Castle Brain Fortresses are fictional structures in the Battletech universe.

There was once more than 120 Castle Brians. Most known of a single planet is six on the world of Lambrecht with the average firepower and unit strength of a Castle Brian each one has a minimum of 20 heavily armed turrets carrying an assortment of weapons and missiles. In addition to these fortifications is the passive strength of the fortress itself, which is usually built deep inside a mountain and is virtually impregnable to anything but a full-scale nuclear blast. The purpose of a Castle Brian, not to prevent the invasion and takeover of a Hegemony planet, has always been a failing of strategists to believe that a fortress protects and prevents the surrounding land from being taken over by an enemy. A fortress could only do that if it is built completely around the countryside it is to protect. Looking at the Maginot Line built by the French, believing that huge network of fortresses would keep the German forces out. Trouble is when the Germans invaded France, all they had to do was go around the end of the Maginot Line into France, so sure of such fortifications that they hadn't even bothered to design Maginot Line turrets to swivel around and fire into France. Castles Brian aren't meant to protect anything but themselves. A Castle Brian is meant to be a permanent hindrance against an enemy taking the planet. Castles Brians, with their stockpile of weapons, food, and men, represent a threat to any enemy attempting to seize control of the planet. Because more than one Castle Brian is on most worlds, they represent a major inhinderence than can attack the enemy almost at will. If any enemy really wanted to take a planet protected by Castles Brian, it would have to do so with a huge force of men and equipment and would have to remain on that planet for a very long time a price most enemies are not willing to pay.

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