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Captain Trunk, is a fictional police captain who is known for his hate towards Inspector Sledge Hammer. He has high blood pressure and constant headaches.


Hammer and Doreau are supervised by the chronically uptight, Pepto-Bismol-guzzling Captain Trunk, played by Harrison Page. Trunk spends most of his time yelling at Hammer for his incompetence or complaining about his migraine headaches brought on by Hammer's antics. If Trunk has any respect or fondness for Hammer, he hides it extremely well. In one episode ("Miss of the Spider Woman") Hammer is about to die from snake venom poisoning but is saved at the last minute when Trunk shows up with the antidote:

Personal life[]


Like Hammer, Trunk is divorced, and has made an attempt to reconcile with his ex-wife Renee in the episode "Over My Dead Bodyguard".


His by-the-book work and his dedication to the same is what makes him one of the most respected policeman in San Francisco.