The Clarice Bean series is a set of children's novels written and illustrated by English author Lauren Child. It deals with the eponymous Clarice Bean's difficulties in navigating the complex ethical and social questions children deal with at school and at home. Books from the series have received several awards, including winning the Smarties Prize twice.


Clarice Bean's family are

  • Clarice Bean
  • Minal Cricket
  • Marcie
  • Kurt
  • Dad
  • Mum
  • Grandad
  • Granny

The books do not actually specify how old any of the characters are; Kurt is the oldest, Marcie is the second oldest and Clarice is the third oldest, only that Minal is the youngest.

Other characters[]

The People at school are divided into two groups:

  • The characters in more than one book
  • The characters in one book

The Characters from more than one book include

  • Patricia F. Maphin Stacey
  • Mrs Wilberton
  • Betty Moody
  • Robert Granger
  • Noah
  • Grace Grapello
  • Karl Wrenbury
  • Toby Hawkling
  • Susie woo
  • Noah
  • Mr Pickering

The characters from one book include

  • Jodie O Neal
  • Alexandra
  • Bridget Garnett
  • Rose
  • Mr Washington
  • Clem Hansson
  • Mr Larsson

Betty Moody[]

Betty Moody is Clarice Bean's devoted best friend. Their catch phrase—‘Don't look now′ is used a lot in the first half of the book—Clarice Bean Don't Look Now. Betty and clarice is a big fan of Ruby Redfort. Betty moves to San Francisco in the 3rd book. Betty and Clarice do everything together!

Karl Wrenbury[]

Karl is the son of a single parent, his mum. He is featured as at first an enemy and later a friend. He is very good with dogs and helps Grandad train their dog, Cement. He also is always a trouble maker and gets into trouble a lot at school by Mrs. Wilberton their class teacher. He is often sent to Mr.Pickering's office for his bad behavior.

Grace Grapello[]

Grace is mainly Clarice's worst enemy. She can be very mean to Clarice for no particular reason, especially about her spelling. She is good at just about everything and people say she is Mrs Wilberton's 'Teacher's dreamey girl'.

Mrs Wilberton[]

Mrs Wilberton is Clarice's Teacher. She does not seem to be particularly nice and is always telling Clarice off about her spelling. Clarice describes Mrs Wilberton as having a "honking goose voice" and "a big derriere." She also possesses a gait which Clarice and Karl describe as "walking on trotters" and Karl often impersonates.

Ruby Redfort[]

An important plot device in the "Ruby Redfort collection," a series of fictional books from which Clarice and Betty frequently find inspiration. The series is as follows

  • There was a Girl called Ruby
  • Run for it, Ruby
  • Where in the world are you, Ruby Redfort?
  • R U 4 Real, Ruby Redfort?
  • Run Ruby Run
  • Who will rescue Ruby Redfort?
  • Ruby Redfort saves the day
  • Ruby Redfort Rules
  • Rush to Russia Ruby

These 'books' are written by Patricia F Maplin Stacey, and in one book Betty meets Patricia F Maplin Stacey in Russia and gets a book signed. In another book, Clarice gets to be in a Ruby Redfort movie, starring 'Skyler Summer' as Ruby Redfort. Lauren Child will launch the Ruby Redfort series in autumn 2010

Clem Hansson[]

Clem is a new girl at the Clarice's school. She is from Sweden and has a pet rabbit. Clarice describes Clem as pretty with whitish blonde hair, which is shiny all over. She has pointy green eyes and her skin is tanned. She is quite tall. She wears a red skirt with straps and stripy top too. Clem is a better speller than Clarice. Later on Clem invites Clarice to her birthday party but Clarice declines the party and doesn't even look at the invitation in the first place.

Book in the series[]

  • Clarice Bean, That's Me (1999)
  • My Uncle Is a Hunkle, Says Clarice Bean (Orchard Books: September 27, 2001)
  • Clarice Bean, Guess Who's Babysitting? (Candlewick: March 1, 2001)
  • What Planet Are You From, Clarice Bean? (2001)
  • Utterly me, Clarice Bean (2002) - longlisted for the 2002 Carnegie Medal.
  • Clarice Bean Spells Trouble (2004)
  • Clarice Bean, Don't Look Now (2006)