Clan Steel Viper is one of the Clans in the sci-fi BattleTech universe created by the FASA Corporation. Neither Warden nor Crusader and almost completely isolated from the other Clans, they believe they alone know Aleksandr Kerensky's true vision.

Founding and early history[]

Clan Steel Viper takes its name from the Arcadian steel viper, the most deadly creature in Clan space. Founded by Khan Ellie Kinnison, who later descended into insanity and attempted the assassination of Aleksandr Kerensky's wife, the Clan had a troubled beginning. Khan Sanra Mercer ascended to leadership after the Kinnison fiasco and is seen as the true founder of the Clan. She instituted drastic changes in the Clan, the most important of which was its isolation. Clan Steel Viper is known for its strenuous warrior training program, which has a two percent pass rate, and results in fewer warriors, but who are much higher skilled.

Return to the Inner Sphere[]

During the bids for the invasion force of the Inner Sphere, the Steel Vipers won a spot in the reserve forces. After the death of ilKhan Showers to a Free Rasalhague Republic surprise attack, the Steel Vipers were granted a place in the Inner Sphere, but were constrained to working with Clan Jade Falcon.

On Tukayyid, Clan Steel Viper was forced to withdraw before securing their objectives, leaving its forces largely intact where other Clans suffered tremendous defeats. Because of their strength after Tukayyid, they were able to launch a large attack on Clan Jade Falcon which resulted in the conquest of many worlds. Unfortunately, an unexpected Jade Falcon counter-attack crushed the Steel Vipers and forced them out of the Inner Sphere completely.

With the redistribution of territories in Clan space, Clan Steel Viper has a small holding, sharing only five worlds with other Clans.