First appearance Aladdin and the King of Thieves (1996)
Created by Ron Clements
John Musker
Voiced by John Rhys-Davies (English, speaking)
Also known as

Cassim is a fictional character and side protagonist in the 1996 sequel to the original film, Aladdin and the King of Thieves. He is voiced by John Rhys-Davies.


Cassim left his wife and newborn son Aladdin in Agrabah eighteen years ago to explore the world and pursue a better life for his family, not wanting to be looked down upon; he left his wife a dagger to give to Aladdin, though. Some time later, he fell in with the Forty Thieves, and convinced them that some of their ways were not well. Eventually he became their leader, the King of Thieves, and incorporated a new law: never hurt the innocent. His latest plan before Aladdin and the King of Thieves was to try and steal the Oracle, as he had found evidence that it existed, and believed it might be among the gifts going to Agrabah. He intended to find the treasure of the Vanishing Isle so he could return to his family knowing they would then be provided for.

Aladdin and the King of Thieves

Cassim is first seen in the third film disguised as the King of Thieves, carrying out a plot to raid Aladdin and Princess Jasmine's wedding. As soon as the ceremony starts, he gives the word for the other thirty-nine to distract the guards while he searches for the Oracle. The plan works, to an extent- Cassim is confronted first by Iago (who he stuffs in a jar) and then by his son, Aladdin, and the two fight, both unaware of the fact that they are father and son. He manages to escape when an elephant stampedes through the pavilion, swearing to meet Aladdin again.

Aladdin later catches up to his father after learning he is "trapped in the world of the Forty Thieves", when Cassim utters the secret words to open the hideout of the Thieves ("Open Sesame"). He is confronted by Sa'luk, a rival of his, about the failure of the raid in Agrabah, and Sa'luk is about to kill him when Aladdin intervenes. Aladdin reveals that he is his son, and this is proved when the dagger slips out of his cloak. Cassim tells them that this is true, but nevertheless, since he found the location of their hideout, he must die- or face the challenge, against Sa'luk. The challenge is simple: only one person lives. Worried but helpless, else he look weak in front of his men, Cassim is forced to watch Aladdin battle for his life against Sa'luk, which he narrowly succeeds at.

After the challenge, Cassim shows Aladdin a secret chamber, telling him that the Hand of Midas, which turns anything into gold, treasure of the legendary Vanishing Isle- which is never in the same place twice- was once here, and offers proof by showing him a solid gold ship. Aladdin offers an invitation to Agrabah, which Cassim is at first hesitant about, but accepts after Iago tells him he knows where the Oracle is.

Cassim easily bonds with Genie, the Sultan and Jasmine (after a change of clothes and dealing with some of Genie's antics) but is ultimately too obsessed with the pull of the treasure to enjoy the time with his son too much. He and Iago attempt to take the Oracle, but are caught by Razoul and the Palace Guards, who have been tipped off by Sa'luk. He is sentenced to life in prison, but later on that night, Aladdin, disguised as himself in his King of Thieves clothes, helps him escape. Once out of Agrabah, Cassim tries to convince his son that now that he is a criminal, there is no life left for him in Agrabah. Aladdin nevertheless returns, and Cassim goes back to the Thieves.

Upon arriving, he finds that the remaining seven thieves (the others were captured by Razoul and the guards) believe he sold them out and now follow Sa'luk. He is forced to use the Oracle to lead them to the Vanishing Isle, while Iago escapes to warn Aladdin. Cassim is saved by Aladdin, who knocks Sa'luk unconscious, and they venture into the Vanishing Isle to obtain the hand of Midas. They succeed, but Sa'luk quickly follows, taking Aladdin hostage. Cassim, realizing that the treasure isn't worth it, tosses the hand to Sa'luk, who grabs it by the gold part rather than the handle, turning into gold himself. He and Aladdin then escape out of the Isle (ironically being rescued by Carpet, who Cassim earlier did not trust). He realizes that, despite losing the treasure, he has not lost his ultimate treasure: his son, and apologizes for taking so long to realize it. He then tosses the the Hand of Midas into the ocean, but it hits the deck of the Thieves' ship, sinking it.

Cassim attends Aladdin and Jasmine's wedding later, watching from the shadows. He accepts Iago as a traveling companion, and goes off to venture the world. Aladdin and Jasmine fly by him on Carpet, and they wave good-bye to them, riding off.


Much like his son after him, Cassim is a thief who steals with the wrong motives sometimes, but ultimately for the good of his family. Despite his history as the King of Thieves, he is generally honest, and does not tolerate harming the innocent, preferring tests (such as Aladdin's battle with Sa'luk) to outright murder, which Sa'luk sees as weak and soft. He later gives up his life of thievery after nearly losing his son and realizing that Aladdin is his true treasure (though it is likely he retains some of his old self). Iago tells him, "You're a good guy, Cassim... but not too good", and therefore a perfect counterpart to Iago himself.

When he is with Aladdin, he can be very protective, not trusting Carpet at first and roughly handling anyone who tries to harm his son. Nonetheless, he is not over-protective, as he is willing to let Aladdin face dangers with him. Family seems to play an important part of his character by the end of the movie, too, as he both attends the wedding and chooses his son over treasure.

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