A Celadrin is a type of planetouched that is the combination of a celestial ancestor and elven blood, based in the campaign seeting of the Forgotten Realms for the game of Dungeons and Dragons. As a planetouched, it is an outsider of the Native subtype with a collection of power based on its celestial bloodline as well as abilities based on its elven nature.

The Celadrins are emerge from interactions between Eladrin (usually of the Firre type) and Elves (usually Sun elves) during Midsummer festivals of Hanali Celanil . Since both Eladrin and Elves usually have the alignment of Chaotic Good, most Celadrin have Chaotic Good alignments. Their Favourite Class is the Bard.

Physical Description[]

Due to their heavenly backgrounds, there is some variety of appearance between different celadrin. But common traits are flaming red hair, gold eyes and bronze skin. They enjoy wearing clothing made of silk with threads of gold and silver woven in.


Celadrin tend to live among Gold elves in their communities, working in those communities as artisans, bards and guardians of those arts. This harkens back to their Firre Eladrin blood as Firre are celestials who focus on the arts. Then tend to worship Hanali Celanil and live close to churches of this goddess, if they are not in her service. They love gemstones and jewelry of elaborate designs, and then to prize those treasures over any other kinds.

Rare like many planetouched races, they become more common in lands of Cormanthor in the Dalelands of Faerun where bloodlines of Celadrin go back to the time of Myth Drannor. After the fall of the great city, they have moved into the communities of the Dales especially Deepingdale (which is known for its numerous elven community). They are also common where Hanali's worship is strong like Evereska and Evermeet, bastions of the elves.

There are also rumours of warlock celadrins in Cormanthor. The unique mixture of eladrin and elven blood has the ability to create warlocks. These warlocks are usually in the service of Hanali Celanil, at least three celadrin becoming eldritch theurges (a combination of divine spellcasters and warlocks) of the goddess. These warlock/clerics have been known to wander the woods of Cormanthor, rekindling love between elves, with some saying they do this to increase the numbers of elves while others say they love to see elves in love.


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