This is a list of the most notable characters in the computer role-playing game Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines.

Player character[]


The main protagonist of the game, who can either be female or male depending on the choice of the player. In the beginning of the game, the Fledgling (who is not referred to by any name in the game) is in bed with an unidentified Camarilla member of the opposite sex (players who choose to play a member of the Tremere clan may later be informed the perpetrator was an Anarch). The circumstances behind this union are not revealed, but the protagonist begins the game wearing casual dress. The player-character is seduced and the Embrace occurs off-screen.

Very little is revealed about the Fledgling's past as a human. At one point (depending upon which race of vampire the player chooses) the Fledgling may encounter a friend from life named Samantha who reveals the Fledgling apparently comes from an affluent family, and was en route to dinner at a restaurant but disappeared. Other tidbits revealed in conversation include the fact the Fledgling was gifted in art and history in school (as discussed with Beckett); less certain in their accuracy are off-the-cuff remarks made by the Fledgling in conversation with Rosa and Jack that the player's bike was once stolen in fifth grade and that the Fledgling was picked on in high school.

The Fledgling appears to affect an aura of power, which commands respect from some vampires encountered, particularly LaCroix who chooses to recruit the Fledgling for his purposes as the game begins. By the end of the game, it is implied that the Fledgling has the potential to become one of the most powerful vampires in existence. Only at the very beginning of the game is the protagonist's voice heard: a single scream. Otherwise, the Fledgling is a silent protagonist, even during cut scenes.

Major vampires[]

These are recurring vampiric characters who drive major elements of the story forward, or otherwise provide major supporting roles in the game.

Sebastian LaCroix[]

The primary antagonist, a French Ventrue of at least 180 years of age, though he looks to be in his early 20s, LaCroix is the Prince of the L.A. Camarilla, which only recently moved back in to the Los Angeles area. Once a soldier serving Napoléon, he is now the head of the LaCroix Foundation, and resides in the Venture Tower in the game’s 'Downtown' area, commanding the city from his penthouse office.

A small error in the modeling of the character, LaCroix has no fangs, even though he is a vampire. The final model was designed and the artist simply forgot the fangs.[citation needed]

The Sheriff[]

The Sheriff is LaCroix’s personal bodyguard, killer, and enforcer. At seven feet in height, he towers over everyone else. He is of indeterminate clan lineage (based on the disciplines he is seen to use, the closest match within the Vampire: The Masquerade system would be the Nagloper clan of Africa), but in a particular sequence he has been shown to seemingly teleport, an ability the Naglopers do not have (this may be a form of Celerity - supernaturally fast movement). He never speaks, and has animalistic physical traits, like dark and leathery skin. LaCroix recruited him in Africa about one hundred years ago. He carries an extremely large sword used for both combat and execution purposes, and has the ability to shape shift into a gigantic bat called a Chiropteran Behemoth (the closest matching power in the published World of Darkness system is Chiropteran Marauder, a shape-shifting ability related to the Vicissitude discipline; but this seems to have been exaggerated for the purpose of allowing the Sheriff to serve as a game 'boss'). He might also be a member of Clan Gangrel, his Chiropteran Behemoth being a use of Protean level 8, the Mythic Form.

Nines Rodriguez[]

A Brujah that lived through the Great Depression, Nines is the virtual leader of the Anarchs in downtown L.A. and elsewhere. The Depression era ingrained into him a belief that people in power cannot be trusted at all, because he believes that rich fat cats are only in it for themselves and don't care who they harm along the way, and from this stems his intense hatred of the Camarilla. He strives to maintain L.A. as an Anarch Free State. His hatred for the Camarilla is second only to his hatred for the Kuei-Jin in Chinatown, who killed the last leader of the Anarchs. Nines has a soft spot for the player's character because he too was left sire-less.

Although he does not consider himself the leader of the Anarchs, the Anarchs do view him as their leader. He can be found at The Last Round bar in Downtown and, if you are open minded when you talk to him, he might help you improve your brawling and melee skills.

Smiling Jack[]

A Brujah brawler and a notable Anarch from the nights of the Anarch Free States, Smiling Jack is the one who teaches the basics during the game's tutorial sequence. He speaks crudely, but his beliefs and willingness to take action make him a likable person. Fiercely independent and roguishly charismatic, he is seen by the common vampire folk as a legend. It is rumored that Jack, during his life, was a pirate in some capacity. According to White Wolf books, Smiling Jack is approximately 400 years old, and is one of the most (in)famous members of his clan. He was responsible for the attack on the Elizabeth Dane. He broke into the sarcophagus and replaced the body inside with a bomb hoping that LaCroix or one of the Camarilla lackeys would open it and set off the bomb in the Prince's building.

He is only referred to as Smiling Jack in conversation with Damsel, though Rosa does wonder, "Why is he smiling?". All other game conversation refers to him only as Jack.

Maximillian Strauss[]

Tremere regent who oversees the Tremere Chantry and is the head of the local Camarilla sect. Strauss is the Primogen of the Tremere clan. Strauss provides several quests himself and important information on several more, but the player's choices ultimately dictate whether he remains an ally. Strauss can provide the player with important missions, including the mission where the player must investigate a disease spreading through the vampire ranks, that even has the civilian population scared and has the attention of the CDC. Even though he has deep loyalties to the Camarilla, Strauss barely conceals his contempt for LaCroix, and also holds a secret: he is the creator of the living gargoyle terrorizing Hollywood. He can become a powerful ally in the end game, if you decide to side with the Camarilla over the Prince, he can assist you in ousting the Prince from power.

Therese and Jeanette (Tourette) Voerman[]

Jeanette, a Malkavian, is the game's signature character whose likeness is displayed on the game’s box. She can be found in Santa Monica at the Asylum club, which she runs with her sister Therese, the Baron of Santa Monica, who is also Malkavian but fancies herself to be a Ventrue, as displayed by her lofty attitude and hatred for the Nosferatu and the fact that she calls herself a Ventrue. They share an interesting love-hate relationship and, as the player eventually discovers, the same body. Jeanette turns out to be a personality concocted by Therese as an escape from the sexual abuse she endured at the hands of her father made real by the Malkavian traits of vampirism. The player is given the opportunity to either help destroy ("kill") one of these personalities or to help the two sisters reconcile and coexist peacefully. The resulting merged personality is referred to as Tourette in the game documentation. It is possible for characters of either gender to sleep with Jeanette, depending upon the choices made by the player in dealing with her, the most important of which is to ensure Jeanette survives intact. It's also possible for Therese, alone, to be saved. If Jeanette alone is saved during the sister's conflict, Santa Monica will remain under the control of the Anarchs. If Tourette or just Therese is saved, Santa Monica will be ruled by the Camarilla. They are voiced by Grey DeLisle.

Gary Golden[]

Nosferatu leader and primogen to his clan, Gary lurks in the Warrens, a network of havens under the Hollywood Graveyard. "Gorgeous" Gary Golden is believed to have been a handsome movie star in life, but arrogance and good looks are a dangerous combination to have when there are Nosferatu around. Now hideous and stealthy like the rest of the clan, but also sarcastic and possessed of a fine feeling for the grotesque, Gary is a character who also knows many secrets in the City of Angels — and may share them with anyone, for the right price. Though Gary is a primogen in the Camarilla, he and his group of Nosferatu live beneath the Anarch-controlled Hollywood district and seem to take pleasure in making things hard for LaCroix. Gary has a lascivious interest in some of the major female vampires in the game, and will deliver risqué posters of these characters to the player's apartment if the player completes several minor tasks for him; one of these tasks is only unlocked should the player not establish a positive relationship with Velvet Velour (see below).

Velvet Velour (V.V.)[]

Vampiric owner and star performer of the Vesuvius strip club. Malkavian insight can tell the player that her name before her embrace was Susan, whom Velvet believes was weak and considers to be dead forever. V.V. asks the player to do two jobs for her in exchange for her favor. The player must kill a female vampire hunter named Chastity without any civilian casualties. She was working at Velvet's club, but after V.V. found a weapon in her locker she fired her and Chastity moved to work in a peepshow in the basement of a porn shop down the street. Second, the player must destroy a screenplay written by a wannabe author, who is being given information about the vampire underworld, without harming the writer. Moreover, the writer's contact must be killed in order to preserve the Masquerade (the player is also given the opportunity to warn the contact and run them out of town: V.V. treats this result the same as actually killing the contact). V.V. falls in love with the player's character (regardless of gender) if the player completes these side quests for her. For the player's success, she will offer them an autographed photo of herself which can be sold to vendors, as well as a poster of her hanging in the player's haven. She will also send several e-mails of love poetry to the player's haven; for the remainder of the game she will be found performing on stage at Vesuvius. According to Prima's official game guide, V.V. will only be seen dancing for Fledglings she falls in love with. Choosing not to complete V.V.'s sidequests or otherwise turning her against the player through dialogue choices will result in the player not receiving the haven poster, however this unlocks an additional e-mailed side-quest from Gary which has the poster as a reward.


Isaac is the Anarch Baron of the Hollywood district of L.A. and maintains an uneasy alliance with LaCroix. His front in the mortal world is ownership of a jewelry store, but he alludes to having influence over the movie industry. Isaac believes that California belonged to the Anarchs long before the Camarilla stepped in and, while he works with them, he is not a fan at all of LaCroix nor of the Camarilla's stepping back into Hollywood after the Anarchs had control for so long. The player must complete several quests for him in order to advance the story. Ash Rivers is Isaac's childe, and while Ash hates Isaac for making him a vampire, Isaac regards Ash more as a parent who saw a child lose his way.


An anarch based out of the Last Round pub in downtown Los Angeles. Onetime helicopter pilot in the Vietnam War. Like other Anarchs, Skelter distrusts the player, and becomes less trusting as the game progresses, though he ultimately remains a source of information.


A female Anarch based out of the Last Round. Initially distrustful of the player, she can be won over by completing a quest and, if the player so chooses, he or she can act as Damsel's spy within LaCroix's organization. If a male player joins the Anarchs, it is implied before the conversation with Nines in Hollywood, that she may be attracted to him. Damsel was originally designed to be a college rebel rather than a borderline-psychotic militant, which is why Skelter refers to her as "college girl" when the player asks him about her. She once posed topless for some "art photos" and Nosferatu leader Gary Golden is happy to share one of these photos with the player in return for completing an errand.

Bertram Tung[]

Smart-mouthed Nosferatu who lives in an abandoned gasoline storage facility in Santa Monica. He is good friends with Jeanette, something that her sister Therese cannot comprehend. When the game starts, he believes that there is a hit out on him that was orchestrated by Therese Voerman. In reality there was no hit on him, but Therese was not openly denying it. He has a ghoul named Knox, who meets the player early in the game just as he (Knox) is coming into realization of the world around him, and is very excited about it. The player needs to resolve the "hit" on him before he comes out of hiding by doing jobs for the owners of Club Asylum, after which he facilitates access to the Santa Monica warehouse and thereafter becomes a source of information.


A bloodthirsty vampire of an unspecified clan (possibly Nagaraja), Pisha can be found in the basement of the abandoned hospital in downtown Los Angeles, where she traps unwitting humans and eats them. Unapologetically a predator, she sends the player on several optional sidequests - for which the rewards are unique items that enhance the player's abilities. The player could also choose to fight her.


Andrei, of Clan Tzimisce, is the leader of the local Sabbat and a major antagonist in the game. Master of the discipline called Vicissitude (the art of "re-shaping" the bone, flesh and sinew of other living beings) he is the maker of several perverse creations, including the "headcrawler" monsters that the player encounters during the main questline in Hollywood. He is cold and completely without compassion, but not initially hostile towards the player, whom he sees as both powerful and capable. The first time he is encountered he might try to tempt the player into joining him, but he, along with the rest of the Sabbat, is not joinable, and both encounters in the game with Andrei ultimately result in battle. The first run-in with Andrei is at his haven at Kings Way, where the player will be able to discuss various subjects, such as Gehenna and the Camarilla, with him before engaging in battle. The second encounter is at the Hallowbrook Hotel, where the player destroys him for good after fighting his Zulu form.

Minor Vampires[]

These are vampiric characters who trigger optional side-quests.


A former sexy fashion model turned insanely jealous Nosferatu. Images of Imalia's human form are seen periodically in the game, and the player eventually gets to undertake a side-quest on her behalf (two, if the player's relationship with Imalia begans negatively). Since her embrace, she has become obsessed with revenge on the model who took her place in the limelight and seeks the destruction of this woman's career.


A computer hacker in life, Mitnick was embraced by Gary after an attempt to break into a Nosferatu database. In speaking with him the player learns Mitnick enjoys his undeath, continuing to hack, and maintaining the Nosferatu data network in Los Angeles. He is named for famed computer hacker Kevin Mitnick. Mitnick gives the player an extensive, but ultimately optional, series of side-missions in order to help him establish a wider data network.


Ghouls, in the context of the game, are humans who are only partially transformed into vampires. Possessing enhanced strength and healing abilities, as well as retained youth, ghouls are usually beholden to a vampire and do his/her bidding.


Mercurio is a ghoul (a human that serves a vampire after receiving vampire blood, but not enough to become a full-fledged vampire) that works on the behalf of LaCroix, based out of Santa Monica. He specializes in acquiring contraband goods such as high-grade explosives or weaponry. The result of his consumption of vampire blood is apparent in his youthful appearance. He is however in his 60s, as stated in the game when the player first meets him. Mercurio is the first contact the player makes in the game after the initial embrace and training, and he is in terribly bad shape after receiving a savage beating from the drug dealers he tried to buy explosives from. One of the players' missions require them to retrieve the explosive he failed to get, and retrieve the money that was stolen from him by the drug dealers. The player can also choose to participate in a side mission to get Mercurio some painkillers from the local hospital to help him get better.

If the player tells the Prince that Mercurio failed, the player will lose Mercurio as a contact. If the player tells the Prince nothing went wrong with the explosives purchase, Mercurio will set up shop later in the game to sell very high-grade military weaponry that can be used in the endgame missions.

Heather Poe[]

Early in the game, the player has the option of providing blood to a seriously wounded young woman. If this option is taken, the woman becomes a ghoul and later in the game offers herself to be the player's personal "slave," in exchange for more vampire blood. The player is given bonus "humanity" points for not keeping her as a slave, but if kept, Heather later provides money and offers herself to the player as a "blood doll" (see below), and near the end of the game is the only source for the game's most powerful armor. Regardless of the player character's gender, Heather falls intensely in love with the "Fledgling", at one point even kidnapping a human for the player to feed upon (which creates a potential Masquerade issue). She will also change her appearance if the player asks her to, switching between her street clothes, a gothic costume, and skimpy bra and panties. If the player keeps her as their Ghoul, she will eventually be captured and killed by the Sabbat during one of the endgame missions. There is no way to save her in the mission and although the developers did consider putting in the possibility to save her during development, it did not make it in the game; the only way to save Heather's life is to release her immediately after receiving the armor and before going to the Hollowbrook Hotel, although the option to let Heather leave is not always available after receiving the armor.

Vandal Cleaver[]

Ghoul belonging to Therese who runs the "Blood Bank" in the basement of the hospital. The player can purchase blood packs from him until the Lily and E. side-quest reveals that he has been keeping Lily captive, draining her for her blood, which he then sells. If the player rescues Lily, Vandal refuses to sell any more blood packs to the player unless the player tricks one of the Asylum "Blood dolls" into taking Lily's place (which results in a humanity point penalty for the player), bribes him with money, or threatens him into continuing to provide them. Malkavian players may also use the Dementation discipline on Vandal, resulting in a laughing fit and allowing the player to purchase blood from him once again. If the player chooses not to sacrifice the blood doll, offer money, use the Dementation discipline or coerce him, Vandal's blood bank remains inaccessible until the endgame when he once again is willing to sell blood to the player.


Ghoul belonging to Isaac who guards the Hollywood Cemetery, preventing zombies from escaping, a job he enjoys because he likes shooting things. Romero triggers one of two side quests, depending upon how the player interacts. Romero is in need of female companionship; one side-quest sees the player obtain the services of a prostitute for Romero; alternately, the player could agree to watch the cemetery for awhile, launching a brief, but frantic first person shooter scenario. A third alternative is open to female characters with high enough seduction skill; they can offer to sleep with Romero, after which he becomes a "blood doll". He is named after legendary zombie movie director George A. Romero.

Knox Harrington[]

Santa Monica ghoul belonging to Bertram Tung who gives the player an early assignment, and who can also unlock the ability to buy weapons at the Santa Monica pawn shop.


Outcasts of vampire society, Thin Bloods are humans whose transformation to vampire was only partially successful, leaving them with weakened powers.


Rosa is a thin-blooded vampire seeking refuge on the beach of Santa Monica with E. and the rest of the thin bloods. The player first meets her during the Surf's Up quest where she will greet them when they first enter the beach and direct them to the top of the cliff where the men the player is looking for happen to be located. Rosa possesses the ability to foretell the future. She is hesitant to share her gift with the player at first, but the player may offer her money for her unique insights. All of the predictions she makes will come true over the course of the game, and she makes some interesting references to Caine.The Game Refers To Her As Being Clan Malkavian.

Lily and E.[]

One early mission involves reuniting these thin-blooded lovers. Lily was a young girl who liked to hang out in the Santa Monica diner where she met a vampire named Rolf Totem who was from Europe visiting California. He embraced her during the course of their relationship, but she did not become a full vampire, instead becoming a thin blood. Because the Thin Bloods are considered a sign of the vampire apocalypse, Rolf's clan would not accept Lily and Rolf left California shortly afterwards leaving Lily behind. Her only solace was spending her nights in the Santa Monica diner. She met E, a surfer visiting Santa Monica for a major surfing tournament and the two fell in love. However, E. was unaware that Lily was a vampire and she accidentally embraced him during one of their dates. After Lily told E. what he had become, his initial reaction was enough to turn Lily away. Shortly afterwards Lily went missing and E. slowly came to terms with his feelings for her even though she was gone. During their time apart Lily had tried to rob the Santa Monica Blood Bank and was caught by one Vandal and used as a 'blood doll'. With the player's help, the two can get back together and decide to live their afterlives at a retreat owned by Lily's parents where they can be together.Its refers to them as being from clan brujah.


These are major human characters encountered during the game.

Brother Grunfeld Bach[]

Grunfeld Bach is a Catholic Christian fundamentalist warrior monk and the leader of the Society of Leopold. He has very strong views, is a third-generation vampire hunter, and has a personal vendetta against Sebastian LaCroix, who killed both his father and grandfather. Bach is one of the most powerful mortals alive, capable of summoning so much faith that he possesses two supernatural powers: the ability to temporarily blind anyone within close to medium proximity, and the ability to render himself invulnerable for short periods of time. Recently, Bach and the Society of Leopold have come to Los Angeles to kill Sebastian LaCroix and destroy the Ankaran Sarcophagus.

Fat Larry and other shopkeepers[]

Fat Larry is an entrepreneur who sells weapons and other items out of the back of a van in Downtown L.A. and who also provides a side-quest which, when completed, may trigger an increase in the player's Finance skill. If the player is of the Nosferatu race, they must complete Fat Larry's side-quest (the stealthy retrieval of a suitcase from a nearby parking garage) in order to gain access to Venus at Club Confession. (The side-quest, which involves stealing a briefcase from a gangland summit meeting in a nearby parkade, is only unlocked if the player chooses the right dialogue options with Larry.) Besides Fat Larry and Mercurio, there are three additional shopkeepers the player visits: Trip, who runs the pawn shop below the player's initial haven in Santa Monica; Tseng, a former Chinese military officer who owns a shop in Chinatown; and Slater, the clerk at the Red Spot convenience store in Hollywood. All three require the player to either make certain dialogue choices or, in the case of Trip, have met another NPC (the ghoul, Knox, Mercurio or Arthur Kilpatrick) before making their complete line of wares available. However, it is possible to purchase weapons from Trip without being referred by using skills or Disciplines.

Arthur Kilpatrick[]

A bail bondsman in Santa Monica who runs an all-night business. The player fills in for one of Arthur's bounty hunters, who was recently crippled, in order to progress the plot and his computer files come in handy during several side-quests.


Seductive owner of Confession, a downtown nightclub based in an old church. She converted the church into a dance club and bar by taking out loans from a Russian mob boss. When she doesn't pay up each month, she is forced to have sex with him, and she cannot take this predicament for much longer. Depending on the choices made by the player, the player's character can become a partner in the club, thereby receiving occasional income from its operation; another optional mission, however, involves assassinating her for the man she owes debts to. If the player is of the Nosferatu race, he or she must first finish a side-quest for Fat Larry before being allowed to meet Venus; otherwise the player can meet her and trigger her sub-quests once Downtown is unlocked.

An early demo of the game shown to the press (and later to the fans through captured video) introduced Venus as a character aware of the World of Darkness, as she was probably a ghoul to a powerful master. In the final game however, this plot line was terminated and it is unclear just how much about the world around her she really knows; she is clearly human, but the club she runs is identified as vampire-neutral ground where the player is allowed to feed openly on the blood doll provided. The club is based on some images in The Art Of The Masquerade, in those images many vampires and their ghouls fill the club.


Middle aged, shy security guard the player first encounters guarding the art gallery in Santa Monica, but afterwards he guards the front entrance to LaCroix's office tower. Depending on the gender of the player character, Chunk either tries to be the player's buddy (if male) or develops a crush on the player (if female). His pastimes include watching Ape Detective and eating. It's possible to kill Chunk in Santa Monica; if that happens, then the guard at LaCroix's office tower identifies himself as Chip,Chunk's brother.


Depending upon the race chosen by the player, the Fledgling may encounter a young woman from his/her past life, creating a scenario that must be resolved in order to prevent a masquerade violation. Nosferatu characters, due to their limited movements above ground, do not encounter her.


A young, Japanese demon hunter in Chinatown, who has limited knowledge of the vampire world and is on a quest to destroy the creature who killed her teacher. The player character can, optionally, choose to help her.


Assorted characters who are either not directly encountered, or whose real nature is left ambiguous in the game.

The Deb of Night[]

Deb is a late-night talk show host on KTRK, Los Angeles, and can be heard on the radio in the player's haven and at various other locations throughout the city. There are five radio loops, each with a different set of callers and commercials. The loops range in length from a few minutes to nearly 20 minutes in length.

Among the callers are Viggo, who claims to work at a yacht club; Gomez, a conspiracy theorist with surprising insights into the vampire community; Roger, a writer who hasn't actually written anything; an elderly gentleman who comments on the Santa Monica diner being shot up; and a mystery caller whose voice resembles that of the tzimisce, Andrei, and who comments on the impending end of the world. It is implied that Deb is Kindred, but no indication is given as to what clan.

Commercials include Friggin' Chicken, I Thought It Was Margarine, a mud-slinging ad between two opposing political candidates, ads for fake television programs and movies, and an ad for a new video game by Troika.

The newscaster[]

The newscaster broadcasts on Channel 3 in Los Angeles, and can be seen on the television in the player's haven. At the beginning of the game he discusses general news events, such as the Southland Slasher (the subject of one of the player's quests), a gelatinous creature that washed up on a beach in Rhode Island, and senate hearings on violence in video games. As the game progresses his broadcasts will follow the player's activities, including the warehouse explosion in Santa Monica, more victims of the Southland Slasher, the shootout at Club Glaze in Chinatown, and Chastity's murder at the Sin Bin.

Malkavian players will hear special dialog directed at them, including speculation that vampires are behind a recent killing. At one point, the Malkavian player will enter their haven to find the newscaster telling them a joke about a chess game played between a chef and a tuna.

The Taxi Driver[]

As more areas in Los Angeles are unlocked, the player gains access to a taxi to reach these locations (unless playing as a Nosferatu, in which case the player must travel via sewer tunnels). In the endgame, the very same taxi driver appears and acts as a hub to the various ending options. It is strongly implied that the taxi driver may be an incarnation of Caine, the first vampire due to the naming of the folder containing the taxi driver's voice files (in the game folder)being named 'caine'.

Stop sign[]

Due to their insanity, Malkavian player-characters often encounter unusual situations (see newscaster, above). In Los Angeles, those playing this clan may find themselves engaged in an argument with one of these everyday objects.

'Blood dolls'[]

The term "blood doll" is used to refer to several female human NPCs that the player encounters at various locations in L.A. These women willingly allow themselves to be fed upon for blood (although a high Seduction ability is sometimes required) and despite being located in public places, these NPCs may be fed upon without violating Masquerade. The blood dolls can be found at The Asylum club (there are actually two here, but one may later disappear depending upon the player's choices), the Asp Hole club, Vesuvius Club, Confession, and the Red Dragon restaurant. As noted above, Heather also serves as a blood doll if the player agrees to keep her as a personal ghoul. The player must exercise caution in not feeding from blood dolls without giving them sufficient time to regenerate their blood supply, otherwise the blood doll may be killed, costing the player humanity points and a free Masquerade-safe source of blood (although the blood doll at Vesuvius charges a fee of 100 dollars, which can be negotiated down to 60 with sufficient Seduction). There are no male NPCs considered blood dolls, however there are several missions during which the player encounters passive male NPCs who serve a similar purpose. The ghoul Romero becomes effectively a blood doll for any female player character who chooses to sleep with him. Blood dolls are effectively "bisexual", in that female player characters can also seduce them and feed from them.