon featured in Half-Life 2 and it's Episodes. They are commonly used by the Combine to guard chokepoints and vital areas, and share many aspects of their design with the older model seen in Half-Life, including: a tripod base, a tall, narrow body, and a deadliness with a projectile launcher which often surpasses that of organic allies.

Turret Sentries are one of many human technologies adapted by the Combine for their own use after the Seven Hour War. The guns are often deployed as static defenses, used to guard areas that are infrequently patrolled, or as a means to supplement a larger defense network. The turrets are fitted with small handles and are light enough to pick up and place by hand. When not in use, they are generally stored in small forcefield-equipped lockers.

Combine Turret Sentries, however, have a number of key differences from the model used by the HECU in Half-Life. Mainly, their targeting systems are more sophisticated. The Combine Turret does not rely on laser tripwires, instead incorporating a visual sensor into its main body, with which it can immediately detect intruders in its sight line. Once activated, it will sound an alarm and open fire. Upon losing sight of its target, the turret will scan the area ahead by moving its upper body back and forth, before returning to its inactive state if the target does not reappear after several seconds. This variety of turret also incorporates a limited A.I. which is somehow able to distinguish between Combine forces, humans and Xen aliens. Another key difference is that the Combine turret has a narrower field of view and range of motion, whereas the HECU's turret is able to rotate and fire in nearly any direction.

An individual gun's programming can be accessed and modified remotely through a separate computer terminal when necessary. In Chapter 9a, Entanglement, Alyx Vance reprograms a number of sentry turrets, allowing Gordon Freeman to set them up to protect himself against protracted Overwatch assaults.

The turret is loaded with the Combine's ubiquitous pulse ammunition, of which it has an essentially limitless supply, although in Episode One, some ceiling-mounted variants with no ammunition remaining are encountered in a zombie infested underground. Turrets cannot be destroyed, and must instead be knocked over, whether by explosives, gunfire, the Gravity Gun, or by getting close to them and knocking them over manually. Once knocked over, the turret's targeting systems will malfunction and the turret will shoot wildly and sound its alarm for a few seconds before shutting down.

The Sentry Turret's single greatest enemy is the Gravity Gun. Punt heavy objects at turrets to knock them down, or, if possible, approach from behind or the side and blast them over.

Turrets are powerful enemies but are limited by the simple fact they cannot move. When you encounter one, step back and consider your tactics, as you have time to think which you are not afforded by mobile enemies. Are there ways around them? Do you have explosives? Are there physics objects you can use to knock them over from a distance or as a shield against gunfire allowing you to get closer?

Where available, using grenades to knock them over from a distance is an effective tactic.

In Nova Prospekt, you will have control over Antlions, which can be used as cannon fodder against the Turrets. They can be used to distract the turrets while you run with them or sneak around. If there are enough Antlions, and one or more survives the turret's constant shooting, they will attack the turret like they would any other enemy, and knock it over, thus shutting it down.

During the level Nova Prospekt, you can pick up any reprogrammed turret with the gravity gun and carry it around with you. It will continue to fire on enemies, saving ammunition and killing faster than most of the weapons the player has at his disposal.

Ceiling Turret

The Ceiling Turret is basically what its name implies, a turret attached to the ceiling of a room. These types of turrets are indestructible and have a wider firing arc. Ceiling Turrets are static, and cannot be moved. They are used to guard important Combine structures (such as the Overwatch Nexus). They are sometimes only activated by laser tripmines. In Episode One, several Ceiling Turrets are seen trying to fire without any ammunition. This proves that turrets don't have an infinite amount of ammunition.

Ground Turret

Floor Turrets (also can be called Ground Turrets) are only encountered in the Overwatch Nexus. They are built into the floor, and have scanners which are used to detect intruders. When a Floor Turret detects an intruder, the Floor Turret comes out of the floor and starts firing on the intruder(s). To destroy a Floor Turret, one must throw or roll a grenade into the turret's hole in the floor, which makes the turret withdraw back into the floor.

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