This article lists several notable characters in the computer and video game The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind. Though many characters exist in the game, several aid the player and shape the events of the main storyline.


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Almalexia is one of the three living Gods of the Tribunal Temple. In the Tribunal expansion, she tricks the Nerevarine into becoming a pawn in her master plan. Almalexia then confronts the Nerevarine within the Clockwork city of Sotha Sil and attempts to make him her ultimate martyr.

Caius Cosades[]

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Caius Cosades, as seen in the computer game Morrowind

Caius Cosades is the Vvardenfell district leader of a secret imperial organization, known as the Blades. He plays a major role as the quest-giver for much of the main plot-line, which eventually leads to the destruction of Dagoth Ur. He starts the main character off with some simple quests from his home in Balmora and new players often end up using Balmora as a central hub for travelling and questing due to it being the first major city they get to know.

Caius is called back to the Imperial Province of Cyrodiil once you reach a certain point in the storyline, and is not seen or heard from again throughout the rest of the game. Explaining his recall to the Imperial City, Caius alludes to the sequel by saying "When the emperor dies, nine hells are going to break loose." This foreshadows the events in The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, as the emperor dies at the start of that game and the gates of Oblivion begin to open in Cyrodiil.

Presence of some specific equipment in Caius' house suggests he might be addicted to the drug Skooma. Indeed, if the player asks Caius about himself in a conversation by selecting "Caius Cosades" as a topic, Caius describes himself as "an old man with a skooma problem"; Although this is more likely a cover story as Caius is an important Imperial servant and agent living in the middle of an outlander-hostile town. Another point with his drug addiction is that he has 5 moon sugar on him if you kill him which are used to make skooma, he also has a skooma pipe under the bed.

After the "Oblivion crisis," a letter written by him stated he was stationed in a city called Kragenmoor, Morrowind. It is, apparently, a town controlled by the House Hlaalu near the Cyrodiil border.

Dagoth Ur[]

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Dagoth Ur is the main villain in Morrowind. Until his death in the late 3E, he lived primarily in the crater of the volcano Red Mountain, which is itself called Dagoth Ur. Local legends referred to "terrible demons of the mountain" probably refer to Dagoth Ur and his cohorts. Although he is an important character and nemesis, he does not directly appear until the third game in the Elder Scrolls series which deals directly with him, together with the discovery of the continued threat he poses to the peoples of the world.

Divayth Fyr[]

Divayth Fyr is an ancient Telvanni wizard that resides at Tel Fyr, and a member of the Psijic Order. He has four "daughters" (Alfe, Beyte, Delte, Uupse), custom created clones to keep him company living with him. Divayth plays a major role in the main storyline of Morrowind. As the player slowly fulfills the Nerevarine prophecies their character becomes infected with the deadly corprus plague. Divayth has been performing experiments for many years, especially in trying to find a cure for corprus. This is very apparent in the fact that he has a Corprusarium, a sanctuary for those infected with Corprus, in the lower levels of his spire of Tel Fyr. Through his experiments he believes that he finds a cure, and because you are willing, he tests it on your corprus-infected character. The potion, however, does not cure you of Corprus entirely; instead, it removes all of the negative side effects of the disease while allowing you to retain the positive ones. Thus, you have the complete disease resistance that Corprus gives, but no loss of attributes.

M'Aiq the Liar[]

M'Aiq (pronounced My-eek) is a Khajiit character who gives the player his opinions on various subjects in the game; he also gives out information about the game, most of it either being unprovable or false. While M'Aiq's available conversational topics in Morrowind lead the player to expect he will give official responses and break the fourth wall, he answers most topics in an oblivious, farcical manner so that he arguably does not. One possible exception to this is his opinion on multiplayer in Morrowind.

M'Aiq in Morrowind[]

n Morrowind, M'Aiq gives his opinions on the following topics.

  • How to become a lich (A "very easy" process, requiring three objects not found in the game)
  • Where to find dragons (Which exist "everywhere", but only very high up)
  • Horses (Which are not found in Morrowind)
  • Where to find nude characters (It exists on an island the player cannot reach)
  • Rope climbing (Not possible in Morrowind)
  • Weresharks
  • Multiplayer (Telling the player to consult the Argonian Im-Leet or the Nord Rolf the Uber)

Interestingly, two of his topics are factually accurate. However, one of them can easily be considered another joke.

M'Aiq in Oblivion[]

In Oblivion, M'Aiq is a character who pokes fun at some of the complaints expressed by Bethesda's online community during the game's development, while giving partial rebuttals to some of those comments (as opposed to the blatantly farcical comments he made in Morrowind). Such things include the outfit that he wore in Morrowind, which does not exist in Oblivion, the lack of children in the game world (hinting that they would "ruin all our fun"); others were the lack of throwing weapons that existed in Morrowind, but are unavailable in Oblivion, and the absence of crossbows.

Unlike in Morrowind, M'Aiq is not found in a single place. He is often seen running at a rapid clip, but can also often be seen outside various towns. His AI programming prompts him to constantly seek out calipers to pick up and hold onto.


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Indoril Nerevar was the first Hortator, or leader, of the unified Chimer. The main character of Morrowind is Nerevar reincarnate, or the "Nerevarine."

Sotha Sil[]

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Sotha Sil one of the three living Gods of the Tribunal Temple. He is the only god of the Tribunal that separates himself from the matters of Morrowind and Morrowind itself, as opposed to the other gods (Vivec and Almalexia), who have a more open connection with the Morrowind populace; he chooses to live a reclusive life in his "Clockwork City," an extensive complex he designed, where he constantly works on his robotic constructs. If playing the Tribunal expansion, the player finds the corpse of Sotha Sil in the heart of his Clockwork lair. It is later revealed that he is killed by Almalexia.


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Vivec is one of the three living gods of the Tribunal Temple, he is the "warrior-poet" of the Tribunal. Although extremely hard, the player can optionally kill him and use the strange Dwemer artifact he carries to complete the main quest.

Yagrum Bagarn[]

Yagrum Bagarn is a Corprus-infected Dwemer who stays in Divayth Fyr's Corprusarium. He fashions himself as "the last living Dwarf," due to the incident that destroyed the Dwemer. He claims he was "exploring an 'Outer Realm'" when the rest of the Dwemer vanished, so whatever happened to them did not happen to Yagrum. He contracted corpus at one point during his wanderings, and was driven to madness by the disease. Divayth Fyr brought him to the Corpusarium where he resides. The disease has apparently taken a terrible toll on his body, which resulted in his, now, bloated and distorted frame; Yagrum's legs have even been replaced with a spider-like mechanism, due to either the loss of his legs or the outright lack of walking ability.

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