ComStar is a politically influential organization in the fictional universe of BattleTech. While not strictly one of the Successor States, it maintains a monopoly over the HyperPulse Generators, which are crucial to interstellar communication; the threat of a communications blackout, also known as an interdiction, makes ComStar a significant power within the Inner Sphere. Its currency, the C-bill, is considered the safest among the circulating currencies. Its worth is relatively stable, given that it is not based on a physical commodity such as gold, but instead on a service which the issuer, ComStar, provides; one C-Bill is worth a measure of Hyperpulse Generator transmission time, usually measured in nanoseconds.

ComStar itself is composed of quasi-mystical technicians who tend the HPG arrays. They profess to be neutral to the politics of the Inner Sphere; this is known by most political leaders to be false, as every Successor State has felt the meddling hand of ComStar in their affairs at one point or another. A prime example of this would be Operation Scorpion, in which the Battle of Tukkayid played a major role. ComStar attempted to place the entire Inner Sphere under an Interdiction while simultaneously conquering the Clans, using the Clans' own military doctrine against them; that the plan backfired is inconsequential to the fact that this is arguably the most blatant attempt of ComStar officials to bend the Inner Sphere to the Word of Blake. Jerome Blake was a religious figure to ComStar; oaths such as "By the blessed Blake" or epithets such as "Blake's Blood!" are not uncommon. Jerome Blake was the founder of ComStar, after the Star League fell, and is considered by those within ComStar to be the savior of the Inner Sphere.

ComStar's capitol, and only world, was Terra until February 3058, when a splinter faction of ComStar known as the Word of Blake conquered Terra, taking it from the organization that held it for centuries. Their rule lasted until the Word of Blake Jihad ended in 3081.

The story of ComStar is heavily influenced by Isaac Asimov's Foundation books.

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