Christopher "Sully" Sullivan is a fictional character from the horror thriller/mystery show, Harper's Island.


Christopher "Sully" Sullivan is Henry's Best Man. Everyone calls him "Sully". He is a fun-loving frat boy at heart whose good buddies live vicariously through his many sexual escapades. He's been Henry's best friend since high school. It's questionable if he's at the wedding more for Henry's benefit or for the bachelor party and bridesmaids, particularly when he gets an eyeful of Chloe.

Pilot Episode[]

On the pilot episode, he is most seen with the groomsmen. He talks and enjoys with them.

Episode 2[]

Trish is running through the hallways in a purple and white dress. She makes it outside to her gathered wedding party and meets Henry. They discuss the next activity called scavenger hunt. The places the groups needed to visit are the Cannery, the eastern bluff, the church and the maritime museum (where Trish used to work). The guests are divided into three teams: the red team (Shea, Madison, Beth and Malcolm), the blue team (Richard, Sully, Lucy and Abby) and the yellow team (Joel, Cal, Danny and Chloe). Sully and Cal exchanged teams. Chloe claims to have found something at the graveyard and she brings Sully to show him John Wakefield's grave with melted candles on it and explains he would not be buried on consecrated land. He makes a move on Chloe and she taps his tummy and says he's sweet and walks away. Cal is hanging upside down. He hears footsteps approaching him and calls for help. He sees Sully. Sully takes the map and runs off saying he's going to get some help to get Cal down. Cal calls him a bastard. At the party, Chloe asks if anyone has seen Cal. Sully suddenly remembers where he left Cal. Chloe, Sully, Abby and Malcolm then venture into the woods to retrieve Cal, believing the trap must have been set by an old time hunter.

Episode 3[]

Abby is swimming in the pool of the Candlewick Inn when she is joined by Beth, Sully, Danny, Malcolm and Booth. Sully attempts to apologize to Cal and Chloe who are sitting by the poolside. Richard and Cal are watching Chloe exercise and Richard asks Cal how he managed to end up with Chloe. They notice Chloe and Sully go off together. Sully and Chloe are at the spa. Sully is being covered in a honey/herbal mixture following Chloe's advice. Cal breaks into the spa room and douses Sully in feathers which stick to him. It is revealed that Chloe and Cal had planned this all along. Back a the reception, Cal, Chloe, Henry and the groomsmen mock Sully over the day's earlier events.

Episode 4[]

Sully, Danny and Booth inform Henry they are taking him fishing for his bachelor party, along with Malcolm and 'Muffin'; a blow up doll. Henry catches a giant fish, with Sully jumping off board in fear. Sully plays a prank on the guys, pretending he gets pulled underneath the surface. Henry, Sully and the groomsmen discover Hunter's dead body on the speedboat. His face was almost completely blown off though, so no one, not even Henry, recognizes him. They find Uncle Marty's bag of cash and gun and conclude Hunter might be a drug dealer. Malcolm wants to take the money but Henry and Booth want to report the dead body. Malcolm blows a hole in the speedboat with the gun, forcing them to take the money. Cal asks the guys how the fishing went while they try to play it cool. Malcolm begs Henry to let him keep the money. The guys agree to forget about the money until the wedding is over. Sully and the groomsmen are drinking in the bar when two shady looking characters walk in, whom they suspect to be drug dealers. They tell Henry and realise they must hide the money. They draw straws to decide who hides it; it's Booth.

Episode 5[]

Danny, Sully and Malcolm are shown, discussing Booth's sudden disappearance. Danny suggests trying to find him. After finding without any results, Danny and Sully suspected that Booth took the money. Malcolm agreed unintentionally. At the rehearsal, everyone is ready to start, although Chloe and Cal are absent. Sully once again makes a remark about Cal.

Episode 6[]

Sully, Danny, Malcolm and Beth discuss the incident. Sully nearly tells Beth about Hunter before Malcolm warns him. Sully then says that they should all leave immediately. Cal congratulates Chloe after her scene at the Cannery. They enter the room with the groomsmen and Beth, who runs up to Chloe and hugs her, relieved they were okay. Chloe is confused, so they tell them about the rehearsal. Chloe reminds them that a head spade had been stolen from the Maritime Museum during the scavenger hunt. Danny then tells them that the Sheriff won't let them leave until they've been interrogated.