Christie Golden is an award winning author who lives in Denver, Colorado, United States. She has written eighteen novels and sixteen short stories in fantasy, horror and science fiction.

She premiered TSR's Ravenloft line in 1991 with her first novel - Vampire of the Mists. She followed up with Dance of the Dead and The Enemy Within. Golden has written at least seven Star Trek: Voyager novels including the popular Dark Matters trilogy, the Homecoming duology, and the Spirit Walk duology.

Golden is also the author of two original fantasy novels from Ace Books, King's Man & Thief and Instrument of Fate, which made the 1996 Nebula Preliminary Ballot.

Among her work in the gaming fantasy novels, she wrote Warcraft: Lord of the Clans 2001, and World of Warcraft: Rise of the Horde (December 2006). She is also writing a trilogy of novels titled StarCraft: the Dark Templar Saga for Blizzard Entertainment and Simon and Schuster Pocketbooks.

Under the name Jadrien Bell she wrote fantasy thrillers entitled A.D. 999 which won her the Colorado Author's League Top Hand Award for Best Genre Novel in 1999.

She is currently halfway through her Final Dance series; the first book in the series 'On Fire's Wings' follows the discovery of the first of five dancers, Kevla the flame dancer. The second book 'In Stone's Clasp' records both the flame dancer, Kevla and the stone dancer, the element of earth, Jareth.

The next book in the series is finished, and its publication date is set for August 2007 in an ebook format only. The book 'Under Sea's Shadow' focuses on the Sea dancer. The last two books, 'At Wind's Tempest' and 'Through Soul's Desire' would complete the series.

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