Claire Redfield
Claire Redfield from Resident Evil Darkside Chronicles
Game series Resident Evil series
First game Resident Evil 2
Created by Shinji Mikami
Voiced by Alyson Court (Resident Evil: Darkside Chronicles Resident Evil 2 Resident Evil Code Veronica)
Live action actor(s) Ali Larter (Resident Evil Extinction Resident Evil Afterlife)

Claire is the younger sister of Chris Redfield. Claire is really close with Chris and the two developed a bond with each other. At the age of 19, Claire is a college student who loves motorcycles. After hearing the news about the Mansion Incident in the Arklay Mountains, Claire heads to Raccoon City to see her brother. Their parents died in a car crash. It is unknown who took care of them after their Parents Died, or it can be presumed that Chris raised Claire all by Himself.

Raccoon City Outbreak[]

Claire arrived in Raccoon City in search of her brother, but found something much worse. After she is saved from nearly being eaten alive by a virus carrier, Claire and Leon S. Kennedy hatch a plan to get out of Raccoon City as soon as they can. After being separated, Claire explored the deserted police station, eventually running into the corrupt Chief Irons and twelve-year-old Sherry Birkin, the daughter of two important Umbrella researchers, William and Annette Birkin. Claire encountered Annette on at least one occasion, during which she accused Claire of being a spy for Umbrella. As Sherry and Claire looked for a way out of the city, they were stalked by the mutated Birkin. Whilst inside the sewers, Sherry and Claire were separated, during which time Sherry was found by Birkin and infected with the G-virus. Upon reuniting, Claire attempted to find a cure for Sherry within Umbrella's underground labs. While in the laboratory, Claire ran into Annette one more time, before William arrives and fatally wounds his former wife. Before dying, Annette gave Claire the instructions for creating the G-virus antidote, making her escape and having Leon take Sherry to an escape train before the lab self destructed. Her escape, however, was thwarted once again by Birkin, forcing her to fight the monster and incapacitate it. Claire then rushed to the train, joined Leon, and successfully administered the vaccine to Sherry. Unfortunately, Birkin, now a gigantic, amorphous blob, attacked the train, thus triggering another self-destruct sequence. Claire, Leon, and Sherry escaped moments before the train exploded, destroying Birkin once and for all. Not long after their escape, Leon urged her to leave them and go search for her brother.


Claire's beta character was Elza Walker, Upon creation Resident Evil Producers wanted to connect the two games together without using the same characters from the previous game. In order to connect the two games together they decided to add elza walker in the process, but later decided againest her. Claire was added as Chris Redfield's little sister. She would be the weaker of the two character, being Leon being able to stand more damage.

Elza Walker[]

Elza Walker was the female lead in the original version of Resident Evil 2. The game was revamped and she was replaced by Claire Redfield. Like in the finished game, one of Elza's supportive characters was Sherry Birkin. Her other supportive character was Robert Kendo, who only appeared in the final game briefly as the gun shop owner. Not much is known about her. except that she is blonde, she likes motorcycles and attended Raccoon University.time.[1]