Chloe Carter is a fictional character from the horror thriller/mystery show, Harper's Island. She is portrayed by Cameron Richardson.[1][2]


Chloe Carter is one of Trish's bridesmaids.[3] She is flirty, sexy[4] and pretty. She has a boyfriend named Cal Vandeusen. She has a surprising curiosity for the serial killer named John Wakefield.

Pilot Episode[]

Chloe Carter is one of the three bridesmaids of Trish.

Chloe flirts with Uncle Marty, but her boyfriend, Cal, shows up and kisses her.

Chloe tells Beth and Lucy about John Wakefield hanging, trapping and burning his victims. Abby's mother was one of Wakefield's victims. A bird falls and lands on their table(the three of them screams).

On Harper's Island, Chloe and Cal enters their room. Cal asks her to sail with him. Chloe kisses him.

She is dancing with Uncle Marty in the inn bar erotically. Cal, Sully and the groomsmen are jealous.

It's already dark when Chloe and Cal went swimming in the ocean. Chloe screams and disappears. Cal finds out it's a joke by Chloe when she pops back out. Chloe laughs. Cal shoves her head underwater. Chloe pops back out again and says he could have killed her. She throws Cal's pants underwater.

2nd Episode[]

Chloe is a member of the yellow team for the Scavenger Hunt activity. Her teammates are Danny, Booth and Sully.

Chloe finds John Wakefield's grave. Chloe asks Sully to join her. She says the guy at the museum told her they wouldn't bury Wakefield on consecrated land.

Chloe asks everyone where Cal is. Abby, Malcolm and Sully volunteers to help her in finding Cal.

They finally found Cal hanging upside down. Chloe kisses his lips. Cal asks why Chloe is upside down.

3rd Episode[]

Sully apologizes to Cal and Chloe for leaving Cal hanging upside down on the forest.

Chloe is having a herbal spa with Sully. Cal enters the spa room and douses feathers to Sully. Cal went to kiss Chloe and Chloe laughs.

4th Episode[]

Chloe went fortune telling with Abby, Trish, Shea and Beth.

6th Episode[]

Chloe and Cal are unaware about what happened to Mr. Wellington because both went sailing. Cal and Chloe enters the Cannery Bar.

Cal tells Chloe the ring was found by a man and gave it to his girlfriend

Chloe went to the man named Bret and slaps his face. She pretends and says that Bret cheated her. She said that it's Bret's baby. Lisa, Bret's girlfriend, slaps Bret's face too and throws the ring. Cal find the ring and took it.

Chloe and Cal enters the Candlewick Inn when Beth hugs her. Beth is relieved Chloe is okay. Chloe is confused. Sully, Beth and the groomsmen tells them about Mr. Wellington's death.

Chloe and Cal are shocked. Chloe reminds them that a head spade is missing on the Maritime Museum during the Scavenger Hunt.

Chloe and Cal are inside their bedroom. They discuss about the ring.

8th Episode[]

Chloe and Cal's group visit the incinerator while searching for Madison when they come across a skull.

Chloe goes over who has been killed and speculates about anybody who they haven't who could be dead. She is certain that all the killings are related.

Chloe, Cal, Sully, and Beth decide to leave the island. Cal is already experiencing a guilt trip, and convinces Chloe to stay for that, if they leave, Madison might be hurt. Chloe admits that she is scarred and is letting her emotions get the best of her. Sully and Beth don't leave the island either because they saw J.D. running, and Sully went to go catch them.

9th Episode[]

Chloe stays with Cal at the hospital where they give Abby's Dad medical attention. They then have sex after.


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