Colette Green
Colette Green (left) along with Gina Cross (right)
Game series Half-Life series
First game Half-Life: Decay

Doctor Colette Green is a fictional character in the Half-Life series of first-person shooter computer games. Her first appearance was of one half of the protagonist team in Half-Life: Decay.

According to Decay, Green is a 37 year old Research Associate with level 4 security clearance assigned to the Anomalous Materials Laboratory in the Black Mesa Research Facility. She is a graduate of Carnegie Mellon and has a Ph.D. in electrical engineering. The instruction manual also mentions robotics. She wears a maroon colored HEV suit.

Half-Life: Decay

In Decay, Dr. Green's role in the experiment was to make preparations in a room below the test chamber and initiate the anti-mass spectrometer to run at 105%. Dr. Gina Cross would also enter the same room to fix a jam in the specimen delivery system's lift mechanism, meaning they were both in the same place when the resonance cascade finally occurred. Following the disaster, they both team up to fight their way through the facility for survival. They escort Dr. Rosenberg to the surface to call the military for help and then, with the help of Dr. Richard Keller, manage to start a resonance reversal to prevent the dimensional rift from becoming too large to be repaired. Dr. Green's fate after Decay, along with the rest of the survivors in the game, is unknown.


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