Chandler Enterprises is a fictional business on the ABC daytime soap opera All My Children. It is run by the very powerful and wealthy Chandler family.



Chandler Enterprises is founded by Adam Chandler as a counter to Palmer Cortlandt's Cortlandt Electronics. Adam meets young Dixie Cooney, Palmer's niece, and hires her at Chandler Enterprises. They soon marry and have a child, J.R. Chandler. Years later, his daughter Skye Chandler is given the CEO position but due to her drinking; she is kicked out by the board of directors. Liza Colby, Adam's ex-wife, is angry at him and uses her position at Chandler Enterprises to embezzle millions from him. Adam's alliance with Michael Cambias in an effort to get his hands on Cambias Industries backfires when Michael outmaneuveres Adam and manages to take over Chandler Enterprises. Adam vows revenge, and along with Palmer Cortlandt, attempts to kill Michael Cambias. However, when they go to perform the deed, Michael has already been murdered and the body moved. Adam soon regains control of the company and marries Krystal Carey (they traveled to West Virginia to try to prove "Dixie" a fraud. There, the two engaged in a moonshine contest and drunkenly tied the knot). Seeing a marriage to Adam as a possible way to get Babe Carey Chandler, her daughter, access to her son, Krystal refuses a divorce and moves in. Soon, Krystal uses her position as Adam's wife to gain half of Chandler Enterprises. Chandler Enterprises is a large conglomerate.

Chandler Enterprises employees[]

  • Adam Chandler - Founder/Controlling Shareholder/Owner; Chairman of the Board of Directors and Chief Executive Officer
  • J.R. Chandler - Executive; former Chief Executive Offier and shareholder
  • Colby Chandler - Minority shareholder
  • Bedford - Member of the Board of Directors

Former employees[]

  • Zach Slater - Former majority stockholder
  • Josh Madden - Former Chief Executive Officer
  • Krystal Carey - Former co-owner and shareholder
  • Arabella Carey - Former shareholder
  • Michael Cambias - Former Chief Executive Officer
  • Palmer Cortlandt - Former majority stockholder
  • Skye Chandler Quartermaine- Former Executive and Chief Executive Officer
  • Dixie Cooney - Former employee
  • Liza Colby - Former Co-Chief Executive Officer
  • Tad Martin - Former Co-Chief Executive Officer
  • Bob Barrett - Former CFO
  • Doug Mitchell - Former Chief Financial Officer
  • Doug Lewis
  • Lena Kendura

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